Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BACK to the basics. Literally.

Well. I ran last night.
Walrus claps for me.
Not dolphin claps. Because dolphins are slim and pretty.
And right now I feel like a beached walrus that had a run in with a Lays potato chip semi.
Not pretty folks.

Back to the running thing.

Yes. It happened. I decided to get back into the gym thang, and am truly glad I am. Truly. Seriously. Really! You gotta believe me! YOU GOTTA BEEEEELIEVE!!!

Moving on.

I did 2 miles; walking 1/4 mile, then running a 1/4 mile. The walk was at a 4.0 mph, and I bumped it up to 5.5 for the run. All at an incline of 1.0%. Finished in about 28 minutes.

I'm not gonna lie, it felt good.
I can't believe that shit just came out of my mouth.

I need to stop that.

Moving on.

Seriously, it felt really good. Good to actually sweat, ya know?! And while the whole running part was really slow and my legs were sluggish, my lungs were screaming for O2, and the jiggle on my ass was bouncing so hard I thought I was going to injure the poor old man next to me, it still felt good.

Today however......not so good.

Remember how I talked about that whole Relaxin hormone that softens/lubricates the joints in pregnant women, so they can give birth? And that my neck and tailbone hurt like a mo' fo' because of this? Ya. Well. Consistent pounding on a hard surface after a month of sedation was not the best idea I've ever had.

Lets just say I want to smother baby bunnies with my Coccyx Cushion. Slightly irritable and in pain???? I think so! My whole back feels like an unfolded lawn chair that got caught in a wood chipper. And this office chair from Hell isn't helping anything.

So, given my circumstances of being with child and all, I think I'm going to forgo the whole 'running' thing till after the baby is born. I mean, it's bad enough the pain in my joints I have to deal with day to day, but adding even more stress to them, just doesn't seem genius.

But I'm going to continue to work out! I think I'm going to lift more weights. My batwings are sad, sad, little creatures that need some major TLC.  And I read somewhere that walking an hour a day really helped with back pain. So I'm going to shoot for that.

Another thing that's supposed to help is getting plenty of water. Which I already drink a shit-ton, but I bet I can up it a touch. Also, stretching. Twisting my head and upper body from right to left, slowly, holding it at each side, for 4-5 minutes a day is supposed to really help.

All these things I'm going to try, because Baby Jesus save y'all if I have to go 6 months feeling like this. Because I will become one psycho bitch. Me and constant pain no likey likey each other.

So anyways, that's it.
Glorious read wasn't it.
You're welcome.


  1. Glorious indeed. I walked two miles a day with my first pregnancy with my puppy and it helped a TON. xoxo

  2. I think postponing the running sounds like a good idea.

  3. I second the no running, you don't want the baby to fall out. :) Just kidding. I am in town this week if you want a girly night.

  4. I remember running with one of my friends when she was pregnant and her mentioning something to that effect. No bueno. :)

  5. Maybe you could go see a chiropractor? They can reeeeeally help with back pain, especially the lower back pain that is so hard to get rid of otherwise. I have scoliosis in my lower back, and the chiropractor pretty much saved me.

  6. I am in the no running column! Keep up the cardio though hon. Maybe an aqua class or something if you have a pool nearby at a community center. Just a thought.


  7. You will weight lift and walk and you will LIKE it! :) I'm proud of you! I think running pregnant is hard....


  8. First off, anyone who thinks of working out while preggo should be automatically nominated for sainthood. (or whatever the female version is)

    Secondly, the person that actually do it--that's just freaking amazing. Beyond amazing really. I doubt there are words...

    I do hope you feel better!! I consider myself warned either way... :)


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