Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

1.  Yesterday was all around a shittastic eating day.  Monster of all burritos for lunch....might have snuck in 2 donuts (yup that's right) also...then I went for Mexican again last night and had 2 cheesy delicious enchiladas, a bathtub of salsa, and seriously, I think I ate the restaurant out of chips.  No really.  The waiter guy, who was super peppy in an extremely annoying way, didn't give me another basket, after I'd already finished with my 34th basket, for like 10 minutes. Rude. I've felt like Sugar Turd Ferguson, with a serious digestive problem, for two days and trust me when I tell you that it's not fun. But today's another day and I will move on with my Clean Eating. Again.

2.  AAAaaahhhhaaaa, well now I know why I could have killed a midget yesterday for sweets and salt.......a little monthly crampage action.  I freaking love being a woman. Every. Single. Day.

3.  Who doesn't like the new facebook newsfeed bullshit???? Mmmm???  Oh, all of you? Yep, me too. Mark, please stop trying to screw around with a mostly perfect thing.  Please.  Because your constant changes are more annoying than a one woman pooper stall in the busiest drinking establishment on St. Patti's Day with 324 woman waiting in line to use it.

4.  Which reminds me, at the football game last weekend there was a 6-Man Urinal porta-potty. 
I love it that the first picture I put on this post is about urinals, so in your Dashboard you get to wonder what the hell I'm going to write about. It's just so me.
 Why do the dudes always get the better bathrooms?! I mean how many times have you seen a line to the men's restroom??!!! NEVER!  And I'm convinced that it's not because stupid frilly stuck up Barbies need to fluff their boobs and paint their ducklips, it's because they only put one....or a miracle TWO....stalls per restroom for the girls.  What kind of shit is that?!  In my extremely genius state of mind...while standing in line to my ONE stall porta-potty at the game, I determined that I'm going to invent a 6-Woman Potty. And I will be a kazillionaire.  You're welcome.

5.  I am now convinced that everyone at my lovely place of employment thinks I'm an 8 armed Goddess and I for sure am Wonder Woman because they think I can do 356,564,897,678,234.02 things every minute of the work day.  If it's not bad enough that I've already been on overtime for at least 6 weeks, my boss now wants to know if I can work over-overtime.  Exsqueeze me? Um, no. I have a life outside of work, and as pathetic as it is, I don't want to give it up. Sorry Charlie.

6.  My first 5K race is 9 days away. 9 FREAKING DAYS. I'm so having anxiety attacks like every day about it.  I am prepared. Kinda.  But, I'll be able to finish. At least I hope so.  It's just so hard to get up and out the door to go running at 4:30am. I know I'm beating a dead mongoose with this topic, but I'm just going to keep talking about it till I can finally convince my lazy body to get up.  And I'd work out after work but I'm so stinkin' tired that it's all I can do to fix supper and put on PJs.  I told Angela that if she can get up and get to the gym by 4:56am, then I can sure as shit get my pooper outta bed. But this morning, 4:30 came and went.....again.  But, I'm GOING to get up next week.  I can do this!  I'm going to look it as a challenge. Get up at 4:30am M-F next week, and if I do, then I TOMS. Yes, yes. That will work.
I really am looney tunes about the topics I write about. Jeesh.

7.  I have zero time to read blogs today.  And I didn't get to read very many yesterday. Because my work life is a steaming pile of buffalo shittlebits.  So, I'm sorry. And I'll probably not be able to read them for the next 4 days because........

8.  We are going here for our 2nd Anniversary:
9.  And we will be staying in our own private cabin. Bowchickabowwow!!! (Cue sexy Marvin Gaye music now).
10. And this is how romantic we will be:

Yes, Ryan, hand holding IS mandatory.  And so are the compliments.

Have a fantastic weekend my turtledoves!!! I will miss you.
(Don't do anything I wouldn't do while I'm gone!)


  1. You think a 6-woman porta potty would be a good thing?! Yuck! But maybe it's my extreme aversion to them period. That anniversary place looks really nice. Hopefully you will be there for the nice fall color as well (at least by the looks of it I'm thinking there would be). Anyway, the run. Dooooood, you so can do it. Fluffy two cents, yours today for free, be sure to watch your pace the first mile. Don't get caught up in the crowd and use all your gas. You can always kick it up the last one. You Can Do It!

  2. You can SO do the run, girlie!! The cabin for your anniversary looks beautiful! Have a great time and enjoy being away with your guy!!

  3. We've never been to Table Rock Lake but that looks sweet and I'm checking it out!

  4. Dude, you've so got the 5k. You can do it!!

    Have fun on your uber romantic getaway!

  5. Ok, I'm dying over the 6 man porta-potty. Enough said.

    Good luck on that 5K!

    The cabin & vacation looks great. I hope you have a great time.

  6. That looks like a little piece of heaven.

    I've never had any one compliment my acorns before. Where might they be on the body? ;)

  7. What a gorgeous spot - don't forget your camera and charge up the battery!
    Enjoy !!

  8. One of my recurrent nightmares is walking into a bathroom, really having to go, and finding out that there are no stalls and only open doored toilets that every Jill, Dick and Harry (they are always coed) can see you doing your business. And, most of them haven't been flushed, so it's even more gross.

    Hmm, yes, you probably didn't need to know that but essentially your 6 woman porta-potty is the stuff of my nightmares ;)

    Speaking of the bathroom, I LOVE Mexican too. (Just joking about the bathroom, my beautiful Mexican and Mexican-American chicas out there). I made homemade chicken enchiladas last night and I will be chowing down on the leftovers tonight. Oh yea, and I hate a barbecue quesadilla for lunch. And I wonder why I'm on a plateau. . .

  9. Oh those cabins look awesome ! Enjoy every minute !

  10. I just want to know if you rubbed your belly after you ate the burrito? :P

  11. where the craps is that place?! I wanna go!!

  12. I'm with you on not liking the new fb annoying!

    The cabin looks awesome! Have a wonderful getaway. :)

    Good luck with the 5K!

  13. That cabin looks amazing!! If I promise to stay far away from any hand holding or bedrooms, can I come too??????

  14. Holy shit balls, Laura! I had a big, honking burrito to eat on Wednesday too (and felt like a blimp for 48 hours after!)

    And you look me know if you need engineering help with the 6 woman can, okay? ;)



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