Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Check me out....

Hey y'all!

Just wanted you to know that i'm on Facebook, so if you'd like to be friends....even though most of us are already....but friends on FB, give me a shout!


And if you could put in your message that you're from blogger that'll save me the trouble of wondering if your some psycho daisy may or 25 year old steroided freak lookin' for a hook up.  not that i've had that happen to me before or anything.

Peace out on the shortest blog post evah!


  1. I think I friended you but with the new FB - not sure. (Carol) I love FB !

  2. well i friended you but it wouldn't let me add a message. just remember--my first name is erika, and my last name starts with a b : D

  3. Ditto what newlyweds said.....lol

    I am the hot chick with the sunglasses.....hahahaha

  4. If we weren't already friends, I would totally friend you again! :)

  5. I shall add you. Because I'm a stalker like that. I'm Sarah. So you don't wonder who the hell I am. lol


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