Monday, October 10, 2011

My husband sparkles.

Ryan bought some new pearl-snap work shirts recently. They're kinda button up short sleeve cowboy shirts. Anyway, this is a conversation we had about one of them:

ME: Is that one of your new shirts? I like it.

RYAN: Yeah, Did ya see that it has this gold shiny thread in in??! That's why I bought it.

ME: Ahhhh, Honey, you sparkle now!

RYAN: Dear, I sparkle every day. (said in a 'serious' tone)

ME: (rolling on the floor because I'm laughing so hard.)


  1. My hubby sparkles a lot. He's into those t-shirts with the glittery scrolling artwork. So he leaves as much glitter on me as I do on him.

  2. OMG! I am dying thinking about Ryan saying that. You know he is going to regret saying that (or you putting it online). Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Dude. I'm pretty sure there's nothing better than a sparkley husband.

  4. Ooooh I need to get G some shirt bling. I love this!

  5. Ohhhh too funny!! Just thinking of that gum commercial where the teeth sparkle too! Too funny!!

  6. I now adore you AND your husband! I sparkle every day. AWESOME!

  7. Hmmm, sparkle and snap...There might not be an app for that, but there is a my little pony. :)

    Great stocking stuffer (and personally I find it hilarious!) for your hubby?

  8. That's so cute!

    My hubby had me rolling on the floor laughing the other day. But, it's because I pulled a little practical joke. I sent him pics of Oscar De La Hoya (one of his boxing idols) in drag. His response was PRICELESS. (He didn't even know the pics existed. And then he was wondering why some guy in drag was sending him spread-crotch pics) haha I'm so evil some times.


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