Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A little blast from the past.

That would have been when I was in middle school. Sometime.

Omg. look at that hair. And WTF is with my shirt??? Why, Mother, did you let me out of the house like that???

This was my junior year in high school. Apparently lip gloss was soooo in for me.

This was one of the 'heavier' points in my life.  With my bestest friend Tina. God I love that skinny chick!

Anywho. Found these pictures and decided to try out my new scanner.
All for your viewing pleasure.
You know you loved it.


  1. You are so brave for posting those pics on the internet. I have a Jr. High photo of me that my hair is so big that it doesn't all fit in the frame, and I have plaid on. I would like to burn that pic.

  2. aww, I think you look pretty in all of them. :)

  3. Gorgeous, love! You should see my 8th grade picture! BIG coke bottle glasses, acne, jean shirt---the whole nine.... God, I was SO clueless! lol


  4. I damn near pissed myself looking at that middle school picture. I swear I had that same horrible shirt. Luckily for me...there was a house fire and all the evidence was lost. LOL

    No, I didn't start the fire.

  5. Ohhhh my heavens, I love the pics!! Brave woman you are!! BRAVE woman!!

  6. You are brave for posting middle school pics! Cutie patootie! :)

  7. You are cute at any stage. (And your heaviest? Child, please! That looks like my lightest! haha)

    What a glamour doll you were with that blonde hair and lipgloss. Loves it!

  8. Aw you were a cutie even then! I just got a new scanner as well and once I learn to use it I will break out some pictures!

  9. Love the color blocked shirt! I think I had one too........very stylish!

  10. Middle school pictures are awkward, I don't care who you are. You have always been pretty though. Own it. :)


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