Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pregnancy WEEK 18 (Mar 18th – 24th)

Well, obviously y’all know by now that it’s a girl.
I was sooooo wrong. I was completely convinced there was a little dude growing in there.
But nope, we got a little cowgirl!!!
And ohhhhh, my, is she going to be spoiled. Yup. I’m calling it now.

So, this is how it went. We got to the sono place and I got all laid out and the sono tech went to work finding the little lady.
First the tech went through her entire body and took measurements. Starting at the head and working her way down to the feet. We got measurements and looked at everything. Including seeing how the heart had four chambers and how the kidneys were working. It was amazing. Just amazing.

But the whole time I’m like, ‘Tech Lady, freaking HURRY UP!!!’ I was dying to know if it was a boy or girl.

After what seemed like 16 hours, the tech finally made her way down to see about ‘the parts’.

And I quote, this is what she said, “Well, if it’s a little boy, that’s a sad little thing.”

I was all, ‘huh???’

She replied, “It’s a girl!!!”

And then Ryan said, “Are you sure there’s not a wiener in there????” Ohhh men.

I immediately had visions of pink dresses and bows and pigtails and baby dolls and more pink. It was awesome.

Ryan’s vision was more like pink camo rifle, pink camo hunting gear, a pink basketball, and a pink fishing pole.

This little one is going to be a handful though. I’m sure she’ll be similar to me and be a total tom boy, but still love to dress up.

And ohhhhhh, the sass. Little girl is sassy!! Already! (I have no idea where she gets that from.)

No matter what the tech did, she wouldn’t corporate. Surprise, surprise.
She kept wiggling this way, and turning her head that way.
Didn’t like the camera very much.
Well, I got news for you little girl…..your mama’s a photographer, so you better get used to the camera!!!

After it was all said and done. Ryan and I got to talking later that night and he said, “Ohhh I can’t wait to screw with her boyfriend’s…..cleaning the rifle when they come home from a date, shooting stuff outside when he picks her up, ohhhh this is going to be so much fun!!”

This week there’s not much new going on with me. The belly’s getting bigger, I’m still holding steady on weight, but I’m eating like a freaking truck driver after a 12 week fast. So, I’m not worried about it. I really need to be eating better, but man all I want is bad, bad foodstuffs.

I remember when we were trying to get pregnant and I promised myself that I’d eat veggies and fruit and organic and lean protein, etc.
Now all I want is donuts, chocolate, chips, fried anything, etc. I don’t even want to touch salad. And I love salad. But for some reason, it just sounds horrible.
Oh well.

This week, baby girl is 8 ounces!!!! That’s what the tech said, anyways. So it’s not some book estimate or anything. She’s got 1 inch arms and about 1.25 inch legs. So, longer legs…..takes after her daddy.

She’s mastered the art of the yawn. Which we got to see on the sono pictures. And she’s moving around lots and lots. I can feel her almost every day. She’s twisting and rolling, and kicking and punching. Little girl is a busy bee in there!

Baby girl’s nervous system is maturing rapidly. Senses like touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing are all developing more and more every day. She can now hear sounds outside and inside the womb. Poor girl gets to hear my tummy rumble! Lol.

I talked to Ryan’s mom about what he was like as a newborn, and she informed me that he was just under 8lbs when born, but his length was 23 inches!!! The nurses didn’t even think that was right! I was about average. So I’m expecting some skinny little girl with a loooong body!

Oh, and my mom & her BF hardy came down to visit last weekend and we went to the local farm store. We initially went to find Hardy some new jeans and dress shirts. The farm store is like a mini walmart, before walmarts were even around. And it’s geared to country life. Like they have cattle feed, and live chicks for farms, then they have cowboy cloths and yard stuff. It’s a country thing, just trust me on this.

Anyway, we walk in and Hardy goes to the jeans and ‘somehow’ mom and I end up in the kid section. Shocker.
And they had 50% off baby cloths.
It’s like it was meant to be.
Mom dropped $100 on Baby Girl and my nephew.
I spent $10.
Here’s our finds (Sarah, show Cole all the John Deere stuff!!! I thought of him when we were buying it! I knew he'd love it!):
Carhartt diaper cover!! How cute is that?!?!

John Deere dress and tights.

Everything we bought centered around that cute coverall dress. Seriously. We saw it, it was $10, then we needed unlimited onesies and tights to wear with it.

Those pink tights have ruffles on the butt. *heart*

Then I found these online. Couldn’t resist. 
 Now I just can't wait for her to get here so we can play dress up every day!!!!


  1. I'm so happy for you, Laura. Little girls are so precious. I have two daughters but they are all grown up now. I have a granddaughter now that loves the pink dressy little things in spite of being a tom boy. She has an older brother who has made her tough. The clothes you picked out are ADORABLE. I would love to have some of those. We don't have a store like that here. I am a county girl too but this area is touristy now instead of country. Congrats on having a little girl.

  2. Let the decorating and clothes shopping begin...we know the sex!

  3. Ah - I just love sitting and dreaming about what she'll look like and all that. She's one lucky little girl!

  4. OH, I"m just so excited to see that little lady!!! She really is lucky already!!

  5. OMG the little ruffled diaper cover-up is adorable! But so is everything else :)

  6. The boots! Ohhh the boots! Lil Duck just got her second pair of pink cowgirl boots. These have rhinestones on them. I love Cavenders lol. Congrats!!! So excited for you both

  7. Is it weird that I kinda want a baby just so I can buy all the cute little clothes? Oh, and I go NUTS over tiny baby shoes. *squeal!*

  8. YAY GIRL!!!!! /happy

    So excited for you. Oh - and one of my very favorite parts in one of the movies that I like is when the girl asks her dad to meet her new boyfriend and he's cleaning his rifle on the table. He picks it up with one hand closing it up and says, "Yep, invite him in!" Haha.../heart

  9. John Deere! YES! Oh my gosh, this is PERFECT! My heart overflows with happiness for you guys!!!!


  10. Yay for a girl! I was a major tomboy, so I think the pink John Deere outfit is adorable. Tomboys have it the best! We can be sexy ladies when we want to, and be all rough when we want to. Win win.

    Girl, I don't wanna lecture you, but eat your damn fruits and vegetables and protein. Sugar grows bigger babies, and an unbalanced diet = a friable placenta. You want a healthy, ass kicking placenta! You don't want one that dies in spots and breaks apart after delivery. Listen to your cravings, but eat the good stuff too!


    1. Just read your comment! Definitely feed baby ice cream and candy bars, just get in the good stuff too! :)
      I've become a green cleaning master in the last eight months, so I'll be posting a lot more DIYs for cleaning stuff. Seriously, the stuff made at home is so cheap, and it works better. I don't understand why any of us have been duped by cleaning commercials! I feel so cheated!
      It was hard for me to give up my Scrub n Bubbles. I think I just love those cute little scrubby guys on the can.


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