Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 11: Ten Things Thursday

OK, you can either do my TTT. Which is randompants all over the board. And I need that today.


Day 11: Sell yourself in 10 words or less

Since I would suck balls at 'selling' myself, I'm going with TTT.

1. Wanna know what else sucks balls?
This day.

First, I got about zero sleep last night. I was on my Flintstone feet all day yesterday (they were a new level of enormous), I was bending over and packing which made my breathing seem like I was under about 300lbs of cheese whiz, and it was hot.  So, I needed a good nights rest.
Body & mind gave the big negative on that shit. At one point I watched the clock from 3:47am to 4:59am. It was thrilling.

Second, I got to work and promptly at 8:02am, the phone rang and a product that I've REDONE THREE times needs to be redone again because the technician can't make up her mind. And it's a bitch to redo this product.


 I apparently can make the ugliest face ever and then post it on the interwebs for eternity. Awesomesauce.

But really, I got black ink on my very favorite sparkly purple KSU shirt.
This ink does not come out.
Printer: 1, Laura: -3

2.  On a positive note!!!!! We got our maternity pics back yesterday! OhhhhMmmmmGeeeeeee they are so good! My friend Emily took them. God I love her. I put a bunch on FB, but here's some more:

Don't ask. I have no idea what we're doing.

3. We're closing on the new house tomorrow!!! Woop woop! We have a home! 
Luckily, my parents are coming done tomorrow to help. Then Ryan's parents and my friend Jordan are helping Sat. I think we'll get all in and most of everything put away this weekend!!! I can't wait!
NO.MORE.MOVING!!!! Ever. Seriously. Ever.

4.  I may have bought some new TOMs yesterday.....hehehehe.
They were on sale! I had to!
Practical gray.

Y'all love them too, huh?
I can't wait to get them!!!
Not that I can wear them or anything. Being that my feet are dangerously close to becoming surf board size. But whatevs.

5. Why is everything so complicated today.
Why can't life be easy peezy lemon squeezy?

6.  It's my lovah's birthday this Sunday. When I text him that I bought the previously mentioned TOMs, this was his reply:

  Hell ya, that is a great deal. I'm very excited for you. Can I have one of the pairs? Happy birthday to u. That is a great bday present. I will make sure we can eat at your favorite restaurant on your birthday too. love u.

I think I smell a bit of sarcasm.
And it smells like dog poo.

7.  I really want to be done working, but I have so much shit to do. I think I may even have to come back tonight and get it done because I'm taking tomorrow off to move.

I'm so happy right now I could shoot rainbows outta my ass and fart glitter clouds.

8.  Just because we need a little sexy in our lives:

9.  Baby girl has camped out right below my ribcage and I can't bend over or even slouch w/o shooting pain traveling up my sternum.
Is the 6 weeks up yet?

10.  Have a better day than I'm having!!!!


  1. OMG I absolutely love your materinity photos. The ones with Wyatt are of course wonderful and made me "Awww" outloud and he's going to be the best canine big brother EVAH...but my favorite is the one with yours, Ryan's and Baby girl's boots as if, "Ok little one, we're waiting for you to join the family!!" /heart /love

  2. You are the cuttest preggo eva!!!

    I totally got in on the Tom's deal thanks to you :)

  3. You are invited to follow my Christian blog

  4. Love those photos! And I love his reaction to your Toms. Too funny!

  5. Gorg! So freaking cute...and so sad about that shirt. Love you. I'm soooo happy you have a house!!!

  6. I did not buy the TOMS, but the grey ones you have picked out are the ones I would have bought if I did!

  7. Beautiful pictures- you look so happy.
    woohoo on the house and yeah to no more moving

  8. Love Love these pictures. Ryan Reynolds included!

  9. Omg your pics are fantastic!!! Love them all, especially your dog in midair jumping in the lake. So cute!!!

  10. The pictures are just precious!


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