Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pregnancy - WEEK 24 (Apr. 28th – May 4th)

**UPDATE** That's supposed to be 1.5 LBs...not OZ. I blame the pregnancy brain. Thanks Luka Beth for pointing that out!!!!

So, we’re skipping week 23 because things are batshit cray-cray around here. Hello 8 hours of overtime a week and trying to pack up 7 years of our lives and shove it in a house half the size we’re living in now……good times.

Let’s see…..oh, good news….my ass is still substantially growing. I was trying on a dress the other day that wasn’t exactly tight on me last year, but now I can’t get it over my thunder thighs & blubber butt. I damn near ripped the fabric trying to squeeze in. *sigh* I now weigh 175. Up a whopping 10 lbs from last month. Super.

What do I expect; all I want to devour is ice cream, donuts, and cake. *bigger sigh*

I know I talk a lot about my weight on here, and y'all are like, 'Girl, you're pregnant! Eat whatever you want!' Which is awesome. And thank you. But it's just so hard when you've been watching your weight for most of your life, and now I have no control over it. Ya know? I mean, I don't want to eat crapfood all day. I really don't! But that's all I think about. Seriously. I want Cinnamon Toast Crunch like 18 times a day. From the moment I wake up till I go to bed that's what I want. It's so hard to mow down a carrot stick when that stupid sugar loaded box of cereal  is staring me in the face. Ryan's worried about my eating too. Heck, I'm worried. I just can't make myself stop!!! This week I did make a goal to get A serving of fruits and veggies at least once a day, and I'm proud to say I've made it every day this week. 

But I know I need more like a serving of veggies at EVERY meal. So, how do I slow down on the sugar cravings??? I mean really. How do I start eating better when all I want is shit??? Riddle me that folks.

Moving on.

The belly sure is growing though!! I officially look pregnant, I think. I go to the doctor today and he’ll probably measure me and all that jazz. So I’ll have an update of that next week. (They’re also going to weigh me and I’m not going to look. Nope. Not even peek.)

Cravings: Well, obviously CTC cereal. And MILK!! Oh Mylanta do I want some milk. All the time. This is no surprise to me, as Sir Daddy-Drinks-Milk-A-Lot consumes about 3 gallons a week. No lie. I’m guessing Baby Girl is taking after her father. The other night, I bet you I almost drank half a gallon. In like 4 hours. It just tastes so goooood!

Another craving is Mexican food. Not just any Mexican food, but crunchy tacos. Swear I could eat those every day.

Still having the worst toots. Good God it’s bad. SBDs. Silent But Deadly. Lucky for Ryan it usually is the worst in the morning and evenings. Hehehehe. Payback’s a bitch honey.

I have added to my wardrobe also. Remember the whole bullshit sitch with trying on maternity jeans at Old Navy and having to return them because they were too baggie and blah blah??? Well, I decided that I just couldn’t live with these capris I bought from them, so I took them back. I then decided to try Gordman’s for some pants. My mom had gotten me a few pairs from there and they fit great. What do you knowt, first pair I tried on….perfect fi! Now I’m just pissed I didn’t go there in the first place to get jeans. Oh well. Note to all preggars ladies…go to Gordman’s for maternity clothes!!!

OK, onto the housing issue, still no home out there to call our own. The market just isn’t the greatest for homes with land where we want, apparently. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed. In the mean time we’re going to move into a nice rental house across town. We actually started moving last weekend. We had a garage sale to get rid of random shit and I’m proud to say we made $325!!! Well worth all the trouble!! We only had one shitty desk left that I think Ryan ended up taking a chainsaw to. The rest was small stuff that went to Goodwill.

We took 4 loads to the rental on Sunday. Lots of small boxes, kitchen stuff, a few shelves, garage BS, oh, and about 897 sets of deer antlers. I think the husband has an antler hoarding problem. Seriously. I didn’t realize we had THAT many antlers around. I mean, really, what do we need all that for?!?! Ryan’s reply, “We just need them.” Super.

Ryan got another Jed Clampett haul over Monday while I was keeping the bed company. I think I just pushed too hard on Sunday because I’m still exhausted 3 days later! We’re going to try and get a few more small loads over this week. Then the movers come Saturday morning 8am to take the large stuff. I can’t wait until we’re all in one place! But I’m sure going to miss our home in Park Shity. And I’m going to miss our neighbors!! The good neighbors. The young and hip and KSU loving neighbors, that like to drink beer in the driveway on summer nights neighbors. Those peeps are the best!!! It’s just not fair they move in right when we’re moving out!!! Not fair at all!!

And the last big news for me this week…..Ryan felt the baby move!!! And I saw my belly move! As in, Baby Girl was kicking up a storm and I could ACTUALLY SEE IT!!! Craaaaazy. First, it was semi-early on Saturday the 20th, and I woke up to her moving all around. I nudged Ryan awake and told him to put his hand on my belly. Then I just said, ‘Wait for it’. And she moved! And he felt it!! He said it was weird that I’m growing a little human in there. Lol. I agree, weird but totally amazing! 

Next was seeing my belly move, it was Monday (29th) evening, I was going to bed early and she was doing Olympic style gymnastics in there, so I just looked down and I could see a little ripple in my belly! It was so amazing!  I think a combo of her getting bigger and the placenta moving to the side is allowing all this, because I sure can feel her more forcefully. And to see her….it’s just….wow. Ryan tried to see it, but she stopped moving about the time he walked in….typical.

On to Baby Girl!!! Of course she’s getting bigger!! She’s about the size of a cantaloupe! Weighing more than a pound and a half!! She’s growing about 6 ounces every week now!! Her beautiful face is almost fully developed now, complete with eyebrows and eyelashes. She even has hair on her little head, although it’s still white because the pigment hasn’t come in yet. Her hearing is especially keen now, I swear the other day when I was talking to her she was moving around to show me that she could hear me! And while she’s still a little skinny, her fat cells are multiplying rapidly, adding some much needed fat under the skin so it’s not so transparent. And to keep her warm!!

Little girl’s growing fast!!! I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already!


  1. i got really confused b/c it said 1.5 oz on the sign--just an FYI! :)

    good luck on the move! I love following your baby updates. makes me excited for when I get to do the same. don't be offended but i'm totally going to rip off your post ideas with the blackboard.

  2. The right house will come along, I am sure of it. Mexican food was my favorite when I was pregnant too. On the border chips and salsa. I couldn't get enough!

  3. Everything will come together. In the meantime, enjoy this time with her! (Also, go toe to toe with puppy in a farting competition. I bet you win!)


  4. I think the only places you've gained weight are from baby, so you shouldn't have any problem losing it after she's here! The best way to beat the sugar cravings is to just stop with the sugar. Sad but true :( Still have my fingers crossed on the house hunting! Your dream house IS out there! Xoxoxo

  5. I can't help you with the weight. I ate whatever and whenever the hell I wanted and every single day I told myself that the minute she was out - I was done and would get healthy. And I did. Until then I knew it was a very temporary time in my life that I gave myself permission to just do and not think. And then it would end and I'd have to deal with it. For me, it worked. I looked like shit but I did what I said I'd do instead of beating myself up during. You are still so tiny!!!

  6. I'm all for eating what you want during pregnancy but please be careful it would horrible if you developed GD, gestational diabeties... I had that with my second pregnancy. once I officially had that I had to watch what I was eating, talk about no fun- but after I had her I actually had lost weight; pre preg 215lbs; 6 weeks after her birth 180lbs- go fig

  7. You are looking beautifully prego! I remember the first time I could see the babies move. It was bizzare and awesome all at the same time!

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