Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer is over....booooo....

Well, as most of you know, last weekend I spent at the Lake.  Because that's what we do on the 3 major holidays, every summer, is go down to Table Rock and hang on the dock, drink beers, have fun with friends and family, fish, play with the puppy, and just relax.  Great. Times.

And I would like y'all to know that I did 95% AMAZE.balls on my Clean Eating diet last weekend! Awww Sooky Sooky! The 5% 'bad' was beers Friday night thru Monday night.  But Saturday I only had 6! That's good right?!  I also had a few potato chips, some pasta salad, and 1 chocolate chip cookie.  All in all, that's pretty damn good for a holiday weekend full of coconut cream cake, 12 super delicious super fatty super huge muffin's from Costco, tortilla chips and salsa, and a bunch of other foodcraps taunting me.

Wyatt found a new 'spot':

I wonder what goes through his noggin' to want to cram his caboose in the tiniest part of the boat.  Dogs.

I also got up on Saturday morning and ran the mountainous Missouri roads for 3 long miles.  It was a beautiful, but slightly humid (and by slightly I mean it was like running thru nacho cheese soup) morning; there was not a soul driving the Barbie-sized roads, which was excellent for me because I didn't get clipped by any side mirrors or trailer wheels.  Oh, Dear Missouri: make your freaking roads wider than a sidewalk. Please! For the love of Pete!!!
My Wildcats also played last weekend.  That would be the Kansas State University (BadAzzz) Wildcats, just in case you were wondering.  And even though I write the (BadAzzz) above, their 'playing' on Saturday was anything but.  I could have put on a helmet and pads and had a broken femur and moved the pigskin farther than those wussies.  Jeesh!  Short story: We suck. No score until the 4th quarter, then it was Eastern Kentucky (WHO??!!) that made the first points.  But a few minutes later we made a TD to win.  Talk about the skin of our pathetic teeth! It's going to be a long beer infused season.

Wanna know what else happened, that was so fantabulous, so awesome, so unbelievable?  The 'high' on Sunday was 75 degrees!!!!  The freaking low was 50!!!!  THANK YOU TO ALL THAT IS HOLY FOR FALL WEATHER!!! I love you long time.
Well, hello there FIL Cliff! And Uncle Trey (in his white boat). Y'all are famous now. You're welcome.
 The brown one is ours....or more like Ryan's parents.  It is a 1983 Success and it is STILL running like a champ, thanks to Cliff's expert mechanics skills.  (PS...Cliff: Can you stop working your magic on the 1983 boat so we can get a 2010 boat? Please? Let's just let it die with dignity, mmmkay?)

And that red square I have highlighted in the's this:
Nothing like reading your Clean Eating Diet book and chugging beers out of a boot koozie to say 'health expert'. Priceless. BTW, thanks y'all for pointing out that my spelling ability of 'koozie' (or 'coozie' as I wrote it here) is about as awesome as a kindergartner's. I've never claimed to know where spell check is. You'll just have to deal with my made up words.

And this is how I spent Sunday night:
Note beer and book....again.

The End. To Summer.
I will miss you, but not your 100+ degree days.


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend, Laura. I love to read about your family adventures. Keep the updates coming.

  2. Aww, that sounds like too much fun. :) I vote next BOOBs we all come down and chill on your boat. Err, 4-5 at a time. LOL

  3. Are you sure none of those first pics are your boat? ;)

    Can Wyatt have a vacation and come stay with me for a while? I will let him squeeze into as many small places as he wants.

    STILL saying that it's bunk that beer isn't considered "clean".

    Glad you had a great time...and that the lakes there have water. : )

  4. Cheers! Goodbye Summer, but hello cooler weather! The weekend was amazing, huh?!?! I hope Wyatt did some dock jumping on the last summer lake outing :)

  5. Look at those tanned legs! Well, that's certainly a balanced approach to healthy living: a diet book in one hand and a beer in another. Sounds like you definitely exercised self control this weekend :)

  6. Love all the boats makes me want to hop on one and go for a ride! Nice beer cozie. Did you learn anything from the book? Sounds like a great time and yum on the coconut cream cake. I freakin love cake. :`)

  7. You are priceless! So is Wyatt. When can he come for a visit?

  8. Looks like an absolutely amazing time!! I just love me some Wyatt pics!!

  9. Look at those sexy legs!! That's my boo right there.

    I totally love you drinking bear and reading your clean eating mag. It's so you.

  10. It is so easy to laugh at you... in a nice, I-love-your-craziness kind of way! :)


  11. You kill me. :) But in a good way!

  12. LOL you made me laugh! Your legs are smokin hot!

  13. Ah, sounds like the perfect weekend.

    Wish our 100+ days would go away soon. :P


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