Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Liar, Liar, pants engulfed in an horrendous inferno that chars your asscheeks.

Or liar, liar, pants on fire works too.
Whichever you prefer.

So, I just got through reading this article about Food Fraud. We all know about it. Stores say that there are zero calories in some spray butter, but in actuality, there's like .9 calories, so really, it's just shy of 1 calorie per serving, but legally they can say 'zero'.

But have you ever thought about what is in your food? And if it's the real thing?

I mean we all know that chicken nuggets bought in a box are probably not a whole lot of pretty white breast meat. We've all heard/seen Food, Inc., mmmmkay, we're not dumb.

But what about spices?
Or olive oil?

Ya, I never thought to look at the labels on those things, because what else could you put in there, right?!

In THIS article,  the author talks about fillers and even plastic resins that are put in food to make them seem what they are, but really aren't.
Down right sicking, folks.

For example, olive oil:

According to the USP database, products being sold as olive oil have been shown to instead be soybean, corn, sunflower, safflower, canola, or palm oil, and in one case, even lard. Some products were olive oil thinned out with these ingredients; others were combinations of those oils with no olive oil present.

 WTF people!

And spices:

Cases of lead being added to paprika, turmeric being bulked up with rice flour, and ground black pepper containing bits of twigs and buckwheat flour.

Lead. In paprika!!!

The article goes on to talk about honey, juices, seafood, coffee, etc. It gives you examples of the crap that they put in there, and then what you can do to 'fix it'.
Most of the time, their answers are to buy straight from the source, at a farmers market, etc. Or at least buy organic.

Pretty much validates that we all need to get our asses to the farmers market this weekend, huh?


  1. It makes me TOTALLY sick! Countries like Britain have tight food restrictions for a REASON- yet here we are eating GMO products and lead every single day. Gross.


  2. Yuck :( the first time I ever made homemade hummus it only lasted 3 days in the fridge and started growing mold... Which annoyed me...but it started getting me thinking. What in the hell is actually in store bought hummus? Those containers will sit in my fridge for a month and never have a bit of mold...and how long was that garbage in the container defore I even bought it?!?!? YUCK!

  3. This does not surprise me because about 1 month ago I was reading about the bottled water industry. If you want to get all worked up again, research that bad boy! You will never buy bottled water again!

  4. and we wonder why there are so many cases of cancer..consider what we eat!


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