Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

So, I've got a wedding this weekend. I'm so excited I almost peed my pants just writing about it.  But, I have a little dilemma, and since I have no good girlfriends close to ask, I thought I'd ask all my good-blogger-friends.

Here's the dress I'm going to wear.

Close up of the top.

Close up of the bottom.
I know, cute, right?  It's purple and I will love it and will pet it and will care for it like it's my own.  Wait, it is.

OK, moving on.  What freaking shoes do I wear???
OK, don't look at the gross wear marks on the brown ones.
I've worn them like a million times. Best $7 I ever spent.
Do I go with the cute white ones that obviously go with the white embroidery on the dress, or do i kinda play with the Greek style of the dress with the lovable brown ankle wrap-around strap ones?  I'm planing on wearing a beaded necklace with purple, green, blue, and silver beads that hangs to my waist.  Hair down (which it's chin length, so that's the only way to do it really.)

Feedback is required people. I obviously can't ask Ryan because he'll mumble some lame response like, "you have way too many shoes". And that won't help at all.

So what do you think?


  1. I like the white ones. :)


  2. I would go with the white. Ha ha you totally remind me of my best friend from college. I will love it and pet it.. she would say that all the time. You must post pictures of you rocking that dress at the wedding!

  3. definitely the white ones. I like the idea of the greek theme, but I think the white one say wedding more to me (and not because they are white but because of how well they appear to go with the dress). Either way I hope you'll post pictures of the final outfit! (with you in it)

  4. I like the white ones. I think they will definitely compliment the dress best!

  5. I am fashion-stupid, but I think it has to be the white. (And that dress is spectacular!)

  6. Love the dress! I'd go with the white shoes I think...it's after Easter so you may wear them, hehe. :)

  7. Cuuuuute dress! I agree, i think you should go with the white ones.

  8. I agree that the white ones go well and I'm sure they would look lovely.

    But I just can't get myself to wear white shoes. I think it because my feet are huge and white just makes them look bigger? Anyway, I would wear the brown ones. :)

    Either way, that dress is rockin! LOVE IT!

  9. Absolutely LOVE the dress! and men really just don't get it! I like the white ones with that dress as well. You'll look gorgeous in which ever ones you choose, however.

  10. Lurv the dress! Definitely the white shoes!

  11. White shoes. :) Cute dress! Have fun looking extra hot!
    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  12. LOVE the dress! please share where you bought it! hopefully they have one online?


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