Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lots a'happenin'.

Big weekend y'all. Big.

Not only did I get to see great friends and hold the cutest little baby, but I got to nap!

Yes, the nap.....happened.

As in I had freaking 2 whole hours to lay in bed, shut my eyes and fall blissfully asleep for an undefined amount of time. No alarms, nowhere to be, NUSSING!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. It.Was.Amazeballs.

Wanna know what else I did?!?!

Sure you do.

I ran.

Like, went to the gym and shit. On a weekend. *GASP*
I know, I know.
That has never happened before.
I was so shocked myself I nearly peed on the treadmill.

But, as part of the BOOBs Challenge, doing this weight loss shenanigans doesn't mean you have to be alone. You can ask for help. You can share it with others and get support.
You mean to tell me that if I actually tell people I'm trying to get healthier (I mean, people other than y'all who read this crap), they will be there to help me and support me and motivate me?!?!
Holy fart buckets, that's fantastic.

So, I put myself out there and asked for accountability partners. First badass chica that responded was none other than my BOOBs roomie Ronnie!!! And I think I'll have another little buddy Elizabeth soon! So excited!

Anyways, Ronnie and I been texting back and forth about what we eat, what we do for exercise, and just other scintillating conversation stuffs.

Last Sat., we were texting and she said that she needed to work out on Sunday, and i mentioned that i should too. Well, she pulled out the ol', "Well, if you do, I will."
Challenge accepted little Miss Texas, challenge accepted.

I did not want to run. I wanted to nap. Again.

But I hauled my pooper to the conveyor belt of death and commenced the sweat marathon. Well, it wasn't a marathon, it was more like 2 miles. But hey, I did it!

And then last night.....did it again.
The hubby even went with me this time. Or more like, I went with him. Whatevs.
And we're going to go again tonight.
I think this 'sharing' our goals and weight loss challenges might be an OK thang. Just maybe *wink*.

So far I'm at 146.6. That's just .7 lbs up from 2 weeks ago. (yeah, last week sucked porcupine ass, I gained like 3 lbs.)

My plan today is salad, salad, and more salad. Little leafy lettuce here I come!!! Get in mYYYyyyyyy Bellllleeeeeee!
Possibly some string cheese.
And dinner is chicken.
And assloads of water.All.Day.Long.
I can do this.
We can do this!!!

Oh yeah, one more BIG thing I did this weekend was get a hair cut.
Most of you know about it because of the glorious Book of Face, but for those of you that don't, here you go.

Let me introduce to you....................

The amazing..............................

The hilarious.................................

The gorgeous....................................

The sweet.................................
ok, got a little carried away there.

Mrs. BANGS!!!!

Clearly I should quit my job and pursue professional self-portrait taker person.

From the overwhelming response on my FB, apparently I made the right decision in the cutting of the hairs.
I'm digging it.
The hubby thinks I look completely different.

And my friend Rebecca says I look like Katy Perry. Bless her little flattering, Iloveherlongtime heart.

I think I look trendy.
And I'm kind excited to be part of Angela's 'club'. Just kinda. ;-)

Cheers y'all!!!


  1. So is Ryan going to the gym with you so he can get his "six-pack" back? I think I like the second self portrait the best, good profile pic. :)

  2. If Russell Brand tries to seduce you to get back at the actual Katy Perry (who you ABSOLUTELY look like), can you grab his butt and also get his autograph for me? Okay? Way to be a friend. Thanks.

    You look FRICKIN awesome! I am envious. I want my bangs to look like that! And not like somebody cut them using a kitchen knife... Christ.

    And ROCK that treadmill, woman! ROCK. IT. Hubby makes a good gym partner, yes? Because sweaty slip and slides are much more condusive to.... Well, you know. ;) Ahahaha!


  3. WOWZAS!!! You look HOTTTTT! I need to join the bang club again, mine have grown out so far I can tuck them behind my ears!

    Good job runnin... The only way I will run is if someone is chasing me with a knife ;)

  4. Ryan is cheating on you with some little fluzy!!!lol! so cute!

  5. Stylin and profilin'

    Sigh...fine fine fine FINE. I will admit this since I feel even WORSE about it now that I've read your "ooh! I'm so good. I skipped a nap to workout" post. I had Five Guys for lunch. Yup.

    I didn't remember it being SO HUGE so I really didn't eat all that much (the dog ate well today) but I still partooketh in the sin of gluttony. (<---by the way, spell checker had to fix that word. I couldn't spell it).

    Now I'm off to the pool.I'm telling everyone its to swim laps. Most likely its to float around and take a nap. We'll see....

  6. Love the bangs!
    And...you go girl!

  7. I am loving the fringe! Very gorgeous!
    Yay for the workouts. Well done.

  8. OMG you DO look like Katy Perry! It was driving me crazy trying to place that. Love Ms. Bangs. Very cute.

    Love that you have your partners and Drazil is running a kick-azz challenge! It's so motivating to even me - and that takes A LOT to motivate me.

  9. You look SUPER CUTE. Love it.

    Plus I am so proud of you for the extra running.

  10. Diggin' the bangs. Good choice.

    And hells yeah to the dreadmill. Nicely done. Nicely done.

  11. Cute bangs. Did you get a color too?? You look like a sassy school girl now :)

  12. Dude - you were hot before and now you're just smokin! And a nap with no alarm clocks - NUSSING - sounds divine. Glad you had that! You deserve it.

  13. I think you nailed the Katy P look! :) BTW, I'm glad I found your blog!


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