Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bullet Thursday.

Lets do some bullets, eh?

~ I haven't decided if I like cottage cheese yet.  I've been on the fence with that decision for about a week.  It's sorta good with it's creamy texture...and the fact that it's, well, cheese.  Which, I could eat cheese every single minute of the day....if it didn't have the effect on my digestive system that I think it would. Not a good idea people. But it's also kinda weird tasting.  A little sour and a smidge bland.  I've tried it several ways so far: Pepper only, sugar and cinnamon, and pepper and Tabasco (not all at the same time, mind you).  I taste buds are freakazoids.  So, the verdict is still out on that one.

~ This is what happened last night: Got off work, went home and made dinner, then jumped in my husbands 'you need a step ladder to get in' truck to take it to get it's oil changed (this is what happens when your husband works out of town during the week, not only do I have to deal with my own shit, I now am responsible for some of the most loving way of course. Really, it's not that bad.), grocery shop while the truck is getting new fluids (not a good idea when it takes an hour and your stuck in buy shit you don't another chew toy for Wyatt and blue nail polish), haul the LOAD back to the house, start making food for the Lake this weekend (deviled eggs, oat bran pancakes, veggies and dips, more dips, bloody mary's, and baked chicken), start laundry, start dishwasher, do dishes that don't fit in dishwasher, take out trash, pack the dogs endless things that he needs to survive on for the Lake (like his new chew toy and food), fold laundry, start packing all the dry goods, towels, and sheets, start packing for myself, bend down to pet the dog, almost pass out because I've been standing/walking for 4 hours, decide it's bed time, contemplate not brushing my teeth or taking out my contacts or washing my face because I'm about to fall over on my face and don't want to crack my skull open on the sink, do it anyway, make it to bed and literally pass the F out. Who wants my life....anyone? Yeah, me neither.

~ Peanut butter M&M's are quite possibly the world's best food. Not that I had any....

~ This is what I posted on my Facebook last weekend: "having my first Skinny Girl. not bad. REALLY kinda strong." Ryan informed me that that sounded kinda sexual. HeHeHe.  Get your minds out of the gutter, it was a margarita. Which brings me to my next bullet...

~ The Latinos from Tucson, AZ have decided that the Republicans and Democrats don't take their voting serious enough, so they are starting a Tequila Party Movement (similar to the Tea Party Movement).  If they are serving chilled shots of Patron....I'm there.

~ I made the most amazing shrimp curry last night. Sooo simple, saute shrimp in garlic and green onions, when almost done, sprinkle with curry powder. Then mix 1T each lime juice, soy sauce, water and veg oil together and pour over saute mixture.  Saute for a few minutes until shrimp are done and voilà. Incredible little dish, if I must say.

~ Ryan just got a new Droid Incredible last week.  First, I'm totally happy for him because he only uses what his work provides him, cell phone wise, and most of the phones have been boring. No camera, no internet, nada. So for him to finally move up the new technology age is really exciting for him. Second, he plays on that thing like he's a 10 year old with his first PlayStation. Always trying new games and figuring out the controls. It's a little hilarious. And last, our marriage is now almost completely coasting on silence. Yep, I have now been surpassed in the 'favorite' part by a smart phone.  If it wasn't bad enough that I have to compete with the new hunting DVDs that he picks up weekly at Bass Pro, I now have to work my magic extra hard to get more than a few mumbles out of him if he's playing with that thing. That also kinda sounded a little sexual, huh? HeHeHe.  But really, I'm happy for him, it's just a period of adjustment, right? RIGHT?

~ I have spinach and lettuce growing EVERYWHERE!  My garden is out of control people. Why is it every year I say to myself, 'Laura, only plant ONE row of spinach and ONE row of lettuce because you know you'll have too much if you plant more than that.'  And why is it I completely ignore myself and plant two rows of each.  So now the spinach and lettuce look like some unkept, wild bush that you would find in the Amazon.  Last night I looked out at the garden and literally flinched, because I thought one of the leaves was going to rear up and try to eat me like Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors.
Do you remember that movie? It was my FAVORITE when I was a kid. Just goes to show you how weird I am.  Wait...why the heck was my mother letting me watch a movie that has a plant eating people when I was like 7 anyway?  Oh well, apparently I turned out ok. I think.

~ And lastly, the sun has finally come out to say hello today. It's been constant rain and nastiness all week (tornadoes in OK, KS, and MO all week, freaking crazy), but finally today I can soak up the rays of blissfulness. And it puts me in a good mood for the vacation weekend.  Oh yea...this weekend is going to ROCK. Like it always does.

But I'll tell you all about it tomorrow........'Til next time kids!


  1. Sun is good. Changing the oil in hubby's truck: Not-so-much.

    I'm envious of your heading to the lake! I will be the girl hiding under the tonneau cover of the truck snitching from the cooler. I won't touch your beer. Promise.

    I lied.

    I'm sorry.

    Headed to hide now.

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  2. Hey Laura! Have you tried Cottage Cheese on a slice of tomato with Salt & Pepper (Or no salt if your not eating that)?? I know Mom & Dad like to eat it that way.

  3. Jesus wow - I was tired after the first bullet. Eat the damn cottage cheese - it has more protein than the damn M&Ms. Speaking of - OMG - have you tried the almond ones? OR-GASMIC I tell you.

    Be a good little slut this weekend okay? Bring back lots of stories.

  4. I love cottage cheese I could eat it with every meal and sometimes do :) Tequila party is hilarious is that the best name they could come up with..yea same for Tea Party

    Have a good weekend and lol at Drazil

  5. Cottage cheese...ugh, i just can't. The look & texture just makes me gag!

  6. Please tune in to the live streaming event of our very first Tequila Party rally! Thanks for the plug in our efforts to get more Latinos to vote in the primary elections as well as the general elections.

    DeeDee Garcia Blase
    National Tequila Party Movement


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