Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wedding Recap Shenanigans

Before I get into the particulars of how much of a fab-u-loso weekend I had, I'd just like to point out that this is my 300th post!!!!

Can I get a WOOP WOOP?!?!
*fist pump*

Ok. Moving on. I know y'all are just sitting on the edge of your rollee office chairs about ready to crash to the floor because of all the drool you're secreting from your wait about what dress I decided to go with. So I shall start with that, and work my way back.

YES! The brown belt and brown shoes WON!!
I know, I don't have the shoes in the picture. I'm tellin' y'all, those were like little flesh eating Devil's on my feet and I could only wear them for 2.F*ckMyFeetHurt minutes.

Actually, I was very happy with my choice, and I THANK YOU ALL for helping me with such a difficult and life altering decision.

But Ryan says I cheated. He says that most of you wanted the black belt and shoes to win. Well. It's my blog. And I can interpret that most of you meant that you really wanted the brown to win. Just kidding. Seriously, I had an equal amount of votes for the black vs the brown, maybe not on the blog, but in real life. So I just went with the brown.

Oh, you wanna know another thing that little ol' Ryan decided: That I shouldn't have worn either heels and went with cowboy boots instead!
How freaking adorable would that have been?!?!
I informed my genius husband that he should have mentioned that little tidbit of information BEFORE I packed and drove 2 hours away from my boots.
I mean, why else did I marry you but for you to help me pick out my cloths and then pack my crap for me?!?! I mean, really, why?

Be warned, you're about to get a photo explosion below. Read on if you dare.

Alright, the start of the evening was a leisurely dinner at my fav restaurant Hibachi Hut, which happens to be Cajun food. Yes, Cajun food in Kansas does exist. And it's A.Maz.Ing!
Everyone chowing down.
Then a lot of these happened:

And I took stupid pictures like this out at the bar, trying to act like a 22 year old college student:

That is my cousin Nevada in the pic with me (he's the cousin I go with every Wed. for Cousin's Night). And believe it or not, he is stone sober. Even though he looks like he just downed 14 Jager Bomb shots (note: his shirt. He doesn't drink, but he wears that. Normal.).
It's fine.

After I nearly pulled Ryan's arm off as he carried me to the car, then basically into the hotel, I woke up the next morning feeling like a ray of sunshine.

We had lots of fun adventures on Saturday, which included taking pictures of my other cousin's little 6 month old cutey (pics to come later) and doing a lot of debit card swiping. It'd be a sin to come to my alma mater and not contribute to all the local shops for endless KSU apparel! Right? Right.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that it freaking poured all afternoon and evening. And this was supposed to be an outside wedding, mind you. But thankfully there was a barn where the reception was to take place, that they just converted to the ceremony location real quick like.

So, trudging through the torrential downpours of Hurricane Bastardpants (in Kansas, remember) to the barn door was fun. In heels. And a dress. But I made it, without falling on my ass and getting mud in places that mud should not be. I win.

And you know what laid outside the door before you walked in to take your seats, looking all refreshing and ice cold?!?! A entire trough full of alcoholic beverages!! To enjoy DURING the wedding. Thank you baby Jesus. This wedding is going to be AWESOME!

I grabbed me a frosty one and a coozey (yes, they provided those too) and headed to our seats. The ceremony was beautiful and the bride was gorgeous!
Tessa and her dad walking down the aisle.

Ceremony on the porch. Outside the barn.
The theme to the wedding was a country chic and I gotta tell you, when I get married again, this is what I'm doing. Seriously. I'm copying everything. It was so cute! Everything was relaxed and just put together so well!

The bride wore a strapless dress that was fitted on top, but then the bottom was just layers and layers of lace. Bridesmaids had light gray and navy dresses that weren't the same style, but went together so well. And the groom and groomsmen just wore vests, tie and long sleeve shirts. Oh and pants. They had on pants.

