Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BOOBs Challenge Weigh In #5 & An Important Question.

Hello there Lovies!

I'm having a great day.

I have no idea why. I got like 6 hours of sleep last night. Which usually makes me all stabby. Maybe it's the fact that I slept for 11 hours the night before. Hmmmm. Anywhoozle.
I lost again this week, in my little challenge, so now I'm down to a whopping........................


Woop woop!

Now, it's not as low as when I freaking started this challenge. I just need to chip away that little .3 to get to my starting weight. Isn't it lovely that it's taken me all this time to damn near get to where I was 5 weeks ago. Freaking pathetic.
Moving on.

I'm still happy about it though!

Especially since all I did this week was have a seriously unhealthy, borderline obsessive, relationship with processed breakfast foods, pretzels, and booze.

Oh, and the first time I worked out this week was last night, in between beers #5 and #6. I did 50 push ups and sit ups on the carpet while watching Transformers. At 10:30 at night.
Ain't y'all proud.

Well, this week will be better!!!
I will get my pooper on a damn treadmill for shit's sake!!!!
And I will break up with the company vending machine!!!

OK. Now on to something that's uber important.
I need your help.
I have my cousin's wedding this weekend and I bought a new dress a few weeks ago that I'd really like to wear, but can't decide what shoes and belt to wear with it. It's a gray dress with white embroidery on the sleeves and hem. It comes to about my knee. And is kinda baby-doll-ish on top.

For the love of chocolate covered Cheetos, PLEASE help me choose which one.

Black belt, black strappy heels.

Red belt (I know, it looks pink, but it's not) and White strappy wedges.

Light brown belt and brown strappy wedges.

I will tell you that my bestie Tina picked out her fav already and I'm leaning toward that one. But I'm not telling which one it is. I don't want you to get all biased and shit. That would be tragic.

So let me know your fav!!!
And then I'll post a fab pic of me in it this weekend.
Just cause I love y'all.



  1. congrats on being so close to your starting weight!

    also, i vote for #3, I think the dress is so cute! #1 would be my second choice

  2. I like #1, but all choices are precious!

  3. I like #1 but you can't go wrong with any of the choices...cute dress!!

  4. I like #1 but I have to say..dang girl do you have that belt in every color? I need more accessories. I also like that you have shoe just reminded me that I need to shop more---thank got Chi town is coming up---now get your butt running!

  5. I vote for option #1. Hope you have a great week. Maybe I will come back to Wichita some day and we can hang out.

  6. I like option 1, but maybe with the red belt from 2.

  7. All cute, of course!! Based on the pictures, I vote for #3. But you are going to pick the cutest in person no matter what.

  8. I really like the red belt, but I think I would like it with the black shoes. Any one you choose, I know you will be super cute!

  9. For real? I mean could ANY of them be any cuter? YOu could wear a bag on your head and be drop dead sexy. I cannot pick. I refuse to. xoxo

  10. I like #3, but I seem to be the minority. :)

  11. Number 3... or, the red belt with black shoes. That is what i'd do! :)

  12. I also like 1, or 1 with red belt. :-)

  13. my first reaction was 1, then I thought, no maybe too conservative for the fun and flirty ms. Belle! as a result, I would go with 2. Let's see, 1 is more formal, 2 is more flirty, 3 is well, not my fav.

    Have fun at the wedding, cutiepatootie!

  14. #2 is my favorite (bahahaha), but seriously no one else really likes it? C'mon people! #3 would be my fave. Glad you are getting back on a good track!

  15. You've already been to the wedding by now, so no need to tell you I like option 1. I love the dress!


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