Thursday, September 1, 2011

And the Clean Eating continues + dishwasher drama...

Day 4 of eating 'clean' is coming right along little ladies.   It's not as hard as I thought.  It's actually pretty easy.
Here's a typical day:
Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ organic light agave nectar, flaxseed, wheat germ and a touch of cinnamon, 1-2 whole poached eggs and organic light vanilla soy milk (not bad, btw)
Mid morning snack: Yogurt w/ almonds
Lunch: Left over chicken stir-fry w/ brown rice and veggies and a sugar free chocolate pudding snack (which I don't think is technically on the 'clean eating food list' but I need one little treat and that's as good as they come.)
Afternoon snack: Banana w/ almonds and salad w/ cucumber and tomatoes
Dinner: Turkey on Whole Grain pita w/ avocado and a salad.

Everything I eat, according to the diet, should be whole grain, organic (if you can afford it), no sugar or white carbs and as unprocessed as you can get.  I'm pushing the limits on the yogurt, because it's just fat free regular crap, with (as I just noticed) 15g of sugar in it, but I have like 76 in the fridge that I have to eat. No way Jose do I throw out good food people.  I also need to eat 5-6 meals a day and make sure that at each one I'm getting good protein and complex carbs.

It is also recommended that I drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day.  I've got a 24oz water bottle, so I need to be drinking 3-4 of those.  I did great on this yesterday, and today I already finished one before lunch which is unheard of.

I did stepped on the flatchested whore this morning and it read I had a 2.5 loss since Monday.  That means I'm at 152 point something.  Good deal, means this no sugar no beer BS is working (which sucks donkey balls at the same time). It is also recommended by the little diet book that I try to avoid the scale and concentrate on my NSVs (non-scale victories), how my clothes fit, and how my exercise is going.  I'm going to try.....but I'm sure I'll need that little number in order to be satisfied.  But my goal is not to weigh myself again for two weeks. Or maybe three.  Hell, I should just go for a full month because I have that 5K in four weeks and it's the 1st of the month.  Ok, no weighing for a month.  If Beth Ann and Shannon can do it, then so can I!!

Hold on to your butts for this: I resisted the buttery popcorn and, AND double chocolate cake with fudge icing with a glaze donut on the side today!!! Aren't you just so damn proud of me?!?!

I'm proud of me. (Apparently this bloggy is turning into posts about what foods I can resist. Scintillating.)

And as for last night, you know.....the whole pizza/beer/gossip with two of my favorite boy cousins thang??? Well, I didn't end up going.  I'm taking it as a sign from the Diet Goddesses when the appliance store called Tuesday evening to let us know our dishwasher was in, and that we had to install it Wed. night; it was just meant to be that I not be subjected to those horrible temptations. Winner winner chicken dinner.

And let me just tell you how our 'installation' went:

-Ryan takes old pieceofshitgoodfornothing dishwasher out, drains the hoses, and tosses it outside on the deck.
-I get home and we go pick up our brand spankin' new pretty pearly white dishwasher from the appliance store. (At this time, I just want to make note, that I asked Ryan if he HAD EVERYTHING he needed to install the DW [dishwasher]. He replied, "Yes, Dear.")
-Ryan says on the ride home, "You know, it was waaayyyyy too easy getting that old junker out. I just know that something's going to go wrong with the new one when we install it."
-Me, "DON'T SAY THINGS LIKE THAT!!!!! Mr. Negative Nancy!!! Christ."
-We get home and start unwrapping/unboxing/unbolting/untaping the new DW.  Funny, we notice that there is broken plastic pieces at the bottom of the box.  Mmmmmm.  But we couldn't find where they went to.
-Ryan starts installing the hoses.
-Ryan says, "Crap."
-Apparently we DON'T have every thing we need to do the installation. We need a O-ring clamp thingy to put on the hose that hooks to the disposal. (But in his defense the new DW hose is a different size from the old DW. So we were probably going to have to go get a new one no matter what.)
-I drive the big beefy Dodge to the little farmer's store that has everything from bagged cow poop to homemade saltwater taffy and pick up the thingy we need.
-On the way out I get a call, it's Ryan, who says, "Well, I found where the broken plastic went....yup, it's a pretty important part that is all busted up." Awesome.
-I get home and let's just say Ryan is not a happy camper. He pops the top on a nice frosty Mr. Bud Light.  My mouth starts salivating.  I mean, the slobber is flowing from my open pie hole like Niagara Falls. But I resisted. (Who AM I????)
-Ryan calls the appliance place and the best they can do is have US call a repair man, who's closed, and leave a message for him to call us tomorrow, or today, I mean.  The little itty bitty problem with that......The hot water is turned off because the water line to the DW is sitting exposed because we CAN'T HOOK UP THE NEW DISHWASHER!!!
-So we have to re-hook up the old DW.  At this point I am able to shoot flames from my eyeballs and I am aiming them at the appliance store.

