Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

1.  Last weekend I did go to my mom's house, which usually involves some crazy story about her, but this weekend one of her dogs stole the show.  First, here's a picture of us with our 'new' hats. She got an Army hat of some sort, somewhere. Jeezlaweeze Jules (her name is Julie, we call her Jules for short). And her and her bf Hardy got me a beaded pink hat that they put a Powercat pin on.

But on with the dogisms.  His name is Colt. And he's a paranoid schizophrenic. Seriously.  That dog is nuts.  It barks at air, will not leave your side (I think there are some attachment issues there), sometimes he'll be dead asleep and wake up and run into the other room, for no reason.  He also has this incredible ability to sleep in the most ridiculous positions.  I'll treat you with some lovely documentation of this phenomenon throughout this little bloggy.
Just airin' out the non-existent boys.
2. Holy cricket balls I am tired.  I have not been a very good girl this week. At. All. There has been no running, my eating is craptastic, and I've been staying up till 11pm most nights and sleeping in till 6:30am. I don't know what  my deal is. But it's going to change. Right. Now.

3. I think Beer and I need to have a time out. I've been noticing lately that having a few brews some nights is really effecting how I look and feel in the morning.  My skin is dry, my lips are chapped, I'm super dehydrated, and I'm bloated. And I have nooooo energy.  I don't like it. So I've decided that starting Monday I'm allowing myself 6 beers a week. Now, if I want all those 6 on Friday night, then that's it, no more. Or I can space them out and have a couple Friday night and a couple Saturday night. I think putting a 'limit' on my beer is better than just axing it all together.   I think if I said, "No booze, no way", I'd end up cheating and then failing. But limiting my intake I still get to enjoy my little frosty lovelies but without going overboard.

Apparently sleeping under my mother is more comfortable.
4. I'm freaking going to SUGARLAND this weekend!!!
Sometimes I pretend that I can sing just like Jennifer Nettles.  I sound pretty good.  Like if a toad and a hyena sang karaoke together....that's pretty much what I sound like.

5.  I have not had coffee in 3 days.  Yup, 3 whole days.  Shockingly, the world has not imploded and started a black hole in the universe.  I am still here. And I'm not that Mrs. Crankypants McGee.  Probably because I've been supplementing my french vanilla flavored java with an IV drip of Diet Mt. Dew. It's fine. Yes, you just call this hotline, 1-800-GIVEMECAFFEINEORDIE, and a sweet little nurse comes to your office and sets up your drip of choice. Mucho convenient. We'll see how long this new change lasts.

(That would be Sera, mom's other dog. And though she looks oh so innocent here, she is definitely NOT.)

6.  We are expanding my department. Like literally, into the next room of my shop. Yippee!! But not 'yippee' right now. Because right now they are using a jigsaw to cut through metal. I think I might shank a person.

7.  Is anyone else just baffled that it's October? Freaking OCTOBER?!?! Where the hell did the summer go? Oh yea, I vacationed it away. But really. Like, Halloween is just around the corner.  Then it'll be Thanksgiving, then Christmas.  Christ on a crutch.  I kinda hate it how time flies so stinkin' fast.  Can we jump on the turtle train and go slower please?

Notice Sera hasn't moved from the last 'Position' but nutball Colt has.

8.  On the Halloween note, what's everyone going to dress up as?! I usually dress up every year. I've been a mermaid, a Southern Belle/floozy, Tinker Hell (complete with black tutu,corset, and wings), a hunter, a construction worker, holy costumes I could go on forever!  This year I'll actually be flying back from Tampa on the 31st so I'll probably refrain from dressing like a butterfly sex goddess with fangs for fear of getting on the no fly list. 
But I wanna know what y'all will be!!!!

9. I am so freaking excited that all my lovelies are back from Chicago and posting all the funtabulous pictures!!! I am incredibly jealous and I would hate you all if I didn't love you so much. Next year I am going. For REALZ!  And we will do each other's makeup and hair, and we will do a little drinky drinky, and we will do a little dancey dancey, and we will do a little shoppy shoppy, and we will have the best time of our lives. Only 359.2ish more days to go.

10. And a final glimpse of the gentle sleeper:

Merry Thursday sunflowers!!! Have a STUPENDOUS day!!!


  1. Love the Weim pics, looks just like Cooper. And yes, Cooper sleeps in all those positions too. Have a great weekend. We will miss you at the game.

  2. OMG........that dog is CrAzy!!! More running and less beer is not as fun as no running and more beer. Doesn't it suck to be accountable?

  3. Um, i love that dog. He is cracking me up. :)

    Sooo have you ever seen the movie Labryinth? I am dressing up as David Bowie's character, Jareth. :)

  4. That dog is precious!

    And, whaaaat? They have DIET Mountain Dew? Why has this NEVER made it across the border to Canada? Oh, the injustice of it all.

  5. Colt looks like a nut! What positions he has!

  6. Pups is big and adorable.

    If I tried to drink a beer my insides would explode. lol

    Pre-band I could drink a margarita. I tried about a year ago and I felt like one of those people who sticks a fire torch down their throats! lol

    So it's Mudslides for me and they are WAY to fattening and the calories...we won't go there.

    We always go camping on Halloween to a park and it's great. Everyone dresses up.

    On the spur of the moment I decided to dress up last year. I won. lol I was the witch from Snow White.

    Ok, you don't need a book here. lol

  7. Colt and our dog Atreyu could be twins! Well, different breeds, but they're both freakish sleepers... Does Colt chase a laser pointer & run himself head first into walls? :)

    What is this Chicago business?! Thats only 3 hours away! Can I come?! That would ROCK!

    Naughty pirate! That's my costume. :D


  8. Ok...I will not say that Wyatt has competition for my stalking with Colt...I will not say it. :)

    Also - helloooooo Tinker Hell??? I may have just found (stole?) my costume idea for next year. :) This year I'm going to be a Roaring 20s flapper. I was last year too, but not for work, and the costume fits me SO much better this year after losing 66+ lbs.

    I am with you about next year sista. We are going to have a blast with our gals!!


  9. Okay - are you aware that I read your blog like 4 times every time you post and I just smile the whole time? Um - cuz I do. I'm just sayin'. I love you - like kids love toys.

  10. I LOVE, love, love the pictures of Colt. My damn dog thinks she always has to be touching me when she is sleeping. Right now she is behind me on the couch and half way up the back of it because I am refusing to move.
    I just bought a Cleopatra custome today. I have no where to wear it but work but hey, something fun could come up. Maybe I could go trick or treating and pass myself off as a large 12 year old..... candy, here I come.

  11. Love the dog pics. Having a special moment with the kitties. One of our older cats just snuggled up to one of the kittens. A lot of progress on the harmony in the house.

    I will be a pirate wench this year. I bought the costume last year but never got to wear it.


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