Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Storm Madness

All day the weather morons have been saying that, "Deadly storms headed straight for Wichita. Tornadoes expected. Very damaging."  So, the storm was just getting ready to unload right as I got off work. So I race 150 mph home to get my veggie garden covered (I know right, who cares if I blow away, at least the tomatoes will survive).  Then, I pack up the first aid kit, flashlights, a book (Lord knows why I'd read a book during a tornado, but there's always the possibility), water and candles and head down for the closet under the stairs.  As soon as I open the door, I know I'm doomed. There's freakin' bullet reloading gear, a chair, remnants of a dining room table, a Christmas tree, OH and a unrealistically large collection of deer antlers sheds all mangled together in a space the size of a disco club's bathroom stall.  Shit.  So I unload half that crap....and I do mean CRAP, and proceed to make a little area for Wyatt (the pup) and I to hunker down in.

After that's all ready, I decide to watch the radar.  And at this point it looks pretty scary. So why go out sober...despite the diet.  Yep, if I'm goin' down, it's going to be with a six pack in me.  I'm glued to the weather morons for about 45 minutes, finally I determine (once again) their full of shit.  I mean we got nada. Ziltch. Zip. Maybe a little crazy clouds and the amount of rain that equivalents a 2 year old's pee.  Other than that, I worked my ass off to save my garden from a trickle of rain and damaged my second day of dieting for nothing.  Perfect. What can you do.

Here's some pictures of the clouds (and yes, even if there was a tornado headed straight for me, someone would have to literally drag my ass inside because I'd be shooting as many pictures as possible before the destruction starts):

I'm safe. And a little tipsy. So all is good. Back to the regularly scheduled program.


  1. So glad you are safe and tipsy! I'm glad you didn't get a tornado that could be dangerous with all the antlers flying around. Glad your garden is safe too and there is always tomorrow for the healthy eating :)

  2. glad to hear your safe! those clouds look ominous!

  3. Love the pics, they look a bit dangerous though! Take care and stay safe!

  4. Glad you guys are safe - i can't believe all the crazy storms going on in the midwest!!

  5. We had some crazy ass hail, but were okay otherwise. Glad you made it through okay!!


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