Friday, August 24, 2012

General Randomness

And the cycle continues.........

I can't!!!

I can't say NO!

BUT, they didn't taste nearly as scrumdiddlyumptious as the previous 4 days.
So maybe my obsessivecompulsivepsychoobsession with these things is coming to an end.
I will have to go 2 whole days without access to Satan's little Gameboy, aka the vending machine, so maybe that will break this unHoly relationship.
We'll see.
Oh, and I know y'all care so much about my updates on my Poptart craze.  That's why I talk about it. Because you care. You're welcome.

Speaking of unHoly, it's raining outside. No shit. I'm not kidding. Actual wetness is falling from the ski. It's freaking spectacular. Ok, that had nothing to do with unHoliness.  Whatever.

If you need a good laugh today, go to THIS site. Pee your pants so funny. It's pictures of dogs, with signs their 'parents' write about them. (Jordan, you SOOOOO need to do this! You could OWN this website with the shit your dogs do!!)

I snorted so loud at that last one that I think a little tinkle came out.
Not really.
Ok, well, maybe.
Moving on.
Just go check it out.

Wow, I just read through this post and my level of randomness has just reached a new high. Like, my randomness rank just bumped up to Colonel. Or maybe even General. Yes, definitely General.

I'm so sorry you just read through this all.
I have no explanation.
My mind just does this shit.



  1. I hate pop tarts! YUCK!

    Doggie pics are very funny!

  2. HAHA. My hubby just showed me that website lastnight. Love it!!

    And Satan's Gameboy... ROFLMAO.

  3. I sat up last night looking at the pics on that web site! My husband thought I was nuts. So funny.

  4. HA! We were looking at that website at work on Thursday. Awesome! lol

    And I'll avoid the sundae treats today, if you will. (Any sundaes - actual or flavored. lol)

  5. It's funny, I just saw someone on the internet...probably Pinterest lol that for a limited time they have Limited Edition Georgia Bulldog Poptarts! lol

    I need to find them for my husband. He won't eat them though, he's diabetic & doesn't like poptarts.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you in Chicago!


  6. Oh and I love the dog site. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Missed your medication, didnt ya?! :D this makes me feel normal. Thanks a million! *muuuah*

  8. I think you need one for Wyatt!


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