Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's just not right.

OHHHH THE HORROR! Ohhhhh the PAIN! Noooooooooo!

My celebrity man crush is rumored to be dating someone.

And not just any 'someone', people.

Little Miss I'm-drop-dead-sexy-in-the-Dior Jadore-commercial Long Legs McGee. Hooker. oops, did I type that?...I really didn't mean too.
It's just not right, folks, it's just not right.
But don't worry, this won't stop me from posting sexy beach pictures of his fine abs every once in a while. (Sorry My Ryan....for all the above. You're still the best husband on the planet. Oh and happy birthday.)


On to some more devastating news: It is time for me to go.  Well, just for a few days. I will be back! I promise!

I will miss you more than I miss a cold beer on a hot day.
I will miss you more than I miss donuts.
I will miss you more than rap misses Tupac.
I will miss you more than Whitney H misses crack.

Ok, you get the idea.

Have a funtastic weekend everyone and don't do anything I wouldn't do! hehehe


  1. Rumors, schmumors...I think it's just a cover so your hubs won't get suspicious ;)

  2. I saw it on Running off the Reeses.....I was worried about you but didn't want to hurt your feelings. I'm with Missy, stupid rumors.... :)

  3. awe that sucks...he is quite the hottie!

  4. Don't go - I miss you already. xoxo

  5. ACK! How long are you going to be gone. I miss you already!! Wait...did Draz say that too? Well, I said it second. Second is better cause we try harder! /nod

  6. OK so not only is RR my man crush but his lady friend Charlize is one of my biggest lady crushes!!! Ohh fantasies will be a flowing now!! Ohh!!! Ahhhh!!!

    OH sorry I got a little carried away too soon!!

  7. I'm sorry! I usually try to stay in denial about girlfriends of my imaginary boyfriends. Like my volleyball boyfriend's girlfriend who was standing right in front of me. She doesn't exist. *poof*


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