Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

Whew. It's been a crazy morning already.
Here's another round of randompants.

1.  Someone got to stay inside this last week, because of the weather, and someone has been having slumber parties in our bed.
Let me give you a hint of the someone......
It's not Ryan.

It may be this snow-eating weiner licker:
Trying to hide under the bed. Pretending he's oh so innocent.
You can't fool me little doggy!!!! I'm on to you!

I think he invites all the lady dogs in the neighborhood over and they 'wrestle' in our bed all day.
Little hornball.

2.  I saw this ARTICLE on Titled:

US obesity mystery: We're eating fewer calories, getting fatter

Hummmmm. Yes, such a mystery.
Maybe it's because while we're eating less calories, we're not eating the RIGHT CALORIES. Ever think about that geniuses?!?!

I'm sorry, but I'm a firm believer in that processed foods are slowly killing us. I mean, that's not to say I don't have a problem mowing down a few packages of Sour Patch Kids every other day once in a while. Or putting a can of cream of chicken soup in my enchiladas doesn't happen. But I generally try to eat organic fruits and veggies, try to buy things that have the fewest amount of ingredients in them (and I can pronounce those ingredients), and limit my processed foods to every once in a while.

Maybe another reason.....we F*CKING sit our asses on the couch and play video games all day!!!!
No one moves anymore.
Hell, 50 years ago, people were farming more, doing more outside work, not sitting comatosed at a computer all day long.

I'm not one to preach about exercise, because, man I hate it as much as a loafing sloth, but, seriously people, we need it. You can't just eat right and not physically exert yourself! It does no good!

That's my soap box.
I'm stepping down now.

3.  Ok, ya know how I was bitching about my back the other day? I mean, I bitch all the time, how could you forget.......
Anyways. Y'all had some really great suggestions!! Thank you!

First off, I am going to a chiropractor. I've actually been going for several months now, even before pregnancy. My back's all sorts of f*cked up. But the Chiro's helping. He's kind of like a back-cracking superhuman Godlike dude. And I owe my life to his hands of magic.

But I can't afford to see him everyday. Which would be ideal. So I go once a week, and he fixes me up, then I try not to screw myself up too bad during the rest of the week.

I did find on the Interwebs of Glory this stretching thing, where you stand with your feet shoulder width apart, then swing your upper body and head slowly to the left till you start to feel a tight stretch (you're looking completely behind you), hold for a few seconds, then go to the right, and hold. Do that for 5 min a day and it's supposed to help. I did it a few days ago, and ya know, it really did help. So I'm trying to do it every time I feel like my tailbone or neck is jacked up.

That, the Chiro, walking, my trusty Coccyx Cushion, and a heating pad, I just may make it through this pregnancy still standing.
Pray with me that happens.

4. Some jackass brought in this yesterday:

For HIS birthday.
No, I have not eaten the whole thing yet. I have shared.
A 1/8th of a slice is sharing, right?
Don't judge me.
Baby needs it.

5. I went to the gym last night again. I took Tuesday off because it was a KSU game and I went out to eat with my cousin. But last night I had the choice to stay at home or go with the hubby and pump out some mileage.......and this girl made the right choice!! So proud of myself. Yes, yes, you may bow down to me for going to the the gym a whole TWO times this week. I'm a rockstar.

Anyways, I walked 2 miles at a 1% incline, 4mph, and made it to about 31:00 minutes. It felt great. It's nice to get back into the sweatage.

Downside, this week I've gained 3 lbs since starting to work out.
WTF is that about?!?!
I haven't changed my eating (the above statement about eating 7/8ths of a cake has nothing to do with the weight gain. swear.), and I've been the same 157 all month, up until this week.

Dear Body, Why you gotta be a pain in the ass???? Why you gotta gain weight while sweating?!?! WHY?!?!?! Sincerely, Hates To Exercise And Now Wants to Shank a Flat Chested Bitch Scale Machine Thing.

6.  I got a nice surprise on Sat!:

Hardy, my mom's BF, knew I was having a hard week, with my bio dad and everything, and sent flowers to my door on Sat morning!!!

How sweet is that?!?!

Oh, and the flowers also had a box of chocolates with it! WHAAAA???!!!!!
It was like I won the cocoa and flowers lottery.
I don't have a pic of the chocolates.
Because, well, they didn't last long.

Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face like flowers!


7.  You know our dream house that I posted about on here?
Well, someone put an offer on it Monday.
And those someone's were not us.
We had a chance to put in an offer too, but we just weren't ready. We haven't even listed our house, and we were still trying to find out some info on the flood plain in that area. (Since there's a creek close, typically if the house is in a flood plain you have to have flood insurance, and that's like being punched in the tatas repeatedly by the insurance company. It freaking sucks.)

So anyways, the sale is pending, but may fall thru. We'll see.
I'm kinda in the mindset that if it sells, it sells. There's another house out there for us somewhere. Everything happens for a reason type deal.

Good news is we're finally getting our house on the market, so hopefully if we do find another home, ours may be close to selling or already sold and we don't have to jack around again.

8. Someone was very lovey the other night....

Get your minds outta the gutter......

It wasn't Ryan.

Bad picture, but lotsssssss of puppy kisses. In the ear. It was lovely.

9.  Duck Dynasty was on last night.
Lord I freaking love that show!!!
I mean, who doesn't love backwoods redneck hunters that wear only camo, and blow shit up?!?!

Y'all gotta watch it!
If you're not already.

10.  Last night...while watching the above hilariousness....I was downstairs and wanted some water. I complained to my hubby, secretly hoping that he would run upstairs for me.......didn't happen. So I just waited till commercial and went up myself.

I came back down with a bowl of ice cream.
And no water.


It's lunch time peeps! Gotta feed the belly!!!!



  1. I LOVE duck dynasty!!!!!!

    belly pic!!??

  2. Love duck dynasty...flood insurance is expensive!

  3. I am going to guess that you are gaining weight because, oh I don't know, you are growing another human inside of you. Crazy Lady.

  4. ummm hello YO you are growing a baby! You need to gain some weight. NO not 50-70 lbs like some do but you still have to gain some weight! Silly silly!

    Love duck dynasty so nice I can watch it with my kiddo cause they pretty clean. Stopped watching Monday night sitcoms with her because Two Broke Girls at 7:30 is straight up Raunchy, funny as hell, but RAUNCHY!!!

    Hope you get feeling better.

  5. I think I am the only person in the world that doesn't know what Duck Dynasty is, never seen it. I dropped the cable last summer though.
    That cake looks so freaking good!

  6. Beautiful flowers...that was oh so sweet!

  7. Now I want ice cream and chocolate. Thanks for that!
    Your mom's boy friend is a doll if he thought enough to send you flowers while you were feeling down! Def a keeper.

  8. Ok...yes, I realize there is more than Wyatt pictures in this post. I'll try to stay focused.

    Ok, so the Flowers...LOVELY. No pic of the chocolates cause they didn't last. Hysterical. : )

    So proud of your exercise. Sooo good for you and Little Ida Wik. : )

    Ok...that's enough of other stuff - WYATT!!!! So sweet. /love that puppy!!!

  9. Great post, you're kind of hilarious with your writing style.


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