Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Waving hello from my hoo-ha.

Yes, I did just put 'hoo-ha' in my post title.

My 36 week check up was yesterday.
Baby Girl is healthy and has a HR of 146.

Mama, on the other hand, is not doing so good.

The Doc took one look at my larger than life elephant feet and said, "Holy Crap! Your feet look TERRIBLE!"
(Chelsea, I'll have you know that I almost spelled 'your' wrong, then re-read this post a gazillion times to proof read and caught it. You're welcome.)

F*ck you very much Doc, like I had no idea.

He asked me a bunch of questions, like when was it better/worse, etc. And I basically told him that mornings are best. If I soak my feet in an ice bath at night, that seems to help. I also said my hands are terrible too. They've been swollen for a week and the carpal tunnel is getting worse. I got a brace for sleeping, but during the day, if I'm using my right hand a lot (which is pretty much all day at work), then it just aches by mid-afternoon.

He then wrote me a note for half days. Which start tomorrow.
Thank you Baby Jesus!!

I can get some rest! I can put up my feet! I won't be a bitchy walking zombie!!!
I may actually feel slightly normal once Little One decides to grace us with her appearance.
It's a miracle I tell ya!

Can you tell I'm thrilled???

On another baby note: Doc asked if I've felt any contractions or if she's dropped yet, and as of yesterday at 4pm, the answer was Nada to both.

As of now......different story. I think she's dropping as I type. Last night, at about 6pm, I started feeling 'funny'. It's hard to describe, but I just felt that something was going on with my body. AND, she was moving about a mile a minute in there. Seriously. I don't think she stopped kicking, punching, turning, rolling, throwing an elbow to my ribs, doing jumping jacks, and head-butting my bladder for like 5 hours. And I could really feel her down low. Waaaayyyyyyy down low. Like, if she reached a hand out she could wave hello out my hoo-ha.

Then today the dreaded tailbone BS started again. I just can't get comfy. And I even have a new 'special' chair that leans back and helps with pressure and everything. But no matter how I sit, that damn worthless piece of shit bone aches like a som'bitch.  Now I know she's down there, because I haven't had this type of pain since trimester # dos.

I guess that's good! She'll be here before we know it!
And then my body can go back to normal.
Praise Baby Jesus times 2!


  1. Yeah Half Days! It will be like a trial run for work to realize you will be gone soon. Hope she comes soon so you can get some relief.

  2. You're getting close!! Best Wishes!! :)


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