Monday, September 19, 2011

And this is how you tailgate....

Holy footballs....where to begin.

Y'all know I went back up to Manhappiness (aka Manhattan), my old college town, to visit friends and go to a KSU football game last weekend.  HAD. MUCH. FUN!!!

Manhattan is just different than any other town.  It's weird.  It's like you've entered into a-whole-nother country. But don't need a passport.  Only proof of legal drinking age. Which I totally have.

Friday night started off kinda poopy as we were hoping to go to our favorite restaurant...and where I practically lived during college...for 6 years, but that's a different story...Hibachi Hut:
But due to some electrical power bullshit outage, we had to resort to this other bar. Which is not even worth typing the name or linking, because it wasn't Hibachi Hut.  I did eat really good though and was so proud of tacos with a salad. And I just ate one tortilla and picked out the meat of the other 2.  However, we ended up going back to The Hut for some very tasty malt beverages served by my favorite bartender Marc after dinner, so that almost made up for the lame-o power failure.

Saturday Ryan and I woke up pretty early so we went to breakfast at a nearby place. I tried really hard to do good on the food and ordered an omelet with veggies and chicken and wheat toast. But I'm pretty sure those eggs were fried in a bucket of butter.  Which was not great for the upcoming......

In my infinite wisdom I decided to go on a little 2.5 mile death run around the park after we got back from said greasefest. genius text found in this book.  First off, it was a little rainy and all I had on was shorts and a T. Smart.  Second....Manhattan is located in the Flint Hills....HILLS people.  Me no do hilly's. Me no do at all.  About 1 mile in, my local flat Park Shity was looking like freaking paradise.  Not to mention I had left over beverages from the night before and a dumptruck of melted butter rolling around in my stomach.  Not good. I'm pretty sure I looked like a cross between a giraffe and a 76 year old 'I've smoked my whole life and have beer for breakfast every day' trucker waddling up the mountain.  Somehow I managed not to hurl chunks into many finely manicured lawns, despite the numerous overwhelming urges.  Still think that's a miracle from above.

Once I got back to the house, I got dolphin claps from my friends John and Lori. They're all like, "You did so great! Way to get up and be motivated." I was going to let them go on and on and on and on and continue to think that I'm a billy bad ass, but...I have a I told them the truth about almost calling them to pick me up.....from just down the block...because I was face down on the sidewalk horking my lungs up. Pathetic.

Anyways, at least I tried...right? Right.

From that moment on, life did a 180. I showered and got all fancy (aka blow dried my hair and threw on mascara) and put my KSU duds on, packed the cooler, packed the truck, packed the husband, and went in search of the perfect tailgating spot.  See, we lunatic fanatic KSU fans don't just show up a few measly minutes before kick off. Oh negative Nancy we do not.  We show up 5 hours before kick off.  Because we got shit to do people.  Important shit.  Like grill.

And stuff our faces.  And drink truck beds full of beer. And talk shit on the opposing team.

Yes, yes. Important shit. That takes 5 hours. Normal.

Give you two guesses as to what IS in that mug though. Bet you don't need two.
Those incredibly good looking people to my left in the photo are our bestest friends in the whole wide world John and Lori.  Oh, and that handsome devil on my right is my husband.  We gave him giant pills before we got there. Clearly they work.

Once we filled our bellies with the buffet of dips and mint brownies (btw, I refrained and only had a chicken leg and some veggies...that I brought....bow to me for I am the eating queen) we hiked around the extensive parking areas looking for other semi-drunk people.  Didn't find a single one. Weird.

But we did find some other really good friends Will and Jordan (what up Jordan...totally made the blog, but sans pic because I'm a loser and didn't take any of us) and my extended family.
Normally there's about 20 of us standing out here. But most of them bailed.
It's ok, we're still cool without them. (haha Kelly)
Then it was time to go use our CLUB HOUSE tickets!!!!  Oh, did I forget to mention that?! We had CLUB HOUSE tickets baby!  (Thanks Uncle Bill and Aunt Linda!)
Walking up to the stadium.
View from our seats. Nice.
You know what you get for prime seats....cup holders....with alcoholic beverages in them.
I'm in heaven.

Really John? Really? You're killin' me Smalls.
And to top it off, it was a blowout!  The Wilcats won by a ton. The poor Kent State Flashes (Flashes, really? You can't think of something a little more, uh, fierce?) had zilch.

I have also learned a semi-valuable lesson:  Getting wasted all day at a tailgate when you're 30 years old is NOT the same as getting wasted all day when you're 21.  Not the same at all.

I'm still trying to recover.  Seriously contemplated stapling my eyelids open at work today, but thought people might look at me funny.

That's it for the exciting weekend! Hope y'all's was great too!


  1. I cheered for your team...only because I knew you were at the game. Looks like fun.

    Good job on the eating!! That's my girl.

  2. You need some "I'm not sleeping" eyeball stickers. Google them. They're creepily fantastic.

  3. How fun!!! I love college football and tailgating! I'm so impressed with your eating and running!!

  4. It sounds like a great weekend. I have never heard of mint brownies before your blog, but now, I NEED one. thanks.
    Yes, the giant pills did work. Handome hubby (of course since you are so damn adorable!).

  5. Figured ya'll would be fine without us. We've had to miss other games to attend Weddings for our crazy relatives. :D Also, I seem to remember a High School State Football game we had to skip a KSU game for too. I won't name any names in particular...but I could, I can think of 5 names right off the top of my head. Okay, so I cheated and looked back at my pictures for the dates.
    Luv Ya!

  6. I bow to YOU, eating queen!! Looks like an AMAZING time!! I am so thrilled for YOU!

  7. I still can't figure out what was in that cup? ; ) Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Way to gut in through on the run!

  8. Great job on eating on plan while tailgating (and for not horking up a lung while running...just the fact that you ran should get you an award of some type). It looks like you had a blast...and love the hubby - he does look like a giant with the rest of you ;)

  9. Thanks for the blog shout out. Tell your hubby I said "What Up Bitches!" Don't worry about no pictures, I am sure we will go to Vegas and I will come home with one or two crappy pics, because that's how I am. Have a great time this weekend!

  10. It sounds like a great time except for the run. I would blow chunks even without all the butter and beer etc. I just don't have the lung capacity to do much running. I'm too out of shape. My knees and hips won't hold up to it. There is a lot of mileage on this old bod. However, Dail and I are thinking of taking up hiking. This is the perfect area for it with the mountains all around us. When we got o Dollywood on Friday, I'm going to look for a walking stick so I will have something to help me keep my balance when we make our first attempt. Wish us luck!

  11. rock chalk jayyyy....ooops. wrong team! JUST KIDDING. We had a KSU room in our house when we were growing up ya know. I have to stop reading your blog Ive decided bc it makes me miss home too much damnit.

    OOOH, I just realized that if I ever come back to KS for a visit, I can meet you! Would you drive to Reesers fruit farm on K-4 and highway 24 for an apple cider slushie?

  12. Haha, giant pills. I was thinking how tall he looked next to you three who were all the same height (poor John).

    Glad you had a good time!

  13. Fantastic pic of Ryan. And yes, those giant pills totally worked. It's awesome that the other three of you are right around the same height and Ryan is like a head and a half taller. Good job. Hope you watered (beered?) him enough as well. /nod

    Looks like a blasty blast. So glad you had fun darlin. And please...even with a buzz on, how freaking adorable are you?


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