Friday, May 3, 2013

This post is so all over the place that there is no title that justifies it. Sorry.

Yes. Mt. Vesuvius has erupted on my chin.
It's like a little colony of mini puss volcanoes have decided to set up shop on my finally clear complexion.
Trust me, the picture does not do this mountain of shittasticness justice.
If you want to get all technical schmechnical, it's called Impetigo.
And I'm loving it.
About as much as I love Justin Beiber.
Or being tied down on top of a fire ant hill.
Or having my left tata removed.
You get the idea.
Basically I hate life.
The end.

Just kidding.
I have a few more randomness things to share with you. Try to contain your excitement. I've gotten my days all switched with TTT, and the baby updates. I'm pregnant and my brain has decided to move to Mars. Just deal with it.

First of all, thanks y'all for your comments yesterday about my fatness not being fatness, but pregnant cuteness (courtesy of Ms. Badass Runner Laura, I'm now referring to my badonkadonk as the preggy pooper). Y'all rock. And I heart you forever.

Y'all had a lot of good points. My bestie Draz had a great comment and said to just relax and not worry about it. I can worry about it later. No problem. God I love her. Deirdre said to relax too, but to be careful about Gestational Diabetes. And she's right. I think having one person in our family with diabetes is plenty. So, I'm going to take it a little more easy on the sugar sitch. I mean really, does Fatty have to have 2 lbs of sugar loaded crap a day??? No. I don't really. I can have what I want, but I don't have to continue to shove donut after donut in my pie

GOOD NEWS!!! I went to the doctor yesterday and for the last 6 months I've only gained 20lbs. I think this is fantastic! Actually, freaking stupendous! A 20-40lb gain is normal range, and I know that I have 3 months to go, but I really think y'all were right and I'm worrying about this way too much. I need to calm the freak down. Fo' shizzle.

New plan: eat what I want, but cancel the truckload of Little Debbies delivery every month. Add more fruits, veggies, and protein in my diet. And continue to walk. 

A special helpful note about the walking: Our new back yard isn't fenced, so we're going to HAVE to take the puppy on a walk daily to keep him in shape (and I'm sure he's going to loath every minute of it), so this is going to force my ass to get outside. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

Speaking of the puppy.
Today is his last day in his big back yard.
When I put him outside, he looked all sadpants:

But don't worry, shortly after taking this photo he spotted a rabbit and went charging off the deck in a fruitless attempt to capture the illusive little creature.
He's been trying for years to get one, and not once has he even came close.
Some hunting dog he is.

Lastly, it's Friday. Hallelujah! Praise the Baby Jesus! And it's payday. BONUS BITCHES! And my mom gave me some cha-ching to go buy pretty things. And we're finally going to be in our new place this weekend. AND we're looking at a house!!! I'm not going to get y'all pumped up or anything, but I really, really like it.

Cross your fingers it's what the pictures look like and we like it.
God that'd be amazeballs if we move into this rental, find a house, then have to move right back out in a month. Actually, it's a toss up of amazeballs and sucktasticness. Could go either way.

Cheers to non-alcoholic beers y'all!!!


  1. I'm so green with envy!! Not because you have like the cutest pup ever but because of that house you posted! sigh. Love the counter tops...the large green grassy yard (we have weeds for a lawn)...and the amazing deck! Sigh...guess I'll just have to pretend my 1300 sq ft of house is that beauty...a girl can dream!

    have a great weekend!

  2. That is an amazing house. Impetigo sucks - I've had it. Ugh.

  3. Ooh! That's a cute house! I love the kitchen!!! And the white fenced yard! Of course I have all my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you ;) Oh and thanks for the shout-out, but you're still linking to my old blog, Lol! I'm at nowadays :)

  4. Love the house....I hope it's all it seems to be and that you get it!

  5. I love the house. I hope it works out. Good luck!

  6. Hoping the house works out, honeys! So I can cruise on into town and crash and play with OUR nugget all day. :) lol Hugs! You're doing GREAT! So proud of you!


  7. Sorry about the chin. I finally have clear (er) skin for the first time in my life. Proactive really does work!

    Good luck on the possible second move!

  8. hope the chin clears up soon.
    glad the weight gain is within range- just slow down on the sugary goodness- it's not going anywhere
    i hope your fur baby adapts to the new digs

  9. Oh man, that poor chin. I'd be rubbing tea tree oil on that, and praying to the gods of clear skin to get their asses to work, pronto.
    You are doing great if you have only gained twenty pounds so far. Seriously, girl, pat yourself on the back and stop worrying! Women usually gain at least thirty five pounds, and I know ladies that gained freakin' five or ten stone during their pregnancies. You still fall under the umbrella of "cute, glowing, pregnant lass." Every picture of you shows a radiant healthy looking soon to be mama.
    Cute house, good luck!

  10. Love the deck on that house!!! and my upper lip looks like your chin...WTH!


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