To shorten this little escapade up: We hooked up the old one, but not so where I can use it. Can I just tell you that I'd rather stick my hand in a bucket of 2 year old walrus crap than do dishes by hand.

I wait until this morning and I politely, but very firmly,  tell our salesman that his store is GOING to pick up the broken new DW today after 5pm, they WILL order us a new DW, they WILL deliver it and install it next week, all for FREE of charge.  Now, the only thing I can say about my 'polite but firm' voice is that half the male managers that I work with, who have been given the privilege of hearing my little 'polite but firm' voice, think I am the biggest raging psycho B*tch to walk the face of the Earth and they pray every night for my poor husband. Needless to say, I'm pretty sure poor Ron from the appliance store needed to check his pants after our little chat.

Good times.

Oh, and still waiting to see if we will actually GET our new bedroom furniture. So far, they can't 'find' all the pieces in the entire United States, and I am NOT paying for a set that is short a chest of drawers that I'll have to wait 7 years for some 96 year old chinese man to widdle out of wood. Nope, not gonna happen.

Hopefully next week we will have a our newly installed working perfect dishwasher and a pretty new bedroom set to go with our phenomenal mattress.

And, good God, I will actually find the time to start training for the previously mentioned 5K.


  1. Good job on the clean eating, and an even gooder job on not taking crap from that appliance company. They should be more helpful, considering it is not your fault the dishwasher is busted. You tell 'em.

  2. Polite, but firm. That's my girl. I would have called and told him to meet me in the parking lot so I could slap him for wasting my time. LOL

    You are doing great with your clean eating. I'm so proud of you ladybug. Keep up the good work.

  3. Good job on the clean eating! Dedication, you go girl! :)

  4. Good job on the clean eating and dealing with the DW idiots. :)

  5. Take that FCW! haha 2.5lbs since Monday. Way to go! And you should be proud of yourself for resisting temptation. I am!

    Why are women automatically pscyho bitches when they are affirmative? Makes me angry. (Like a pscyho bitch! haha)

  6. Good lord, that whole situation sounds like a mess!

    Let us know how the no-scale September goes. :)

  7. I adore you. I have such trouble with polite but firm. There is a fine line between tears/assertiveness/raging bitch. I don't often know where to be where I want to be right in the middle... hee hee

    Congrats on the loss!!!!! You are doing so great and I'm so very proud of you!! The clean eating actually sounds super yum to me, I wish I could afford to shop at the organic market. It's too pricey for me though!

  8. I cannot believe you made Ron check his pants with your little voice. LOL

    You rock like Elvis or Ozzie or something that rocks awesome like that. I am soooo super stoked about you doing this clean eating thing - it HAS to feel good mentally and physically. YOU GO GIRL!

  9. Well done!! FYI Greek yogurt esp. Chobani is full of good protein and is clean eating goodness! I sometimes add a little granola to mine. yummo

  10. so glad to read someone else is doing a sugarless diet... granted I've added white carbs to mine but it's doable, if you plan. like everything else though, no?

  11. Good for you on the clean eating! I think we all should try and eat like that most of the time. So annoying about the dishwasher, but glad they are brining and installing a new one!


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