Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1.  Thanks y'all for your comments and emails about the whole 'fatherless' topic I wrote about the other day. It truly meant a lot. And you know, every time I think I'm alone in some major drama, I write about it, and realize that I'm really not alone. Sadly, many of you have/had problems with your dads too. I know that sucks donkey balls, but at the same time, I didn't feel like  I was the only one out there. So thanks. I heart you guys so much!

2.  So, remember we went and looked at houses last Sat? Well, one of them we really, really, really, REEEEEEEEALLY like.

WINDOWS!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!! I love it!

There are a few drawbacks. First, the deck right there looks out over the lagoon. If you're not familiar with lagoons, it's where your poops go to die. If you live in the country. It doesn't stink or anything, it just looks like a small, dried up pond. But still, it's just not pretty. So we're looking into how much it'd cost to put in a septic tank. Also, it's a little close to the highway, and you can hear it, but it's muffled. The land is also only 4.4 acres, and we're really looking for 10.

BUT! Other than those small things, everything is perfect. The land is mostly creek (pronounced crick, in KS, lol) The house was built in 2007, it's got a huge walk out basement. Tons of storage. The upstairs bedrooms are pretty small, but our kids will be up there, and who gives a shit if they have small bedrooms. I mean really, I shared a bedroom most of my childhood with my brother. I would have much preferred a small bedroom all to myself!

When we went to look at it, there was about 14 inches of snow on the ground, so we weren't able to really see the property. We're hoping in the next couple weeks things will melt and we can go back out.

We also met with a realtor, and our house will be going on the market in a few weeks!!! EEeeeeeeekkk.

I'd just like to point out I loath moving. Like, seriously, hate it more than being at a polka music concert stone sober. Well, I'd still hate polka if I was drunk. But, you get the point. So when we get to that point in all this, I'm just going to apologize for myself now. Because I'm going to be one raving bitch.

3.  Last weekend was a big weekend. We smoked our first whole Turkey on our Traeger grill!
Ryan injected it with a buttery jalapeno juice concoction thing, and then we rubbed the outside with cajun seasonings.
Hands down the juiciest turkey I've ever eaten.
Injecting the turkey. Lord I love a man  in an apron!

Cooking, carving, and finished product!!!
Our neighbor has now challenged us to Traeger Turkey Smoking War.
May the best breast win Brad........... may the best breast win.

4.  Ummmmmmm, ya. This happened yesterday:
I not only smell like a nursing home (with the Vaporub I'm using), but this just seals the deal.............
Pregnancy turns you into old saggy smelly tits.
They don't tell you that in the pregnancy books! Rude.

5.  Y'all would be proud of me.
I walked right on by this the other day without loading up my arms:

However, I was not so lucky when I stumbled upon a trough of Cadbury Creme Eggs.
Those f*ckers get me every time.

6.  I have yet to get back into the gym thing. I blame the plague. It's a bitch. Maybe next week.
More like EVERYday.
7. I really want some Nerds.
The candy, I mean.

8.  I'm getting my Conceal & Carry license in a few weeks. Or, I'm taking the class to get my license anyway. With my hubby. We're taking it together, with a bunch of other peeps. Yup. You know what this means. I need to find some cute little purple sparkly gun. Not that I would carry it around with me all the time or anything, but it'd still be badass to have one.

The class is going to be 8 hours long. EIGHT.FREAKING.HOURS. To learn about concealing a handgun. My ass already hurts just thinking about it.
Do you think my husband would divorce me if I brought my Coccyx Cushion????

9. Look at all these poses I found of Dogs and Newborns.
I swear, our baby is going to be the most photographed kid west of the Mississippi.

That last one is my favorite! I hope we can get something like that with Wyatt!!! Because you know he's going to be all Mr. Sadpants McGee when we bring the 'new baby' home. lol

10.  You know what I haven't posted about in a long, long, longlonglonglong ass time????
This sexy beast:

Ahhhh, he's a blogger.........

You're welcome ladies.



  1. thank you thank you thank you for the eye candy!

    btw--house looks nice!

  2. Love the house, it looks great. Hope everything works out. I would say I would help you pack, because I am pro by now, but I can't stand the thought of packing either. I made my mom help us the last time we did it.

  3. Love the house! If they could move it to Ohio, we'd be in a huge bidding war with each other!! Even with the poo pond and the crick/lagoon!!

  4. Cannot wait to see the pics of Wyatt with Little Wik! Double the goodness. /heart /swoon

    Oh..and a brief /swoon for RR too. Yumm!

  5. The house is beautiful. I hope everything works out with it or with whatever house you choose. :)

  6. As far as carry guns go, I like my S&W .38 air weight. I like that its hammer less (so as not to get hung up in my purse should I need to use it). It's simple and classy ( like the firearm equivalent of a crisp white shirt). The only draw back is that it takes time getting used to firing it bc it's so light that it bucks like bitch. YAY for getting your carry permit -- Mama didn't raise no victim!!

  7. I want to live in that house! It is so awesome! Seriously! And I love the puppy/newborn pictures... LOVE!

  8. Ok. 1) I am so coming to visit when you move.

    2) 10 acres? Seriously? What you planning to do start your own commune? Even if you put bells on the poor baby, you'll loose it in next to know time.

    3) Those pictures are gorgeous.


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