Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pregnancy - WEEK 25 (May 5th – May 11th)

Wow. Whew. Holy busy-ness Batman!

Lots going on in life right now.

Before we get into that, lets talk about that belly up there!!! My little pouch has officially grown to a preggy belly! I swear to you it grows bigger every single day. And I’m not the only one that notices. I’ll go up to the front office at work and the girls up there are like, ‘You’ve grown again!! And we just saw you yesterday!!’ It’s kinda a high belly, and that’s fine by me. It’s just nice to look actually pregnant and not like some drunk trucker’s beer belly.

OK, we got moved into our new rental house. Woop woop! We also closed on our old house in Park Shity.*sadface* There were a lot of firsts in that house. Mainly where we found out about Little Miss! But I’ll post more about the move another day.

Let’s move on to my pooper. I know, get excited. It has finally stopped enlarging to mega-morph elephant ass. YAYYYYYY. Could it be that I’m finally getting in some regular exercise??? Or that I’m limiting my donut/ice cream intake????


It’s a trick I tell you. None of those ‘good’ things have anything to do with it.

Yes, last week I got in 3 good walks, first two were only shorty 20 minutes around the neighborhood, but Sunday, the puppy, hubby, and I went out to the park for a long 2.5 mile walk. I got in a total of 4.5 miles last week and I gotta tell ya, I feel soooo much better. It’s amazing how much just a little teeny bit of physical exertion can give you that extra push during a long day.

And while I haven’t changed my diet…..much….I’m not gaining weight like a walrus at an all-you-can-eat-fish buffet.  I’ve taken y’all’s advice on toning down the sugar sitch. And I’ve added more fruits and veggies to my diet. I’m trying to get in a good amount of protein also. So far I’ve been doing really good on limiting myself to 1….yes….ONE….bowl of ice cream a day. And most days that’s the only ‘sweet’ thing I have. I think the added fruits help with the sugar cravings.

At least 3 days a week I’m making home-made juice with my fabulous juicer. Carrot/orange or Carrot/apple is usually the name of the game. Then other days I get some strawberries and yogurt, or a banana, or both. I’m also getting lean turkey or chicken for lunch, either in a wrap or sandwich. Then I make sure I have some sort of serving of veggies for dinner (and I try to get veggies at lunch too).

It’s not the most stellar diet, but it’s what I can do right now.
I feel better, and that’s all that matters.

Kinda some poopy news: I injured my back pretty bad last Sunday. As my friend Vicky said, “Probably because you’re doing too much!!!” Which she’s a little right. I think all the moving was not a good thing. And with that stupid hormone in my body that’s loosening my joints I feel like an unfolded lawn chair most days.

But on Sunday I wasn’t even doing too much! I swear! All I wanted to do for Mom’s day was plant some flowers so our backyard looked a little more like ‘home’. So I spent about $30 on some pretty annuals and went to town. Most of the day I was doing just fine, then all at once I was bending over at the waist (I know, I know, I should have used my legs), and I felt a ‘pop’ and a ‘shift’ in my lower back. I went down on all fours and had to crawl to the steps to catch my breath it hurt so bad. Damn stupid body!

I put on a heating pad and laid down for a bit. But really it only hurts terrible if I get up from laying or sitting, or if I walk too fast, or if I’m carrying something too heavy, or if I bend over…..so pretty much everything I do.

I go to the doctor today. Hopefully it’s just a pulled muscle or he recommends me to go to the chiro. Either way, only taking Tylenol blows monkey balls. Pretty much takes care of about 2.4% of the pain. I'm trying not to be Crankypants McGee about it, but that only happens about half the time. I'm such a whiner.

Let’s talk about the cravings!!! Holy cow. Literally. I want milk, or ice cream, all the time. Like I should just get a big Bessie milk cow and put her in the back yard for my constant enjoyment of fresh milk. Milk just sounds soooo good. Also….mexican food. Tacos, salsa, tortilla chips. Man alive I want it. All the time. And the good ol’ Cinnamon Toast Crunch craving is still going strong. Every morning, I have a big ol’ bowl. It’s funny, I was talking about my cravings to my mom and she replied, “Well, you know that when I was pregnant with you the doctor said that I had to limit my ice cream intake to one bowl a day. I said that’s fine. How big of bowl???!!!”  So obviously this Little Miss is going to have an ice cream fetish, same as her mama, and grandmama.

Now let’s talk about Baby Girl!

She’s a whopping 9 inches long (rump to crown), and weighs in at 1.5 lbs. Her cute little skin is turning pinker because of all the small blood vessels which are forming under the skin and filling with blood. Later on, blood vessels will form in her lungs, bringing them one step closer to maturity. Her little nostrils are starting to clear out (they’ve been plugged up until now). So she can start practicing ‘breathing’, even though she’s just getting amniotic fluid.

And oh my gosh does she move! Her little ears and eye lids are starting to get more developed so she can hear more and more sounds around her and outside the belly. And her eyes can even detect changes in light! I felt her have hiccups the other day. Which was interesting. It was just a series of belly spasms, but they were regular, so I knew it wasn’t her kicking. But oh, does she kick. Little girl was having a dance party in there the other day! Moving all around and kicking up a storm. Ohhhh, and the best one this week, my bladder was a little full (which it seems to be all day long, no matter how many times I pee) and Baby Girl thought it was hilarious to karate chop my bladder about a hundred times. It’s like she was saying, ‘Hey, I need room, empty that thing!!’ lol. Of course I did, and of course she got quiet right away. Sassy little stinker. I have no idea where she gets her sass. None at all.


  1. craving milk reminds me of my best friends grand mother - she always said if you want big boobs, drink a lot of milk and don't breast feed... crazy ol' woman.
    i hope the back is feeling better- can't go tweeking it up when you can't take the good stuff for pain.

  2. I want ice cream and mexican food at all times too, and I'm not even pregnant. Ice cream is like cool, sweet, creamy crack. Why does it have to be so good? I think if you are limiting yourself to one bowl a day WHILE pregnant, that's pretty good. There are days when I want an ice cream cone with every meal.

    Catching up with blogs today- I had to switch my old blog to private, cause some peeps stumbled on it that I didn't really want reading certain posts of the past. I have created a new friend and family friendly blog at http://bitsofstringandsealingwax.blogspot.com/ -although I've been too busy to post anything so far.


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