Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

Lets get back to our regularly scheduled blogging, shall we?

1. Be sure to check out my vacation adventures HERE. (Just in case you missed it.)

2. It's hotter than two hamsters farting in a wool sock, by the way.
Oh, and it doesn't get much better for the next 7 days. 105, 104, 101, 106, and on and on and on. 

Weather Gods: I think it's about time to pull your heads out of your asses and give us a break. Mmmmkay?!

3.  I haven't stepped on a scale in two weeks. Not because I'm not trying to step on a scale, but more because I don't want to face reality.  I mean, when you shove vicious amounts of food in your mouth for two weeks, who wants to be reminded about it?  So lets all just pretend that the devil machines don't exist and we'll live in a perfect world where we're all our ideal weight, don't have to work our asses off 3 hours a day and eat celery sticks to achieve it.  Yes, I like that world. 

4.  On the whole shoveling food note, I think the hypnosis worked, that I tried a few weeks ago, but I'm still not making the most healthy choices. Mainly because of the crap that is called my life, and vacation.  I do believe that I will start up an organized diet after this weekend (more family eating that just can't be avoided). I also need to learn how to say NO. Anyone got any ideas on how to conquer that little task? Nope? Ya, me neither. But we'll try and figure it out together.

5.  Did y'all know that you burn more calories eating celery that what the vegetable contains? Well, I didn't know that until a few weeks ago, then didn't think anything about it, but started doing research the other day. It's pretty interesting. There are multiple fruits and veggies that are called Negative Calorie Food. Which basically means that you burn more calories digesting the food that what calories make up the food.  
Here's a list of some veggies:
-celery, cucumber, garlic, lettuce, green beans, spinach, zucchini, onion, radish, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot and beet root.
Here's a list of the fruit:
-peach, pineapple, tomato, watermelon, cranberries, blueberries, apple, grapefruit, mango, orange, lemons, limes, papaya, cantaloupe, honeydew, raspberries, strawberries, tangerine and watermelon.

I think I'm going to try and focus on eating more of these foods when I re-vamp my pathetic diet next week. Why not, heh?!

6. Lets just check this little button out again:
Don't you wanna just pinch his adorable little chubby cheeks?!?!
I get to meet him this weekend and take his newborn pictures.  So, look out! Picture overload next week.
7.  My running is still shitastic at best.  We're going on 3 weeks of no physical activity. Well, not counting 12 ounce curls and water skiing. I think I need to sign up for a 5K; that'll get my pooper in gear!

8.  Did you guys know that I missed you more than the sun misses the flower?! I'm pretty sure I need to get a pad thingy to have internet wherever I go. 5 days away is just too long. Way too long.  I haven't even remotely caught up on all your bloggy's. I've got through a few from yesterday and some from the day before. But to go back 5 whole days is going to take me the rest of the century.  Just for that fact....need a little internet pad thingy.  Yup. Ryan....hint hint. (Note: does anyone else think about woman's monthly pads when they think about the iP@d? Cause I do, and I think it's hilarious and wrong at the same time. But i'm just weird like that.)
9.  I don't really feel like working today. AT. ALL. Yes, I've been away for awhile. Yes, I have a mountain of problems that only my skilled little mind can figure out on my desk. Yes, I need the money. But really? Nope. Don't wanna. Don't wanna go to a supervisor's meeting in 30 minutes to talk about nothing that really has to do with me. Literally.  Don't want to clean those beastly printing machines from Satan's underworld....that I love so much.  Don't wanna print things. Damn it, I better do something. Farts.

10.  One more :-)


  1. I love your heat comparisons. :)

    And i don't want to work either - like, ever.

  2. I'm with you on the not wanting to work part. : ( I actually had to *gasp* TRAIN someone this morning. Oh, did I mention my job that they pay me to do is a technical trainer? Yeah, they pay me to train people and I didn't want to do it today. Wanna know why? Because it was ONE person! I like to train rooms full of people. I think it's my ego. It's more captives...err people to laugh at my jokes. :)

    Love that you were doing 12 oz curls. *grin* so cute.

    Love Wyatt too. :) Wish this post had a few more of him along with your precious nephew too! :)

  3. By all means, DO get a pad-thingy!! Five days is just wayyyy too long for you to be away from us!!

    More pics! Love it!!

  4. Where do I start? Oh yeah, that ridiculous oven called "outside". The Skittle read 115 on Friday. What? That is just stupid.

    12 oz. curls. Hee!

    That continues to be one cute babycakes!

  5. That little guy so too cute! We all missed you too. I can't stand being without the internet and gasp without google to look up things when I have questions. I think I need me one of those pads too. I am so ready for it to be September and back to more tolerable temps.

  6. Easy way to avoid the scale, go where they don't have one. There is no scale in our hotel, so I don't know how much I have gained over the last couple of weeks. Someone will need to be present when I go home and step on the scale, because I will probably pass out from the large number. Let me know how your diet goes, I know my copious amounts of waffles for breakfast is not a good diet.


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