Friday, March 8, 2013

Pregnancy - WEEK 16 (Mar 4th – 10th)

Good God time flies!!! I can’t believe its 16 weeks already!

It’s been a pretty good week, so far. I’m sleeping better, however have had some craaaaaaazzzzzy dreams. I mean, seriously. Shit’s psycho. In one of them Ryan and I were driving separate vehicles to The Ranch and we had to stop in this little town to ‘drop something off’, I’m not sure what it was, but I knew we had to stop. So we parked at this house and I went in through the garage and then into the kitchen and I immediately knew something was wrong, like there was a dead person in there or something. Totally creepy. So I high-tailed it outta there and informed Ryan that we weren’t dropping anything off, we needed to go. And fast! We jumped in our vehicles and headed back down the road.

A little down the road, Ryan pulled his truck over and was adjusting something in the back. So I pulled over too and helped him. I know Wyatt was in his kennel, and there was a bunch of stuff in the truck, but I don’t remember what we adjusted. Anyways, I jumped back in the Jeep and he followed me down the road. Then all the sudden I couldn’t see Ryan behind me, and it got pitch black, and started pouring down rain. Like the worst thunderstorm. I could barely see. Then I crossed a bridge and a flash flood came up and caught my Jeep and tumbled me into a ditch. I remember the Jeep rolling and rolling, and then I woke up. I don’t remember if I died or not, but I know I was really hurt.

Then I had another weird one about work last night. Like we were building this huge Crayon box thing with airplanes on it, but it was a 3D model or something. And no one was doing it right, so I took over all the work and everyone went home.

I don’t know.
I blame the baby. ;-)

Anyways, this week I got back into the exercise thang. I started walking, and so far have been to the gym like 3 times or something. I’ve also worked out in the yard. Not like doing Jazzercise in the grass for all the neighbors to see or anything (which would be epic), but we’ve been tending to the gardens to get the house ready to put on the market. On a side note, I’m really kinda down about leaving all my hard work behind. I spent the last 6 years on those gardens, and most of the plants came from my Grandma Betty’s. And all the border rocks came from Table Rock. *sadface* But I’ve decided to take some with me, so I’ll still have something.

Basically, I’ve been really active. That long ass paragraph above, just to say 4 words. Oh well, you’re used to it.

Other than the tailbone/neck bullshit, I’ve been feeling really, really good! The belly, as you saw above, is getting bigger and bigger. I finally had to break down and buy some Belly Bands because my pants won’t button. And I wore some black pants yesterday….that I bought right before I found out I was pregnant (and they fit perfect)….and I was soooo uncomfortable all day yesterday. Busted can of biscuits people. Fo’ real. So I won’t be wearing those for the next however long.

We went to the doctor yesterday for our monthly check up and everything is going great! Little Ida Wik is truckin’ right along. The heartbeat was 148, which puts it in ‘boy range’ as the nurse said. Last month the HR was 160, so quite a change!! So who knows.  BUT!!! Mark your calendars!!!! MARCH 20TH!!!! We’ll find out the gender!!! OhMyGiddyAunt I’m so excited. I can’t wait! I want to buy clothes and shoes and everything!!

This week the baby can hear!!! How cool is that?! Tiny bones are forming in the ear this week, making it likely that it can hear my voice!!! I informed Ryan that he needs to start speaking to the belly so that the baby knows his voice too. Can you picture that??? Ryan talking to my belly??? HAHAHA…….no. I can’t picture that. At all. Lol. The baby is about 4-5 inches long and weighs about 4ish ounces….getting bigger and bigger! The backbone is getting stronger too! Helping the baby straighten it’s head and neck. I still am unsure if I feel the baby moving around in there or not, the nurse said that I’ll know when it happens, and that it maybe won’t start for a few more weeks. But I’m hopeful!!!

12 MORE DAYS till we know if it’s a little boy or girl!!!


  1. those are some sick eating before bed :)
    It can hear! How will have to start playing all your favorite music to him...I mean her...

  2. I had the worst pregnancy dreams. Isn't that a weird symptom? I cannot believe you are almost halfway there! Holy CRAP!

  3. I'm pretty sure this is not normal, but reading how the baby is the size of an avocado makes me hungry.

  4. I love reading about your pregnancy. It makes me nostalgic for when I was all miserable with my kiddo. And I also love that you're one of those people (like I was) who shares the details about name choices and the sex of the baby and such. I know that it's a personal choice and that I (having no stake in the baby whatsoever) have no say in the matter, but it just bugs me when people decide not to tell the sex or any name thoughts. People just want to share in the joy, you know! Quit being stingy with it! (wow. End rant that I didn't even know I was going to launch into.) :)

  5. Pretty sure I said this before, but since I will never have kids...I REALLY love these updates. I sorta get to experience it vicariously along with you!

    I love that Little Ida Wik can hear now. One of my favorite pregnancy things in movies is when they play music for the baby through headphones on the Mom's tummy. :)

  6. I just stumbled on your blog by clicking a link in one of Sarah's posts over at Thinfluenced. I love that picture! Such a cute idea.


  7. Do all American avocados end up the same size? This whole fruit size thing seems rather odd to me because you can get big fat ones and tiny ones ... a bit like people I suppose.

    I love these posts and am so excited for you and Ryan. xx


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