Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ten Things Thursday


I don't think I've done a TTT in for.evah!

1. Grandma Julie is going thru a midlife crisis. Yes folks. It's true.

Went out and bought THIS:

It's official.
Grandma's a Gangster.
Or a pimp.
Or a gangster-pimp.

Ohhhhh, mother.......

2. Someone started smiling back this week:

Annnnnnnnndddddd......that's going to make it about ten gazillion times more hard to go back to work on Monday.

Yes, Monday the 14th is D day.
The 8 weeks are up.
Please pray for me.

PS: Miss Smiles above just dropped a hilatious load in her pants right next to me. Whhheeeeewwwww stinky.

3.  I cut my hair yesterday. Well, I didn't, but my stylist did. I love it!

BTW, that smile is totally fake. In real life I feel like ass. I've had a cold since Monday, and my nose pretty much does this:

4. Anyone else have a weirdo dog that does things like this?

Apparently the curtains are in his way.

5. OK, so I started a new diet/exercise program a week ago. Ya, was a rock star for 3 days, then I got sick. Perfect. Story of my life.

But anyway. It's FitOrBit and I absolutely love it! Basically you pay for a trainer (online) who maps out a meal plan and exercise program for you weekly. You converse back and forth thru email, you can ask questions or comment on what you like or don't like, then they give you encouragement or a kick in the ass when needed. I paid for 3 months. I'm trying to get from 170 to 140 by Christmas!

I lost 30 lbs of pregnancy weight before I started this. Actually, I lost 25 lbs the first two weeks. (And ummm, I gained 50lbs during my pregnancy, but we're not talking about that, mmkay?!) So my starting weight was 150 before pregnancy. I got up to 200. Then lost 30, so I started FitOrBit at 170, and after a week I'm already down 1.5lbs to 168.5. And I'm not expecting a whopping loss this week with being on the edge of death. But I have done REALLY good on my diet. I've *almost* cut out all sugar. Ya, almost. It's a work in progress people. Monday I'm cutting out it for good. Ugh. No more ice cream. No more 3 Musketeers. No more Candy Corn. Life blows donkey pee-pee.

But I'll keep you updated on how things are going. I'm actually getting ready to take Dillyn and Wyatt on a walk here as soon as I get done with this. I'm supposed to do a weight circuit, but I don't think I have the strength for that.

6. Look at these hands:

I think Dad is going to get his wish of a star basketball player. She'll be palming BBalls by the time she's 2.

7. My friend Jessica was all braggy about saving a shitload on diapers the other day on FB, so I decided that I'd try and top her. Just kidding, she wasn't 'all braggy', but she did inspire me to be a coupon whore at Walgreens yesterday.

Check it:

I got diapers that will last TWO MINUTES months and saved $76 buckeroos!!!!

8.  I went to this thing called the Kansas Barn Sale last weekend. It was this cute little craft fair type thing in the middle of the country. And there were TONS of vendors. There were antiques, metal cut outs, photographs, food, baked goods, furniture, picture frames, handmade goods, and jewelry!

I got this for Baby D:

It's sparkly gray and peach! How cute is that going to look with a long sleeve white onesie and white tights! And maybe some white boots?!?!
Oh my god I can't wait to get her in it!

I also got a bunch of jewelry!

I didn't get this exact bracelet, but I got one really similar. It's PENNIES!!! And she puts things on the back then lacquers them! OMG I'm obsessed! Here's her Etsy WEBSITE! Check her out! It's reasonable priced too!

9.  Holy plastic balls, Paris Hilton is on the Hoda and Kathy Lee show and she looks like a plastic statue. Gross. Seriously, she's got a shiny face and this huge fake hair. What stylist told her that she looks good like that?!
I'm going to save you the agony and not put a picture up.
You're welcome.

10. Lastly! I just want you all to know that I got every message and comment that you sent me these last 8 weeks, but I haven't responded. I know. I'm a sucky friend. But I truly appreciate it!!! Every time! I need to get my shit together and respond to ya'll, it's just been hard to put that sweet chubby cheeked baby down! So keep them coming and know that I love you all!

Cheers to beers at Dillyn's very FIRST KSU football game this weekend!
I'll totally have pictures next week!


  1. Hey skinny Mama!!! You are looking FAB!! Haircut and all!! You precious little girl to beautiful!! It's never easy leaving them but you can do it :)

  2. You seriously look fabulous!! And yes, I know that the Wyatt pic was for Meeeeee!!!!! : ) (I pretend, don't wreck my day with the truth!) :)
    Thanks for sharing pics of your other child too. She's absolutely precious! /hugs

  3. She's gorgeous. You're gorgeous. I love you. I miss you. The end.

  4. Um, wtf USA?! 8 WEEKS maternity?? In Canada we get a year, no questions asked. I am so sad you have to go back to work on Monday:(
    At least you'll look fabulous!

  5. I completely understand, Laura. I'm sorry you are going back to work so soon. Maternity leave around here lasts up to 3 months. Little girls are just so precious and it is hard to stop studying their face and expressions when they are so new and sleeping. She is absolutely gorgeous. My youngest grandchild is now 10 months old but I got to spend a lot of time with him when he was a newborn. They grow so fast that is is scary. I hope everything goes as planned and that both of you adjust to the new schedule on Monday.


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