Friday, September 30, 2011

Fact Friday

Courtesy of Fat in Suburbia I'm going to post some little fun facts about myself.

Since Drazil is away at BOOBs I thought I'd do my own BYOC-that's Bring Your Own Crazy where we answer questions about ourselves to get to know each other better. In keeping with the BYOC tradition I'm going to list a few Friday Facts about myself and hope that y'all care enough to read them  :)

  • I am 30
  • I have no children...yet...except for my little 85 lb four legged spoiled brat Wyatt. He's about 4.5 years old, a yellow lab, and quite possibly the best dog in the world. (No all.)
  • I married Ryan 2 years ago Sept. 26th.  But we've been together for 7 years.  7 yeas. Wow. That's crazy.
  • I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from KSU, majoring in Photography. I know, shocker, right?  But I currently supervise the graphic design/print dept of an company in the aerospace industry. And do Photography on the side. Click HERE to see some stuff.
  • I've lived in Kansas for around 20 years. First 10 were in Iowa and Nebraska.  And I've lived in the Wichita area for 4 years....I think.
  • I love beer.  Any kind really, but mostly I drink Bud Light.  I also love reading and watching movies.  I'm a lazy ass.  I can admit it, and I'm fine with it.
  • I do my photography as my hobby now. I did it 'professionally' with a studio and crap for a few years and got burned out. So now I just do it for family and friends, for fun.
  • I am not banded. I have a lot, A LOT, of friends on here that do have a lap band or have had gastric bypass, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm not.  I started this because I was really unhealthy. Ate like shit and absolutely despised anything 'exercise'. I knew it wasn't what I wanted for my life, so I decided to try and change it. So far I am now kind of 'a runner', I hardly eat anything 'bad', but have not lost any weight.  Which, I'm kinda coming to terms with. It's probably all the beer I drink.
  • I have 94 followers. Which just freaking blows my noggin that you all read this mumbo-jumbo. I think I shall have a jello shot party when I get 100 followers.  Yep, that sounds perfect.
  • I am running my first 5K tomorrow. EEK. But I'm ready.  (Did you know that I could barely run more than 2 minutes at a time just 9 months ago, and now I can run over 3 miles!!) And I'm meeting a new running buddy tomorrow too. We're so alike it's kinda scary and I'm almost positive that once we meet we will be meeting more and more often to get into all sorts of shenanigans.
Have a fun and fabulous weekend y'all!!!!


  1. Awwww. I think Draz would be happy you did something Fun Friday Facts type thing. I actually posted a BYOC cause I miss that huzzy so much. :)

    I love your running stuff. Seriously like I used to love garlic bread (yes, that's a lot). You inspire me everytime I read that you couldn't run but for a few minutes at first. It constantly drives me to push myself a little bit further because I know that others have come before me and have been where I am. *hearts*

    I also love Wyatt even though I don't know him. He's like my little nephew or something. He reminds me so much of my MIL's Roscoe whom I absolutely adore, only Rossy is quite a bit older than Wyatt.

  2. I love your photography! I also love the music you put on the site with the photos. Maybe you can do mini me's senior pics one day!

  3. I LOVE Photography. I wanted to go to school for it, but never did, so I commend you for it. :)

    My boyfriend is from Kansas. We're actually going there for Christmas this year. His parents live in Concordia, but I think his grandma lives in Wichita. So I'll be in your neck of the woods come the 16th-27th of December. :)

  4. Um yeah, not to be debbie downer, but it's the beer. The love of our life, beer. Damn calories!!!

    Good luck on your first 5K! You will have so much fun!

  5. I so admire "you" runners ... good luck tomorrow ! :)

  6. Dude, you ARE a runner!

    Good luck on the 5k! Cant wait to hear how it goes :)

  7. Heya! I wanted to stop by and wish you the best on your race tomorrow! Can't wait to hear all about it! Woohoo!

  8. Run Forest, Run!
    Have a great time!

  9. If you have a jello shot party by god, I am THERE!!!!! Hope your race went well.

  10. I want to hear how your race went!! :)

  11. Totally missed you this weekend!! I can't wait to read about your race. :)


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