Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 19: Pregnancy WEEK 35 (July 14th – July 20th)

Ok, don’t kill me. I know I missed week 34, but with moving, working, and other BS I just couldn’t find the time to write down the updates. Plus, not much happened anyway. I could probably sum it up in a sentence:

Baby girl got bigger, Mama got bigger.
The end.

Moving on to Week 35!
Yes, we settled into our new house! It’s amazing. And so roomy!!! Baby Girl’s room is almost complete. Only thing we really need to do is paint and get a mattress, and we’re done! I got all her clothes washed and hung. I got the oodles of diapers I already have put away. And I arranged all the furniture to my liking. I’ll do pics once the painting is done.

As far as the rest of the house it’s slowly but surely coming together. We’ve got almost everything put away and some pictures hung. It’s definitely starting to look like home!

I, of course, pushed myself too hard the last couple weeks. You knew I would.  Don’t act like you didn’t. I just kept going and going. I think part of it is nesting. Other part is the CDO in me that needs to have things ‘in their place’. I ended up being so exhausted that yesterday I had a full-on meltdown. At work. It was awesome.  I was/am just so mentally and physically exhausted I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I started doing the ugly cry at work and couldn’t stop for 2 hours.  And of course, that’d be the time that everyone and their dog runs into me. So the whole company knows I’m the coo-coo preggy lady now. *sigh*

I ended up going home and mowing down a sleeve of oreos and a container of sushi, then passed out for 4 hours. It was bliss. Except I need about 4 more days like that. Good thing is that after this weekend we have NOTHING going on except for waiting on Baby Girl to get here. So I have plenty of time to relax and enjoy this last few weeks.

One of the other reasons I’m exhausted all the time is because I’ve developed the damned pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome. There are not enough curse words in the dictionary to describe this shit. It’s mainly in my right hand, but the left hand acts up too. Basically, if I hold my hand in any position, could be as simple as letting it rest comfortably in my lap, the damn thing goes numb. And it’s not the fun ‘shoot me in the mouth with the fun-number at the dentist, you get to drool, and slurp ice cream out of a straw’ kind of numb. It’s the ‘my foot falls asleep and then I have a thousand fire hot needles prickling my skin and want to get a chainsaw and become an amputee’ kind of numb. It’s painful people! And it keeps me up……All.Night.Long.

Oh, and my feet are still the size of a hippos ass cheek. That’s fun too.

Newest symptom is I can’t breathe. Apparently Baby Girl has found a comfy spot squished up under my ribs somewhere, so that my lungs are the size of peanuts. Seriously, I’m sitting here typing and I’m hyperventilating. I’m not only the ugly crying crazy lady, but I’m breathing like I just ran 18 miles or did the nasty at the top of Pikes Peak.

Good news in all this mayhem is I really feel her. Like, REALLY feel her. Every day. And it still is just the coolest, most rewarding, feeling ever. We have full conversations sometimes. (Hello, coo-coo!) No really, when I’m hungry, she starts moving around and is hungry too (or at least that’s what I think). Yesterday, when I was exhausted, she must have been too, because she didn’t move once during my nap. And she usually goes and goes all day.

I’m so anxious for her to get here, but at the same time, I’m trying to enjoy these moments and feelings for as long as I can. There’s just nothing like it in the world!

Alrighty! Let’s talk about Baby Girl!

According to the book, she should be around 5.5 lbs and 20 inches long. But since we had the sono 3 weeks ago and she measured at 5 lbs then, I’m estimating (at a ½ lb gain a week) that she’s about 6.5 lbs by now.  And I’ll bet you 459 TastyKakes that she’s over 20 inches too. But, we got about 5 weeks till we find that out for sure!!!

As far as other things, her little brain is growing and growing, with the soft skull of course. But other than that, she’s just packing on the pounds. She’s up to 15% of her body fat, and she’ll be born with about 30%.

It’s getting to be crunch time folks! 5 more weeks to go!!! (or less, lol)


  1. Pregnancy carpal tunnel was awful... mine lasted for 6 weeks after birth! May yours go away sooner than that!

  2. You are so tan and cute!!! There is definitely a baby in there!!!!! post pics of the house and baby girls room soon :)

  3. Wow! I don't know if it's your tank or the dress from your pics, but your belly has definitely grown! AND I mean that in the best way possible. :) Baby is almost done cooking!!!

  4. Wooo wooo cannot wait to "meet" Baby Girl!! So happy you're able to rest a bit more now.


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