Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 22: Rant about something.

I'm sorry.
I suck at this blogging every day thing.

But I talked to my friend Lindsey about it this weekend and while I love to blog, I don't like to be forced to blog. And I kinda miss my 'normal' posts. So I've decided to just post when I want, but post more than one time a week (which was my habit before this....lame). And I know Lindsey would kill me if I didn't post at least more than once a week. And I know she reads my crasypantsness.  And then i just read that my other friend Chelsea has me as a fav blog. Squeeeeee. Makes me all giddy inside. So I figure I better blog a little.

Still, for some reason, I think no one reads this shit.
I know. I'm weird.

Ok, Rant about something.
I love to rant. Or bitch, as I would call it.

It's like bitching and me are besties.

But for some reason, today I'm not in a bitchy mood.
I'm tired.
Maybe, also, it's because someone has had her foot in my rib all freaking day and I just want to crawl in bed, lay on my side, and hope she moves your little butt. But I can't do that. Because I'm at work.

Work sucks, btw.
Mondays suck, btw.

OHHHHhhhhh, I've got a good one!
(Love how I can just change directions like that!?)

People that drive slow in the left (passing) lane.
Holy crap on a cracker people. Its like they taught every freaking person at drivers ed, here in Wichitity, to drive 10mph below the speed limit and stay in that lane for 35 miles, making it impossible for anyone to pass. I kid you not. It's a disaster down here. Then when you finally get an opening.....ON THE RIGHT SIDE....which is dangerous to pass anyway, you speed around them, glare them down, and then THEY flip you off.

Buddy, don't make me go all 8 mouths psycho pregnant lady on your ass. Because I will. And I will win. And it will be glorious.

So, to all you drivers out there: Please....PLEASE....for the love of my sanity, if you AREN'T passing someone in particular, MOVE YOUR ASS TO THE RIGHT LANE!!!

Oh, and did you know it's illegal to drive in the left lane if you aren't passing anyone, outside city limits?
Well, it is.
There, you learned something new.

Go forth and drive appropriately!!!!


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