Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New & Improved Absolutely Fab-U-loso Hotty Boom Body Running and Weights Queeny

Hello my lovely little whipper-snappers!!!

I'm back from the swallows of fart face migraines.  Thank you all so much for your thoughts while I was burrowing my face under 8 blankets to block out the light. And trying to avoid the chinese food restaurant dumpster breath Wyatt has.  He, for some reason, has become obsessed with panting right in my face and then giving me the slimiest lick right up my nose.  I'm guessing the convenience of his head being at my head level when I'm laying in bed is a benefit to him.  Jeesh.

I have a few things to discuss today everyone, so PRE...PARE.

But first...a little cuddle bug for you to oogle:
Me, proud pappa, and Kyron. I don't think my Bro and I look anything alike. Maybe I was brought to this planet by aliens. It would explain a lot.

Don't worry, the bruises on my arm are normal. Apparently I need to start taking iron.

Cutest little guy on the planet!
OK, now that we all got our newborn fix....on with the show.

This week is the start of my 'new' but really same old same old diet and exercise pump ME up routine.  I'm cutting out all the junktasticness, bringing back my running PLUS adding some weights, and am even thinking about adding in a few classes from my gym; either a spin class, or yoga, or I found a cool cardio/pilates one that might be alright. However, I have to wait till I'm off overtime at work, in order to go. I just can't leave the canine in the house for more than 9 hours.  Not that he wouldn't mind or anything. Lazy-cakes.

#1: Eat healthier! I'm going to add much more veggies and fruit to my diet, keeping it high protein and low carb (carbs as in bread/pasta/etc) and low fat. I seemed to do well on that diet a few months ago, and really like the energy it gave me. I'm also going to add more fruits and veggies that are negative calorie foods (burn more calories digesting than what they're made up of).  And ZILCH, NADDA, NO on the pizza, mexican, pasta, cookies, DONUTS, and any other food that I've glutinously participated in this last month.

I was just thinking last night that I feel like crap.  Straight up slug monster is my energy level.  My hair resembles a dirty mop, my skin looks like a New York City pot-holed street, and my nails break for no reason at all. Ummm, think it has anything to do with my lack of good nutrition and physical exertion??! Yep, I'm feel that righteous thought process.

#2: EXERCISE! Huh? What's that? Essxx-R-cee-iii-zzsss? Yes, the patheticness of my activity level as of late is truly astounding. Fo Realz.  Can you say: Couch. Potato.? Because that was my 'old' middle name.  New middle name: Absolutely Fab-U-loso Hotty Boom Body Running and Weights Queeny.  Has a nice ring to it, don'tcha think? I'm going to run my 4-5 miles 5 days a week, and I'm also going to add in some good ol' torturous calisthenics like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc. And maybe take in a class at my gym. Maybe....I'm still on the fence with this one, but we'll see next week.

I'm going to do Jillian's 30 Day Shred tonight, and maybe all this week. Just to get my body familiar with weights again.  I mean, who wants to dive head first into dumbbells of doom and pull a teeny muscle the first week back 'on the clock', MmmKay? Not me, says I.

#3: NO Reward Foods!  The moronic thoughts that enter into my measly little brain waves about rewarding my good, healthy work with a Butterfinger shake thingy or a sprinkled donut, are worse than the IQ of a caveman. I mean, really? Really, Laura? What kind of logic is that? And why didn't your genius self think about this mentality being idiotic MONTHS ago.  Just goes to show you that 7 years in college didn't do anything but drain my bank account.

Seriously, I have a huge issue with emotional eating. Good and bad emotions. Some of you know that I struggle with this daily and have for a long time. I only realized I was doing, and still am doing it, about 6 - 7 months ago. A little light bulb above my head went *Ding* and everything; but even though I know I have that issue, I haven't really overcome it fully.  I don't know if you ever do. But I'm going to try and be more aware of it....again....and try to find out what the triggers are for it.  But one thing I KNOW I can do is stop the reward food.  Simple. As. That. (Yeah, right.)

Instead I'm going to buy dresses. (Ryan: just skip this next sentence. It'll be better for both of us.) And shoes (right Draz?!).   I need a new dress for a bachelorette party next weekend, so my reward for exercising 5 days this week and eating right all week (and weekend!) is to go shopping for said dress. Killing two birds with one stone and all. And like magic, the Gods from Kohls have been listening to me and sent me a 15% off coupon in the mail yesterday. Yeppers. I call that a divine sign from above, people.

#4: Go 110%! 110% commitment is required to change yourself. I read this great post over at Lap Band Gal's site and it really hit home. Why work hard to change yourself when all you give it is 75 or 80%?! With that direction you really aren't changing yourself at all. Which means your hard work is all for nothing! If I'm going to run every day, which is damn hard work for me, but then have a donut twice a week, what good is that doing my health? Nada. 

So. I'm giving it my all and more this go-around.  I'm sick and tired of going round and round with getting healthier and then 'giving up' on my health.  It's time to evoke my inner She-Ra and kick the bad habits south once and for all!

So, all in all, life is starting to get back on track. And I feel great about it! But I'm sure I'll need y'alls support like a glassblower needs a blowtorch, so dish it out when-evers!!

Ok, Lets do this.


  1. So VERY proud of you! You can absolutely do this, and on this note, I'm going to post a bit of a vacation dos and don'ts list for me to follow this week.

    You are a fabulous hot body chicca and you can do what you set out to do with no excuses. You are strong and ready!

  2. Wooo!I like the plan, lady. I'm with ya: i need to cut out the Mexican food, chips and crap i've been eating!

  3. Wishing you the best, Laura. I know you can get back on the plan. I'll be here cheering you on. Maybe you can get me motivated to get off my ass and move a little.

  4. YAY, My fellow She-Ra! You go girl! I would recommend a weight class at your gym to ease back into it...you can get a base of where you are then build from there! Rock on and like you said, let's do this! :)

  5. Great post! I'm glad you are feeling better.

    I used to reward myself with food all the time. That was one of the first behaviors I had to change. It was really hard and sometimes I know I slip, but at least I'm not doing it consciously anymore!

  6. Awesome! Great plan...I know you can do it!

  7. Always love to see pics of that sweet baby! I had to cut out food rewards too! I am totally with you on the good and bad emotional eating. It probably is something we will always have to struggle with to an extent, but like you said being more aware when it's happening and rewarding yourself with things other then food starts to make it easier to make the right choices.

  8. way to go! Whenever you need some motivation just read this post!

  9. Hey, Absolutely Fab-U-loso Hotty Boom Body Running and Weights Queeny. Whew, that tired me out just typing that. (Ok, I copied and pasted.) Sounds like you are on a mission! Of course you already look amazing, but I guess it's just as important to feel amazing too.

  10. I'm only going to say this once. If you want me to read what you write - post the cutest baby on earth photos LAST....otherwise I'm just staring at the screen. Mmkkaayy? I love you.

    Oh and um - you are gonna kick ass.

  11. Oh my heavens, that babe is sooo beautiful!!

    LOVE the plan - especially how it also motivates ME to get my keester in gear and EXERCISE!!! Thank you!!

    One last thing.. The last time I was called a "whipper snapper", my Aunt almost hit me with the teeth flying out of her mouth as she was saying it!

    GREAT post!

  12. Love the darling baby picutures. I am with Draz- post them last because that is where we stop to stare.

    I hope your motivation is contagious.


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