Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Copious amounts of vacation.

Word of the vacation: Copious. (Courtesy of my good friend Jordan.)
Drink a copious amount of beer.....Sure.

Eat copious amounts of food.....Why not.

Float copious amounts of time in the water, under the blazing 100 degree sun, till you have the most righteous tan lines EVAH on your face that make you look like you faceplanted in a dirt pile a month ago and decided not to wash your face since.....Yup. Did that. Done that. Currently sporting that!

Check it:

The vacation was awesome. By far the best ever, besides my honeymoon. Of course.

Our friends Matt and Jess towed their bad-AZZ boat clear from TX, though Arkansas and Missouri construction filled curvy roads of death, to our little bitty cabin on Table Rock Lake.  Needless to say, when they got there, they needed some refreshing beverages.  Which we happily provided. Then a funny thing happened....we basically didn't stop drinking from that point on.

Just kidding. You can't sleep and drink at the same time. Duh.

Seriously, we're not a bunch of lushes, but we did put down a good amount of alcohol.  Jess made the best Summer Beers. I made some delightful Bloody Mary's. This vacation was kickin'!
Me, Jordan, Jess
Then our good friends (also, sorta, from TX, who own the boat with Matt and Jess) Will and Jordan showed up on Friday to partake in the fun lake action.

Oh, and the food. Holy mother of hungry monkey's.  We had fajitas Friday; burgers, brats, salad and beans on Saturday; red beans and rice and cornbread on Sunday.  Then many, MANY, snacks inbetween. It was endless. ENDLESS.

Anyways, on to what we did. Really we just boated, skied, wakeboarded, floated, drank, chatted, laughed, floated some more, drank some more, got sunburned, slept, then woke up and did it all over again. And of course played a little fetch with the little Wyatt. (Here ya go Cat!)

Catching some air with that one!

One day we went to what we call 'The Cliffs'. Some of the boys jumped off. I have before, but didn't feel like getting out of the boat.
That would be Ryan jumping. Matt's waiting his turn.
Here's us floating one afternoon. Even the little guy came with us and got his very own life jacket.
Will and Jordan having some floating time.

It took some maneuvering to get on that raft, let me tell ya. That's why there's
Jess, Matt, and I ALL holding him up.

Too much boating...had to take a siesta.
Then on Monday we decided to shake things up a bit by going on the 'Dam Cruise'. Our good friends John and Lori go down about this time every year and take Monday off to just go on an all day boat trip to the other end of the lake where the dam is.  The plan is to stop and float every so often, eat at a little bar, then finish the evening up at a tiki bar that makes the best peach daiquiri's. Well.....this year, the plan had a few little unexpected detours.
Floating at our first stop in Full Moon Bay.

John and Lori's boat...cruising!
We get to the first float cove and we all are having a grrrreat time, I mean the beer is flowing, we're all laughing. Good times. (Note above picture.)  Then we decide to hop in our boats (there are three different ones, John and Lori's, our friends from TX, and some other friends the Doty's) and head to the next destination. Which I believe was another floating trip or to eat.  That's when the trouble started.

The Doty's are just toodling along and their boat slips out of gear and won't start. Well, luckily we're right behind them, so we stop. Ends up we have to tow the boat to a semi-nearby marina. Boat is done. Poops. Capoot. But 2 of them hopped in with us, 2 hopped in with John, and their parents (the other 2 on the boat) went home to get the trailer and stuff.  All in all, it could have been way worse, but it still sucked big blue donkey balls.

Well, we make it to Ahoy's to eat. Which was ok, not the best, but bar food and we were starving. By this point we are really behind in the time table.  So we hurry off to the Tiki Bar.  The LOOONNNGGGG awaited Tiki Bar with the BEST peach daiquiri's on the face of this earth.....And.....yup......they're closed.
This is before I knew it was closed, otherwise that smile would NOT have
been upon my face.
BUT! Matt (our friend from TX) saved the day and found a SaaaWeeeet bar back in Kimberling City that was open, and took reservations. So we cruised on over there.
Everyone that made it on the final lap of 'the cruise'.
Finally we headed home. And this is what I got to look at:
I know. Terrible, right?

I think the group at our cabin has decided that 5 days just isn't enough, we need a full week. Weekend to weekend action.  Yuppers.  That just might suffice.

Oh, and something else totally insanely wonderfully fantastic happened on the 17th! My little nephew decided to come play in the big world!
Kyron James
Proud Mom Jennifer and Dad Michael (brother) and little Kyron.
Kyron James was 7lbs 6oz, 20.25 inches long born July 17th at about 10:30pm.

I'm a new auntie!!!!

Copious amounts of fun had on that weekend! Lets do it again!


  1. That looks like so much fun! Love the pics of your dog jumping in the water. :)

    Congratulations on the arrival of your nephew!

  2. Okay I was gonna comment on all those pictures but now I can't say anything but MY GOD - I WANT TO EAT THAT BABY UP. Could he be any cuter? Jesus. Okay - clearly I miss babies. Wowser. And um - you're lucky I love you - cuz otherwise I'd kick your ass for being so cute in EVERY freaking picture.

  3. Those are the best kind of vacations EVER!!! Well, except for the boat trouble. And seriously cute nephew, by the way. :)

  4. Ohhh my heavens!! He is the most adorable baby!! My Grammy arms just want to snuggle the stuffing out of him!!

    I love the pictures!! Sounds like an amazing time!! Uhm.. maybe my invitation fell into the corn field - I'll have to go check in the morning!!

    Glad you had a wonderful time!!

  5. OMG what a hottie you are!! Love the tan lines picture.

    (pardon the following screechy scream...) COULD WYATT BE ANY FREAKING CUTER!!!!!!!! Omg how much fun is he having doing the typical lab thing off the doc. I actually chuckled out loud and his pic of his life jacket. And AWWWWED outloud of his nappy nap in the boat. Toooo sweet.

    Thank you Laura. I love living vicariously through you. I feel even a bit rested as if I had vacay too. Luv ya girl!

  6. Well, I'm jealous now! Looks like a wonderful time, you are precious!

  7. Glad you had a great vacation...looks like tons of fun!!! Congrats on being a new auntie! Your nephew is so cute!

  8. A beautiful baby. Congrats. I'm glad you had fun on your vacation. Sounds like a great time!

  9. Um, Wyatt has stolen my heart....he is so freakin' cute. And his dock jumping skills are amaze-balls!!! Looks like you guys had SO.MUCH.FUN!

  10. It is so unfair that you are that pretty after a day of fun in the sun!! :) Congrats on being an auntie. That baby is about as cute as can be!

  11. Man, I could use a vacation like that. I think your tan looks great. :p

    What a beautiful little nephew you've been blessed with. Congratulations.


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