Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm special.

And not in the I can belch the latest Katy Perry song all while doing a headstand kind of way.
I totally can do that by the way.

No, I'm special because I'm BOOB of the Day!!!!!

Some of you know what that is, but other's may not. I'm part of an elite and gorgeous group of crime no, that's not right.....we're FAT fighters!!!! And we have cool costumes and everything.

Seriously, it's a group of women that have come together to share their weight loss stories and their hopes, joys, struggles, and frustrations in not only the weight department but in real life too. They've not only become my friends but my family too! I'm going to meet most, but not all, of them in Sept. for a little conference beerdrinkingshoppingtillwedrop thing.

So here's the LINK again, if you'd like to read about some questions I answered about my health journey!


  1. You're the coolest and most awesome boob I know! I even spent half an hour last night catching up on your blog---because you're frickin fantastic and I heart you! <3


  2. You are totally special and then some :) Hey, did you know that I have NEVER even tasted beer??? (Not alcohol in general, just beer) Perhaps in Chicago I shall let you burst my beer virginity :)

  3. It warms my heart that you cuss a lot. I so want to go to Chicago next year.

  4. woo hoo beer drinking and swearing I can't wait..may have to sub vodka tonics for beer but I am with you on the swearing!!!! LOVE YOU TONS AND TONS!

  5. Rock on with your badass self! And I agree with are SPESHIAL


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