Friday, March 15, 2013

Pregnancy - WEEK 17 (Mar 11th – 17th)

You know, every week I’m like, “Holy butt monkeys! I can’t believe its blah blah weeks already!”

But it’s true! With only 23 more weeks to go, I’m damn near half way through this craziness! That just blows my mind.

You know what else blows my mind….Cake Batter Frozen Yogurt with sprinkles and butterfingers on top. Best.Shit.Ever. However, a friend told me about some Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Frozen Yogurt…………..


It’s all I’ve been thinking about for 2 weeks. But the damn store is clear on the other side of town and I have zero time to run over there just for a bowl of deliciousness.

The reason I’m telling you all this, is the baby really likes salty and sweet things right now. Not so much chocolate, but ice cream. And milk. Well, and Sour Patch Kids. But I don’t think that’s all the baby. But those sweet cravings are rare. What I really want is salty stuff all the time. Like chips and ramen noodles and French fries. OH, and Italian food. Anything with pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. Basically I want to up-end a salt shaker right in my pie hole then wash it down with an extra large Chicago style double pepperoni calzone. All.Day.Long.

Does wonders for the water weight situation.
Well, the weight situation in general.

But despite all my cravings and eating crap food about ½ the time, this week my weight has been pretty steady at 162. So, up a few lbs from last week. But I think that’s probably a good thing. ;-)

I just don’t want to end up one of those HUGE pregnant women that have a terrible time in the end because they basically can’t move at all. And they have diabetes. And they have shortness of breath. And all that bullshit. I want to be energetic and run around. Well. Let’s be real. Maybe not run around. More like waddle around. So that’s why I’m being a little self conscience about my weight. I always thought I’d be one of those pregnant women who’s all ‘BALLS TO THE WALL ON THE COCOA PUFFS AND CHEESE BALLS!!! WOO HOO!!!’. But really, I’m not. I have my ‘treats’. But I have my veggies and fruits too.

Moving on.

I’m really trying to get in some exercise at least 3 days a week. It just gives me so much more energy and I really think I’m sleeping better because of it. I really want to do something every day. But it’s been a bit of a time crunch with working OT. Blasted people giving me shit to do all day at work!!! What do they think I am??? Productive or something??? Gahhhh.

Ohhhhh BIG news this week!!! I finally DID, fo’ sizzle my nizzle, feel the baby move!!! It is so hard to describe the awesomeness!! 
Truly, it feels like gas. Like I got a big ol’ toot just a’waitin’ to grace everyone with its presence. I know. I’m so lady like. It’s kind of like butterflies in your tummy, but bubbles too. But I know it’s the baby (and not a toot) because it’s clear up on the right side, and that’s where he/she was last week when we heard the heartbeat.

On, I think it was Tuesday, this last week, I’d eat something then the baby would do a disco in my belly. It was so weird! But amazing at the same time! And it went on all day! It was incredible.

Now I just can’t wait until Ryan can feel it! There’s a girl at work that was like, “oh wait till your belly starts moving all around and all you think about is the movie Alien.” Ahhhhh, I can’t wait for alien baby belly!!!!!

Ok. Enough about me. Moving onto the baby!!

This week, Little Ida Wik is about 5 inches long…..the size of a beer can!!!! Lol. Well, the ‘book’ says the size of your open palm. But I think beer can is more….appropriate. Baby also weighs somewhere around 3.5 ounces. Body fat is starting to form…..on the baby….well, maybe mama too…..and by the time the little person is born, its body fat will make up 2/3 of its weight!

Baby is for sure listening now. (Sorry Little Ida about the crap music your father plays in his pick-up. We all know you much prefer your mama’s excellent taste in music.) And I’m pretty sure baby heard its first gun shots last weekend when we took our Conceal & Carry class. Startin’ ‘em young!

Baby’s eyes are making small side-to-side movements and can even perceive some light. And its fingertips and toes will become adorned with completely individual fingerprints this week!! Little Ida is one of a kind……for real!!!!

It’s so a boy. I just know it!


  1. Beer can is totally more appropriate!

    I was obsessed with Sour Patch Kids my first and second trimester.. and balsamic vinegar.. not together but damn if I didn't put balsamic vinegar on every darn thing I ate!!!

    loving the weekly posts!

  2. Baby Ida's growin' up fast! :)

    Oh, and on the Salted Caramel situation - do you have a Starbucks nearby? Just last week, I had their Salted Caramel Cake Pop - best $1.50 I think I've ever spent. The cake itself is some sort of chocolateyness, but the salted caramel coating? EHRMAGERD.

  3. I so think it is a boy too! and by the way I LOVE SALTED CARMEL FROZEN YOGURT....Its only a block from my house...that is BAD!

  4. Love the progress reports! You are moving right along through this pregnancy!

    I love salty/sweet things too. What's my excuse?

  5. Very awesome! It was so cool to feel the baby move! How exciting! Love following you!

  6. I love caramel. This post is giving me sympathy cravings. Is that a real thing?
    Kudos to you for staying active during your pregnancy. A lot of women think taking it easy is the way to go, but that's the worst idea. An active pregnancy keeps you toned and strong and totally ready for labor. Check out (no, really- it's real) to see all kinds of neat things to do to ensure that your baby is in the best position for labor. Activity helps position the baby, which equals less pain and no getting stuck. WIN!
    Now I am going to rummage around in the kitchen hoping that caramels magically appear in a cupboard.

  7. Love the weekly posts...and very exciting to have felt the baby move!


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