Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1. Day 4.......still blows as much as Day 1 away from my baby girl.

Well, the being away from Dillyn part isn't as bad as it was on Monday.....but the being at work part.....Holy mosquito balls it sucks beyond belief.

It's like I didn't miss a beat, I come back, and my desk is piled with bullshit, my inbox is filled with crap, and I want to crush my skull against some concrete.

Basically I have a lot of shit and my head hurts.
Oh the joys of employment.

2. OK. Make Sugar My Bitch (aka Sugar Detox 2013): I think we need to lay some ground rules down. I've got some peeps that are doing it with me. My lovely Cat, the randy, spandy, handy (wink, wink), Dandy Bandy Julie, and the hilarious and super fun andthencameforty from And They Lived Happily Ever After. Am I missing anyone?!?!

Anyways, I thought I'd let you know my feelings on this whole shenanigans. I think we should eliminate Processed Sugar. So, white sugar, white flour, white rice, candy, candy bars, donuts, etc. But I think if we want to have Pure Honey, that should be fine???? Thoughts????

3.  I joined the YMCA yesterday. Dolphin claps for MEEEEEEeeeeeeeee.

And guess what?

No really...guess....

I'll wait....


Ok, fine.

I was talking to some girls at work and they have a fun little group that goes to classes in the evenings at different Y locations around town!


There are actually people at my employment that aren't psychotic and want to work out?!?!

I've died and gone to weight loss heaven!

I've deemed our group the Work Out Bitches.
Original. I know. Don't hate.

I'm starting with them on Monday (I think), but definitely Tuesday, where we go to this class called 'Fierce'.
I kinda like that......mmmmm....Fierce! BOOM! Maybe I should change my name to Fatty Fierce. It's kinda like Sasha Fierce, but without being, well, Beyonce-fabulous.

4.  Wanna know who is fabulous tho????

Baby Dillyn.

Yup. For shizzle.

Little thang has slept for 8 hours straight for the last two nights!!!!!
I don't even know how to function on this much sleep. F'real.

I told the daycare lady to keep doing whatever it is she does, because this is AWESOME!

5. Speaking of daycare.....I walked in yesterday and got growled at by a tiny innocent looking blond head girl. Like, not a cute 'awww, you're going to be a little puppy for halloween' type growl, but a weird, very life-like-psycho-beast-kujo type growl. Then she hopped up the stairs and bounded off down the hall like a normal child to inform the daycare lady that 'Dillyn's Mom is here!'.

I think I just entered the twilight zone.

If she teaches Dillyn to growl like that, shit's going to hit the fan. Mama be pissssssed!
That's all I need is my child hiding in a dark corner growling at me.

6. Looky looky:

She's going to be swimming in it, but I don't care! She's going to look so cute!

I'm also going to paint her hands black and then press them on a large pumpkin, then lay her all pretty like by it and take some pro pictures. Not with her costume on, this is different. Maybe she'll just be nekkid. Or wearing a solid color onesie or something. Just go with me on this. It'll look cute. I'm hoping to do that this weekend. I'm so excited!!!!

7.  I quit FitOrBit.
I know. I suck.
It just wasn't for me. I have a hard enough time blogging let alone logging all my meals and work outs...daily. Especially now that I'm back to work and trying to keep sane with a baby.

My goal is still to lose about 28 lbs by Xmas, but I think I'm going to try and do it on my own. I know what to eat (and what not to eat) and how to work out. I just need to DO IT. I think working out with the girls at work is going to help. And having a gym membership that has a daycare that I can just drop Dillyn off, run a few miles and then pick her back up, that's going to help out a ton. Last time I tried to lift weights with her around, I had to stop 3 times to change her butt. Darn child. Doesn't she realize I'm exercising!!! Jeesh.

So anyway, here's to me doing this on my own....again.

8.  Ok, I can't think of any other randompants stuff to chat about. So I'm going to go.

Cheers y'all!!!


  1. You are lucky that Dillyn is sleeping so many hours at once. Sometimes it take months to get them there. My children slept through kind of early but I started them on rice cereal at 6 weeks old. They only got a little thin cereal with applesauce but it was enough to hold them through the night. I know the doctors say no solids for 6 months but really formula isn't always enough for that much time. I'm sorry work is so frustrating for you. I hope you get adjusted to your new schedule soon.

  2. YAY for 8 hours of sleep. Shit - my kids didn't do that until they were 2. I love you honeychild.

  3. I am totally down with those sugar bitch rules! Ithink fruot and honey should still be allowed! We are gonna rock it!

  4. I commented that I want in on the sugar bitch thing! I'm in!!!


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