Friday, May 27, 2011

Lake Time, Diet Update and Wish List

Hello little Buddies!

Despite the crappy start to my day, my mood is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Don't you hate it when you try to do something that will better the company you work for, then someone (that's high up on the food chain) shoots it down like your a little idiot female that knows nothing about nothing (when I know more than that 'someone' hands down because I freaking built my department from ground up)?  So, to spite that 'someone'....I've decided to do only fun things today at work. Like design license plates and KSU logo stuff to print on this big magnet material I just got.  (Yes, I do consider those things fun.) That's the crappy start, BTW. But I'm over it.

Do you know what today is?

Huh, do ya?


Today is the official start of summer for me! Yippee!  It's lake time people. Endless weekends filled with beer in coozies (despite the whole no alcohol diet mumbo jumbo thingy, I've decided that I won't go hog wild, but I will enjoy a few beers in coozies. It'll be OK.), boat rides with music blaring, sittin' on the dock and catching the big fishies, oh, and playing endless swimming-fetch in the lake with you know who (Wyatt...not Ryan). I swear that dog could play that so simple mindless game forever and swim till his little legs are jello. The only bad part about playing swimming-fetch with him is he pees in the lake....not that I don't (don't think I'm disgusting, I'm a country girl through and through, I pee outdoors, in lakes, and sometimes in the river, but never right next to someone), but I need to teach him to swim AWAY from me and pee. See, I stand on a little ledge, about knee deep in the water, and throw his dummy (floating fetch toy) out in the lake so he can go get it.  He happily lunges off the side of the ledge, swims out, swims back, drops the dummy at my knees, then squats (yes, even though he's a boy, he pees like a girl, much to Ryan's dismay) in the water and does 'the business'.  Yes, the water only comes up to his neck, so when he squats his entire body is underwater, with the exception of his block head, while he pees.  Our dog is one of a kind.

In 4 hours and 54 minutes I will leave this place of Hell employment and drive like a disco frantic freak hopped up on X the 20 minutes to my house, where I will pack the cooler and literally throw the husband and dog into the truck (because I will become She-ra and have super power strength) and off we will the land of big water and old people.

Oh yes, the town where we go is made up of mostly retirees mixed with a few locals that have lived there before paved roads.  Very exciting. There's no bars on the lake (unless you count the Pizza Hut that you can drive your boat too), no clubs, no fancy-schmancy shopping outlets. Nope, that is definitely NOT Shell Knob, MO.  BUT! There is a Country Mart (the only grocery store for 30 miles, where you see all the locals dressed in their finest mesh t-shirts and cut-offs)  and there's the Jug-N-Plug: Bait Shop AND Liquor Store.  No shit.  I have t-shirts from this place because it's like a legend (and the coolest name on the planet).

The place is unique for sure. 

Ryan's family has had a cabin down there since, like, the 70s.  His grandpa and grandma built it and there has been minimal renovations since. New paint, carpet, linoleum, hot water heater and roof, that's about it.  Wood paneling and faux brick walling accent this place like a dream.  It's two bedroom, one bathroom, and usually we have a total of 8 people and 5 dogs staying there.  Basically it's an all out brawl to get into the bathroom, and if you don't make it in there, you're just shit outta luck.  But despite all that, it is the greatest place on Earth.  It has this huge front porch that's completely screened-in and we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner out there. When I grow up and get a big girl house I am DEMANDING that Ryan build me a screened-in porch. He will do it and he will do it with a smile on his face.

I can't wait to get down there (can you tell?)! And I'm sure I'll have some great pictures and fun stories for you all when I get back.

Oh, and the diet. Well, the Dukan Diet is going great.  I'm on day 4. My 3 days of just pure protein went by really fast. I wasn't ravenous for food, I had a pretty 'mixed up' meal plan, and I feel sooo much better.  And....... I dropped 3 pounds! Yep, you heard me! A whoppin' 3 baby!  I'm now at 151.  Now, I know a few of you might be a little corn-fused, because at one point in April I got down to 148.7 or something. Well, when I weighed in on Monday, my weight had jumped to 154 since April.  Not a lot, but that's what you get for being a slob and eating crap at all hours of the day for weeks on end.  Anyways. Now I get to add veggies into my diet every other day.  I'm super excited about this, because I have really been missing my veggies.  This weekend is going to be a challenge, but I plan on walking every day (oh yeah, haven't been doing that this week due to the shitty weather, but no worries), sticking to my diet (note to self: do not eat that gooey, delicious, and mouthwatering chocolate cake you know your MIL will bring), and limiting my alcohol.  Good plan.

On a completely random note, I want to leave this little post with my new collection of 'I have to have these or my life is over' shoes.  I haven't ordered them yet....they're just on my wish list, but they will be ordered. Hear that Ryan: They will be ordered! (And they're all on sale too. Boo-Yaa!)

I have no idea where I would wear the red/zebra/hooker heels,
and I'm pretty sure Ryan would have a coronary if he saw them,
but they're just fantastic, right?!
 Peace out peeps and have a very happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. I just about died when I saw She-Ra! I I lvoe She-Ra. I used to play that I was her all the time when I was younger and my brother was He-Man! Have a great time at the lake and good luck getting in to the bathroom. Love the shoes!

  2. You know what would make She-ra hotter? Her wearing the zebra shoes! Have fun girly!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend. Enjoy yourself. :)

  4. Have a great weekend!

    Jug n Plug.... that's freakin fantastic!

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced


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