Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names!

Purdy, ain't I?

Yeah, Pretty freaking sweating my tatas off. Gross. And don't ask about the hair...I got nothin' on how I can pull that freakness off.

This is what Bodyrock.tv will do to you. 

Christy: Should I thank you or curse the bloggy ground you write on for suggesting this? Ummm, still on the fence on that one. (Most likely I'll be cursing you tomorrow morning!)

First off, if you go to the link, don't be intimidated by the insanely gorgeous stick figure of a woman that hosts this little interval training workout blog.  She's beyond ridiculous, and I'm pretty sure I'd hate her guts, but for the fact that in her videos she's so sweet and really works out HARD! I mean she is panting and sweating her perfectly formed tatas off too!  Na, I still kinda hate her. I'm so going to hell.

I did two workouts tonight! Count 'em Baby! TWO! And man oh man do I feel it.

#1. Booty meets Abs.   Yes, yes it sure does Zuzana (oh yea, she's foreign with a cute little foreign name. Tramp. Woops, did I just type that? For sure got a spot right next to the ol' Devil now).

#2. Pound Melting Workout. We'll just have wait and see about this one, huh, teeny perfect abs Zuz.

I can not, repeat, CAN NOT do the workouts anywhere near like Zuzana. I look like a wet billy goat trying to snowboard down the side of a mountain made of pudding.  But she gives modification instructions for most of the workouts.  Other times, I just flew by the seat of my sweaty workout pants and made my own modifications.  Bonus: Most of the workouts are around 15 minutes!!!  Bonus Killer: You curse Satan's name and want to crawl in a hole and die after the first 3 minutes.

All in all I think I've found a new fav!

PS: No running tonight. Little Wyatt played too hard at fetch and got a little wobbly, running into things and stumbling, when he came inside. I was so worried I didn't want to leave him.  He's ok now. I just think he played too long in too hot of weather.  Poor little fella.

So wish me big fat lucky charms that I get my sorry pooper outta bed tomorrow at 4:30 to get my run in!
Crap, now I want Lucky Charms.


  1. AHHHH! I love that you did BodyRock! I did the body meets abs two days ago and am so sore. I love BodyRock so much though and isn't it hard to hate Zuzanna when you can see she is working her ass off like that? plus she is so sweet! I do promise if you stick with it you will see results, also though I seemd to have a new sore muscle everyday for like a month when I first started following her. :) and you do look purdy in your sweaty glowing picture lil Sunshine!

  2. You have frightened me too much to click that link. I want to cower in a corner now. haha

    Have fun with Zuzana!

  3. oohhh.. I might have to give it a try! i'm looking for some new cardio to supplement my running and I'm getting tired of the eliptisuck!

  4. You're the bomb, last night I did mouth meets Doritos, does that count?

  5. so, you just made me snort iced tea through my nose. Wet billy goat, moutain of pudding...where do you get this stuff.

    Anyway you are putting me to shame with your workout awesomeness. Keep up the good work.

  6. nice and sweaty! love it :)
    good luck with your run tomorrow :)

  7. Ok...you are one hot sweaty mess. I Love it. You look gorgeous!!

    Let me know if you are able to walk today. LOL

    I might need to click that link...especially if I can sweat like that after 3 minutes. Sounds like what I need.

  8. Whew, those sound serious! Glad little Wyatt is ok. :) When Spencer was on his walk the other day, i had to carry him towards the end. The poor pup's tongue was practically dragging on the floor!


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