Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

Hello my little Munchkins!!!

I missed last week and feel all weird so I figured I'd better make time to get this out today!

1.  The back sitch is better. I went to the Dr. and he basically said, 'Yup, you screwed it up'.

Genius Doc. Genius.

He then told me that I obviously can't take anything 'good' for the pain, except for Tylenol, which won't do shit anyway, so I might as well not take anything at all.

Super glad I paid 25 bucks for that stellar advice.

I then headed to my Chiropractor and he had way too much pleasure torturing me. But I did feel better after.

Today I can move around more, I still can't bend over without pain. And I'm not supposed to lift anything heavy, which is no shock. So it'll just take time.

If all I have to complain about during this pregnancy is my stupid back pain, then I'll take it!! Much better than throwing up or whatever other terrible symptoms women deal with. Fo'Shizzle.

2.  Soooooooooooooooo, I'm beyond overwhelmed at work and in life.
Like, so overwhelmed I'm considering taking a sabbatical to some Monk mountain for the next 2 years so that I don't have to deal with anything. Except breathing.
True story.

Anyways, at work we can't do anything right and almost everything we do gets rejected by our Quality department. So, not only do we have all this rejected work to REDO, we keep getting shit piled on our heads with other projects.....that have to be done ASAP. Of course.

Well, to everyone at work: YOU CAN TAKE YOUR 'ASAP' AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR.............well, you get the idea.

3.  OK. So we moved. I know. This is old news. But I thought I'd tell you how it went. Because I know you want to know. I'm nice like that. You're welcome.

Moving on the last weekend in April, you'd think that we'd have beautiful sunshine and 70 degree temps. Nope. Mother Nature decided to shit on us once again. It was 40 degrees and raining. F*ck you very much you stupid cow.

We decided to hire some movers to help with the heavy stuff, and I gotta tell you......BEST decision/money spent EVAH!!!! They had everything packed up and ready to go to the new place in about 3 hours. It was amazing.

AND!! They helped us move the 897lb gun safe out from the basement! I'd pay them their $400 any day for that shit alone.

Puppy and I sat and took pictures while the men-folk did the heavy lifting. It was exhausting. For Puppy and I, I mean. ;-)

Luckily we got everything in the new rental house, and have plenty of room to spare. The garage was a nightmare for about a week, along with the 2 spare rooms, but we've now got everything organized and put away.

Where I put things away is another story.
Because I can't seem to remember where anything is.
It's awesome-sauce.
I love moving!

But at least we're in, right?!

4.  On a similar note: We've fired our realtor. She's about as good as a drunk koala at finding us a new home.

Long story short, she sold our house (good for her, but really I'm thinking the house sold itself), but she's been a limp noodle on trying to help us find a new one. We end up knowing more about the homes we go look at. And we HAVE to find the homes we want to look at. They send us emails about what's available, but that's it. I mean, come on. At least do some research about a home we're looking at, it's not that hard!

So we called another guy that our old neighbors recommended and we'll see what he can do. I'm kinda treating this as a blessing in disguise. Like, maybe this was meant to happen in order to find 'our' home, ya know?!

5.  Have y'all seen this?!?! It's piss your pants funny!

LauraBelle Fun Fact #597: I used to have a Bearded Dragon Lizard like the ones in the video. Her name was Ozzy and I kept her for about 7 years. She was about that big when I finally had to give her to a pet store because my next apt would allow pets. I'm a weird pet owner. I know.

6.  For Mom's Day I spent the day gardening. Since I can't have a veggie garden this year and am going thru excruciating & agonizing withdrawal because of it, I decided to plant pretty flowers. They'll probably die a slow burning death in the record heat of the summer.....which will most likely hit us in about a week and then I will have lost $30 in the enjoyment of flowers for 2.5 weeks.
I love Mother Fucking Nature.

Anyways. It made the rental look a little more like home!!
Front of the house.
Back of the house with my lounge chairs and patio table.
7. This weekend is my (step)dad's annual Indian memorial dinner. Where we 'feed' his spirit in the afterlife by preforming a special ceremony.
It just begins the next 30 days of sorrow. Because then on the May 25th is his birthday and the 15th of June is the anniversary of his death.
Always a very hard time for me.

8. Wyatt has been a poopy pants lately about moving. He pouts all day long, even though we've taken him on a walk almost every other night (his favorite thing to do). He mopes around like his life is ending. It's pathetic. Damn dog has a better life than I do!!

But the other day after working in the yard, I finally got to see him smile:

9.  I wrote most of this last night and I've been trying to edit it all day. Every time I try to get a break, someone walks in or the phone rings, or the motherfuckingbastard printers malfuction and I have to reach for the baseball bat and threaten them with dismemberment. This has taken me all day. I've barely taken a break to pee.

10.  I'm praying for all my TX peeps right now!!! While I love this time of year, the storms are always terrible. I hope that everyone is safe and amongst their loved ones!!


  1. You are always good for a laugh! Far as the printer, you ever seen Office Space? If not, YouTube that shit! 'Office Space Copy Machine.' You. Will. Die! Its great!


  2. Well glad you got the move done....I hate moving ... in the midst of it myself! Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. I love Wyatt. That is all. /grin /missyou /sorryIHaventBeenAround

  4. Seriously - be careful with that back. Love the flowers. Love that you have a worth a shit realtor now. Time is coming fast...tell him to get on it!

  5. We are so hiring movers when we move at the end of the summer. My back goes out if I lift anything heavier than a drumstick or a corndog. Plus, I have my grandmother's piano, and nobody wants to move that beast.


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