Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ten Things Thursday progress.

1. You know your life revolves around food when your last few posts on FB are about pizza tacos and donut holes.
*palm to face*
It's fine.
I'm pregnant.

2.  So, my sweet, sweet friend Ms Sarah found this on the interwebs the other day:
It's a TeePee plaything. For kids. (Although I think adults could have plenty of fun in there too.)
And it's CAMO!
Only she could find something so unbelievably redneck.

3.  So the whole baby registry thing started on Monday.

It actually wasn't as bad as I thought. I had a pretty good idea of what kind of 'big' things I wanted, like the stroller/car seat combo. Check this bitch out:
And it's a good brand, and it's safe, and blah blah blahshitty blah.
But it's PURPLE!!!
It's also about about 350 bones.
Thank you to the parentials who are putting money towards that major purchase.

Ya, I had everything under control on the registering thang until I hit the bottle aisle.

WTF people?!?!
How can there be this many choices for a little plastic boobie-milk holder?!?!
I just went with this Tommy Tippee natural brand.
Apparently it's the top in the UK. And fast growing here in the US.
I'm sure the nugget will arrive and hate those damn bottles. It's just the kind of sass I expect from her.

4.  On another note.....someone please tell me where I'm going to fit all THIS BABY SHIT?!?! 
I mean, good God, there's towels, and socks, and bottle cleaners, and nipples, and toy thingies that lay on the ground, and bumbo-whatevers, and pack-n-plays!!!

Holy OurHouseIsn'tBigEnoughForAllThis SHIT!!

5. Oh, one more thing. I made Ryan go with me to Target to finish up the registering there. I would like to say that I was super impressed. He didn't complain or bitch at me for going down the same aisle 14 times or anything!
He even saw this toy thing that the baby can lay on face down and play with things and he was all, "She'll need this for tummy time."


Who are you and what have you done with my 'I've never held a baby in my life' husband???

Needless to say, I had a little smile on my face when we left there!

6.  I want ice cream.

7.  This weekend is Memorial Weekend!!!!! 3 DAYS OFF WORK!!!!! Bet your ass I'm a happy little camper.
We're going to Table Rock usual.
This preggy butt is going to be in a bikini.....all weekend....soaking up the sun!!!
And I don't give two poops who sees me!
And I got permission to get on the boat so I don't have to stay land-side all weekend! Yeesssssss! (Don't worry, I'm not going to be skiing or wake-boarding or doing double back flips off the front. Even though that'd be badass to have a picture of me skiing pregnant. I know, I know, not a good idea! Ok, moving on.)

Anyways, I'm excited.
And I'm going to bring S'Mores makings.
Again, with the food. Jeez.

Only bad part about this weekend is I won't get to see our cousins, Alex and Mikenzie. I haven't seen those girls in forever!!! But we'll be seeing them on the 4th, so I'll just have to wait.

8. We have a new decor addition to our lovely abode.......I'm beyond thrilled about this.

It doesn't even fit there because it's so big.
The husband has been waiting since December for this beast to get finished. He couldn't contain his joy when he got to pick it up. It was like finding a stack of playboys in his neighbors trash when he's 12. Pure joy.

And if that's not enough, this is on the wall opposite of that deer head:

And to top off this interior design of the century, we have this in the corner:
A signed KSU basketball, a KSU mirror, and some books.

It's like I live in a redneck frat house.
My friend Rachel is probably dying right now. (She's a badass interior designer.)

Wanna know who loves our decor? (Besides the husband.)
He saw the big deer head the other night and just stared at it. He couldn't quite figure out what was going on with that. Don't worry Wyatt, you're not the only one.

Good news: Ryan actually has ANOTHER deer head that he 'shares custody' with another guy, and we'll be getting that back soon. (They switch off every other year, it's a long story.) So, soon we'll have TWO giant deer heads on the wall.

My excitement is boiling over with this impending action.

9. I think I need these:

Ya'll can get me a pair. I'll let you.
I wear size 8.5. I'll be patiently waiting for the package to arrive.

Please, please, please continue your thoughts and prayers for those in Oklahoma!!! This tornado was epic and so destructive. It just breaks my heart every time I see pictures. 

If you'd like to help, please go to the Red Cross Website HERE to donate! Anything helps!

Tomorrow is Week 27 recap!!!!
(Can you believe that in just a few days I'll be starting my THIRD TRIMESTER?!?! Ya, me either.)


  1. Those Teepees are awesome, I have one & it is a HUGE hit. Everything seems expensive, but you's be amazed at the people who come out of the woodwork to buy you gifts.

  2. You's...ha ha! I need my coffee.

  3. right...babies have so many things! But its so cool and they are so cute! and tiny Have fun shopping!

  4. I want ice cream too... and you have great taste in shoes. I am still envious of the purple sparkles. :)

  5. You're jealous of my redneck shopping skills. Don't even lie. I'm onto you!

    If someone accidentally sends you a size 9, you best box that back up and ship it here! Those are cute!


  6. Laura, Your new place looks like my childhood home. My dad and brothers were hunters too. I always felt so sorry for the deer and imagined that they were crying because their heads were stuffed on the wall. I'm too softhearted to be a hunter.

    I bet you are excited to be picking out baby stuff. I loved that time. I remember with my first I would go to Carter's and OshKosh to get new outfits every week. We didn't have a lot of money but I was able to get an outfit every week or so. I used lots and lots of Carter's gowns with Bethany. It is so easy to do diaper changes with gowns and they are loose and don't irritate the umbilical cord.

    Laura, I want you to email me your address. I want to send you something for the baby sometime soon.

  7. Looks like you have plenty of places to store baby stuff- just hang it off the antlers; great for drying bottles- no need to get a bottle rack ;)
    as for the purple baby ride... I love it! I would have been all over that but they didnt have one in purple a few years ago... so I got pink with butterflies... I am so not a pink person, I prefer purple (I type this as Im wearing a pink tank top)

  8. Your hilarious. I love that you talk and cuss like a real person! No pretending to be someone your not like some other blogs

  9. Man, that Babies 'r Us place makes me wanna get knocked up so bad. I love all the cute matching furniture sets and all the strollers and bouncey things and all that crap. That stuff is to make the parents happy, for sure. You know a baby would be happy in a cardboard box.
    A joint custody deer head? Hmmmmmm.....

  10. You're so funny... Your comment about all of the baby stuff reminds me of when we (me, my ex, and Sofia) lived in Tuscon and we decided to go to Albuquerque for the hot air balloon festival. It was about a 7 hour drive so we were staging everything we wanted to take near the door so we could load it in the car early the next morning and go. Sofia was around 5 months old then. As we staged everything, we made piles for me, Christina, and Sofia. At one point we stopped and looked and there was a small pile for me, and slightly larger pile for Christina, and a ginormous, mountainous, pile for Sofia. We just looked at each other and started laughing, it was quite the sight. If you ever get a chance to go to the balloon festival, do it! It is awesome!


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