The decorations were baby's breath and flowers that you would imagine would be found out in a field or pasture, bright and fun. There were mason jars with lace around them, banners made of burlap, and antiques laying around everywhere.

After the vows, the bride and groom ceremoniously 'drove' away in this:
My cousin Pat and his beautiful bride Tessa!! Married at last!
That would be a wheelbarrow folks. With beer cans that had her maiden name on them, trailing in the back.
If I did something like that, I'd just look like I crawled out of the trailer park. But when they do it, they just look so adorable!

The reception started soon after, where I got a great pic with the bride:

I did just realize that I have no picture with my cousin Pat. Hummmmm.

The food was to die for! They roasted 2 pigs and had the sides catered in from Hibachi Hut!!! Perfect! Best wedding food I've ever had. EVAH!

And then I dug right in to the centerpiece.
No one is shocked by this. I know.

And somehow this happened:
I have no idea who put all those in front of me. But clearly Fatty's excited about all her options.

After we filled our bellies, we decided to check out the grounds. The place they had the wedding is a ranch that you can rent out, which includes use of the barn, the house, and all of the 250 acres. It's called Prairiewood Retreat and Preserve, and you can check the website HERE.

The house was amazing! It is my dream house, and I shall live there forever.
Upstairs kitchen and living area.

Upstairs living area.

Downstairs. And my cousin Kendal being cool.


POOL!!!! I want I want I want I want.
View from the pool down to the barn.
And the hubby and I got a great pic:

And because a Sheik family event is not complete without the use of a golf cart, we decided to take a joy ride in the pasture.
We didn't get very far though. I flipped out about the battery dying and getting attacked by a mutant moo-cow so I made Ryan turn around. He was very disappointed in me.

But that's ok. Because we had serious beer to drink on the porch of the barn. Serious people.
Ryan, Brett, and Nevada.

 I love putting stupid pictures of my husband up. Makes me smile.

Me and my cousin Kelly.

My cousin Tom, me, and being photo-bombed by a family friend Dan. Thanks Dan, that was nice of you.

My cousin Jamie, Casey, and me.
 Oh, I may forgot to mention that I have more cousins than the Duggers. And we have a lot more fun than them too. Just sayin'.

All in all, that was one of the best weddings I've been too. Partly because it's my family, but partly because of the place and the relaxed sense of the party. I would totally pull a mulligan and have another wedding!

Congrats Pat & Tessa!!!! Hope your marriage is filled with love, hope, and joy, every day of your lives!!!


  1. Yahoo! I've been waiting to hear how the wedding was and you did not disappoint in your description! You look adorable BTW and your hubs is right, how cute would cowboy boots have looked!! Pictures are great and it looks like a great time!
    can't wait to hang with you in Chicago, you seem like my kind of girl!

  2. I have decided I am not going to any more weddings unless they serve alcohol during the ceremony. It is really the only way to go. Are you coming up to any football games? Hope to see you soon.

  3. I had to google "coozie" imagination had so many more exciting ideas than what google came up with.

    I somehow missed that we were outfit picking for this country chic wedding...brown was the way to go for sure! Boots would have been awesome! So I change my black shoes/red belt vote, like you knew I meant to, thus proving your point....amazing how you read my mind in advance like that!! (But Ryan knew I secretly wanted boots...this is getting scary...what does your dog know about me?!?)

  4. ah cowboy boots..why didn't we think of it, I mean come on it was a country wedding!!

    LOVE THAT HOUSE....I want to move there!

    thanks for sharing the photos---you looked just adorable!

  5. wow the theme of that wedding is AMAZING. So stealing that for mine... hahahahaha :)

    LOVE your outfit!!!!!!!!! you and your hubby are so cute!!!

  6. Fist pump with ya for your 300th post! You looked amazing for the wedding, as I knew you would no matter which choice you made :)

  7. I'm with you - I'm making Stephen marry me with a wedding just like that (one day, obviously... not now). Or if he won't... I'll get a mail order husband.


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