Friday, October 18, 2013

Dillyn's 1st KSU Football Game!

 Last weekend was a huge milestone. HUGE. Pretty Miss D got to attend her very first K-State function! One of many to come!!

Ryan and I joked that she'll probably grow up and want to go to stupid KU (Kansas University). Ryan said, 'That's fine, she can just pay for her own college then. We'll take her college fund and buy a new car.'
Sounds good to me!
No way am I giving any of my money to those KU asses. (Can you tell there's a rivelry?)

First stop on our trip was Grandma Julie's house. Her and Grandpa Hardy decided to join us on Sat for the game, so we thought we'd just stay at their place, which is only an hour away from KSU.

As you can see, Baby D loves her grandma!

Saturday we woke up and got everything together. Man, how life and tailgates have changed. It used to be I was so concerned with how much beer we could fit in a cooler, and if drinking at 6:13am in the morning is borderline alcoholic (btw, it's not when it's on a game day, that's the exception). Now, it's all about not getting baby shit on your game-day jersey and pumping your life away so your child won't starve.

Goodbye are the carefree days of getting so drunk you can't find your tailgate after the game and you end up partying with complete strangers. How I will miss thee.

We ended up getting to the tailgate about an hour before the game, and we determined that Dillyn was well fed enough that Mom and Dad could go into the first half of the game and leave her with the grandparents.

I will tell you that I checked my phone for a emergency text message about ever 2.3 seconds and barely paid attention to what the cute men in tight football pants were doing. Nervous Nancy much?!?! Joys of being a new mommy.

Good news is that Dillyn did absolutely wonderful! Grandpa Hardy wrapped her up in his camo coat and they had good times:

During half time we got some good family photos:

Clearly, you now know why purple is my FAVORITE color.

K-State games are VERY family orientated. Our first tailgate was with my mom's side of the family, who have been going to games since the stone age.

Our second stop was my dad's (Mike) side of the family. My cousin Ashley had her daughter on Sept. 5th, just 2.5 weeks after Dillyn was born. So, the second generation of cousins is going to be close too!!!

That's Ashley and her daughter Mya. Look at her CUTE cheer outfit!!!

Then grandma needed some D time:

This year, KSU (with the help of A LOT of Alumni donations) built a brand new press-box and suites for the stadium. I wish I had a picture of the old one, but it was ghetto 80s fabulous. The new one fits more in with the theme of campus. All the buildings on campus are limestone and 'castle' like. So here's the new stadium:

Then at night, it's sooooo pretty:

Some of the suites in that bad mama jama go for 1/2 a million dollars. WHAAAAA???!!! Clearly my tiny photography degree that I got from KSU isn't going to provide the lucrative funds to be able to sit in the new suites. I call bullshit on that.

Anyway. We ended up staying at the game till about 7pm, and getting home around 8. Dillyn did soooo good. We were all wiped out, that's for sure.

I can't wait till next year when she'll be over 1 and walking around and chatting it up!!! How cute is that going to be!

It's beer FRIDAY!!!! AND I CAN DRINK NOW!!!!

Actually, I could really use a beer right now. Come on 4:30pm!!

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  1. Awww!!! D is so pretty. You and Ryan did a fantastic job on the mixture of her genes! I love her in her purple game day attire too and so thrilled for her to have a cousin so close to her age. That's the best.


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