Friday, May 13, 2011

A glimse of the Wiksten's doing household chores...

A little background on this conversation that happened last night between my husband and I: I wear padded bra's.  I like to wear padded bra's. The acorns that God gave me need all the help they can get, mmkay?

So, my husband thinks he's a comedian:

Ryan (as he walks into our bedroom with a basket full of laundry): Hey, you gonna help with this or not?

Me (all curled up snug as a bug on our couch): Ya, just give me a minute.

I walk into the bedroom and start folding the jeans.

Ryan: Um, I found your boobs in the washer, here you go. (He hands me two pads from my bra that was washed).

Me (bending over laughing so hard that I can't breath): Well, why didn't you dry them?

Ryan (with a totally straight faced, sober look): Well, I didn't want them to shrink.

I'm basically curled up on the floor, laughing, holding myself, because I'm about to pee my pants. And Ryan's got tears in his eyes he's laughing so hard.

How does he come up with this shit?


  1. LOL. I wear padded bras too but the padding isn't removable. I need to get some of those inserts. My weight loss really deflated what little boobage I have in the first place. :)

  2. Too funny!!!! I have never in my life needed padding (DD in 9th grade), but fear once I'm done with this weight loss thing I am gonna have to buy me some boobs!

  3. Now that is some funny stuff!!


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