Friday, August 3, 2012

Good God.......FINALLY!!!

***Warning: Men, you may not want to read this one. It's all about male strippers. Not really your type of reading material.****

After weeks and weeks and WEEKS of trying to see damn near nekkid men on the big screen, I have FINALLY done it!!!

Dolphin claps for me.

Yes, yes, I finally went to see Magic Mike last night with my lady friends Rebecca and Jordan.
I know. Horrible picture. But it was a movie theater........dark as hell people.
But at least we look excited.

Ok, on to a little review. The movie bad. Like the plot and stuff was just ok.
My friend Rebecca said it best, "They could have taken out all the non-dancing parts and filled them with dancing parts and it would have been WAY better."
My thoughts exactly.
There wasn't near enough of Channing Tatum's sex-me dance moves in that movie. Not enough at all.
But it was good. I mean, good in that there was a lot of half nekkid men walking around and the strip teases were awesome. And it kinda makes me want to go to Thunder Down Under........Jordan, I'm talking to you on this. But the plot was a little........slow.

Oh, and Matthew McConaughey was just way over the top. Like, in a bad way. He just did not do it for me in this movie. I think he was just too old.

But I now have a WHOLE new appreciation for Mr. Tatum. He may be tying Mr. Reynolds for my #1. Rhonda and I had a serious text convo about this very subject last night. And she pointed out that we have to seriously think about Joe Manganiello too. Because really ladies, look at this:

Stop licking the screen.
It's not good for the computer.

So maybe there's a three-way...................tie that is. Jeez you guys. Minds......outta the gutter!
A tie between the three is what I'm trying to say.
Yes, yes. A tie.

Here's one more. Just for shits and giggles.

You're welcome.

Go on with your day ladies. Just act normal.
And try and concentrate on work.
Just try.


  1. I think these images could've been the movie put on repeat for an hour and half. BAM! Oscar-worthy!


    He's my boo. I'm gonna have to throw Stephen overboard!

  3. Channing Tatum, right?! I told you. . .his dance moves give him a whole new type of sex appeal! I think I could have watched just him dance for 1.5hrs and been very happy. :)

  4. Am I unAmerican that I had no idea who Channing was prior to the whopla over this movie? And that I really have no plans to see the movie?

    I know, I know....probably gonna get stoned for admitting it and have my Girlfriend Card revoked...

    Glad you finally got to see it though!

  5. I agree the movie itself was lame, but the dancing was great.

    Matthew McConaugh*sp played the "bad guy" character very well and he was supposed to be the aged, haggered looking, used up stripper but I hated him in the role even though he played it well.

    Glad you got to see it.

  6. I don't know how you got the pics to move... But thank you..... Im all,about joe from true blood. You should have seen him make love to another warewolf in last Sunday's episode. Good lordie !!!!!!

  7. OMFG. I passed out about 3 times reading this. Jesus.

  8. And Bam! there it is! I should have started at the bottom and read this post first@!!! I must see this movie!

  9. I've never been a fan of Matthew M. I think he's arrogant and not all that good looking.
    So glad you finally got to see the movie!

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