Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And this is how you hold a frisbee....

Good job Wyatt, you're really getting a hang of it.

Now this is a tad better, even though Puppy has Exorcist eyes.

And here we are patiently waiting:
"Mom, stop taking pictures and throw the damn thing! Gaaaahhhh!"
And if you'll notice the brown/yellow dead little spiky things in the yard....that's our grass.  Thank you Mother Nature and Sun, I hate you both.


I'm on day 2 of Clean-Eating and it's going really really well. I refrained from chocolate chip cookies on Monday and resisted the movie theater buttery deliciousness popcorn today.  Can't wait to see what temptations arise tomorrow.  Oh, ya....drinking beers at a pizza joint with my cousins. Perfect.

I'm eating a ton more complex carbs than I have for the last 3 months. It's GLORIOUS! I had brown rice and chicken stir-fry for supper tonight.....Yummertons!

Running has been craptastic this week.  I've now upped my overtime hours so I'm working 10 hours a day. Trying to get to work around 6:30am and leaving around 5-5:30.  By the time I get home it's 6:00pm, I throw together stupid (but really fantastic) stir-fries that I have to chop stupid veggies and saute stupid chicken.  Basically I eat at 7:00pm, wash up, and am back on the computer to work on my good friend Lindsey's family pictures I took two weeks ago. (Yes Lindsey, I'm still 'almost' done with them. I swear to you I will finish before I start wearing depends and cleaning my dentures.)  All that bullshit (except for the pictures part, that's fun) leads to no running time. Boo. But next week shall be better. Otherwise I will probably inflict major pain on something.

Oh and work still sucks donkey farts. Just in case you were wondering.

But this weekend is Labor Day, and you know what that means.....Lake time baby!!  I'm going to try my damnedest to not drink from 11am to midnight.  Maybe just noon till midnight. 

And this weekend is also the first KSU football game! Can I get a: HELLZ TO THE YEAH! I'm praying to MotherdumbNature that since it is technically football season, that the weather will technically start to freaking cool off.

And can someone find a huge steel chain?  I need to wrap it around my little b*tch Will Power and padlock her to my ass for tomorrow night.  No beers, Laura, no beers.  And no pizza either! You hear me?!

Ok, when I start 'talking' to myself through my blog, it is an official sign that I've obviously lost my small bag of pretty little round sparkling glass.

Excuse me while I go pass out from exhaustion (crazy that it's not because of alcohol, that's a first) on my new and totally plush, pillow-top springs of amazingness.  Yes, my new mattress is the bomb.com. Be jealous, be very jealous.


  1. Get on the running lady! I've made myself go to the gym every night after work and rock out 40 minutes of cardio. YOU CAN DOOOOOO it!!!!

    Love, your non-phone answering, half-assed side kick :)

  2. Great photos of the dog!! Loved them!! I'm thrilled to hear the clean eating is going well - but how do you do it after ten hours of work?? My WORD! They need to put a stop to that this very INSTANT!

    Enjoy your long weekend!!

  3. Wyatt is SO proud of himself. And I am SO proud of YOU!


  4. I know I'm very jealous! And Wyatt is a cutie. :)

  5. Totes jealous of your new mattress. I'm getting two new ones this winter. WE are buying a twin bed for me to use in the nursery and Jeeves and I are getting a new king size (ZOMG so excited!)

    I love your pooch, he looks like a fun dog to have around. Someday when the munches are older and we have a fenced yard I will have a dog, It'll be good.

  6. My dog loves to play frisbee. I need to get her one like that!

    Love that you are doing the clean eating! With your chicken and brown rice combo, what kind of sauce did you season it with??

    Good luck with the pizza and beer. It would be a hard one for me too!!

  7. Okay. So, there is totally going to be peer pressure to drink bc people tend to think that we need to be drunk to be fun, but as you and I both know, we are oodles of fun sober as well...SO, my new method is I just hold a beer and people think I am drinking it...and it helps them SHUT UP!

    Also, I need you to read Food Rules by Michael Pollard. It will take you no longer than a sparrow fart to read it, seriously, maybe 40 minutes...and its super simple rules about how to eat. I loved it. Focuses on clean eating and its funny too.

  8. Wyatt is so damn cute!

  9. Well done on the eat clean diet!!! I'm so proud that I led you down this path!
    Quinoa is the next great thing you need to discover it is a super-grain! Better than rice with a nutty flavor - you can even eat it for breakfast with applesauce in it!!! May the (willpower) force be with you tomorrow. Thanks for inspiring me today.

  10. What the hell? Who are you that you can resist movie popcorn? I fell off my chair. Wow. Just wow.

  11. Wyatt is so cute! :) Good luck on resisting this weekend! Maybe allow yourself a beer or two. ;)


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