Monday, October 21, 2013

Sugar Detox 2013! Day 1!


Y'all ready for this?

Our first day sans the SugarDevil.....aren't you excited?!?!
Ya, I could just fart rainbows I'm so happy.

Anyone else eat their weight in double fudge iced brownies yesterday????


Ya, me neither.

There's even a jar of *gasp* Candy Corn on my desk and I soooooooSOSOSO wanted a little handful this morning. Just a little sompin'sompin'. But nope! I refrained. And I'm moving the jar to the kitchen, so it's out of sight! GO ME!

We can do this ladies!!! As Cat said this morning, "CRUSH IT!"


  1. Yes! I went a little nuts yesterday on the sug, but today is a new day! Bring it!

  2. good luck (said as I eat B&J Pistachio Pistachio ice cream).

  3. Oh, Laura, I am right there with you. Do you know how hard it was to pass the candy corn in the grocery store yesterday!?!? Mainly because this is the only time of year I eat it. *sigh* I stopped my afternoon sugar craving (normally a piece of chocolate and a pop) with carrots and sugar snap peas.

  4. We can DO this!!! Go team sugar detox!

  5. OH girl!! What a hard day #1 was! I think it will get easier every day... least that's what I keep telling myself!!! :)


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