Monday, July 25, 2011

Fart Face Migraines

Well, I was going to do a really great post about loving your body and not hating it.  Then, throw in some new nephew pictures with his cutey patooty chubby cheeks, just to make y'all's day.


An ugly migraine is rearing it's fart face head into my brain. Asswipe.

So, look for my craptastic body image post tomorrow.

However, if you didn't see my canning adventure post yesterday, you have to check it out HERE.  Everyone loves Man Pant Carrots!

I'm such a weirdo.


  1. Ugh, migraines are no joke. Hope it goes away soon!!

  2. Hi Laura Belle. I am a new Follower. I am super impressed with the canned carrots.
    Hope you fight off the migraine.

  3. tee hee - you said fart face.
    Feel better soon sweetie! They SUUUUUCk. My bffffff has them all the time and I Just want to cry for her.

  4. stupid migraines. booo. hope you feel better soon!

  5. Aww...I really hope you feel better soon. :(

  6. So sorry about the migraine dear Laura. Feel better soon dear. Dark room and sleep often help.

  7. A. Migraines suck and I feel your pain, I get more of them when I'm baking a bun.
    B. "two hamsters farting in a wool sock"??? so damned funny that I caused a scene in my office just now.
    C. Those carrots look super yummy and I'm going to try to make some. Thanks for the recipe and the funny stories about hot vinegar fumes.

  8. Yucko, hope you feel better real soon! I hate those things!

  9. Gatorade is supposed to help any headaches. With the crazy ass heat this week I've felt my migraine lurking but I think I must have drowned it in Gatorade because it never materialized!


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