Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All about The Blubs baby.

Well, the first day of my new 7 Week Fat-tervention went pretty good.

I didn't get my run in, because I ended up going to dinner with my cousin, and by the time I got home and got all the shit done that I needed to get done it was 8:30 and I was exhausted. Pretty sure my body hasn't caught up with the time change. At. All. Stupid internal clock.

Annnndddddd......once again I set my alarm for 4:30am this morning......and.........

............wait for it..............


got up at 5:30.
But I'm going to get this damn run in tonight!  
No matter what!

So, another interesting little revelation I just had this morning is about my body fat percentage and what my weight really should/could/can whatever be.

Like I talked about yesterday I felt that my weight at 150 was probably going to be the stopping point. It just didn't seem like I'd ever get below that and stick. Which is fine with me. So I decided to stop worrying about my poundage and worry about The Blubs, AKA my fat. That is currently residing on my ample pooper.  And my very appealing love handles. (Better to grab a hold of huh? HAHAHA. No. Not really.)

I found the Devil of all math calculations online HERE to check your % at home through measurements and your weight. First you need to calculate your lean body mass. Measure with a tape your waist, hips, wrist, and forearm. Then weigh yourself.

To calculate the lean body mass for females use this little bastard:

(0.732 x Weight) – (0.157 x Waist) – (0.249 x Hips) + (Wrist / 3.14) + (0.434 x Forearm) + 8.987

Easy peezy. Right.

This is what mine looked like:
(0.732 x 157) – (0.157 x 31) – (0.249 x 42[Helllooo Hips]) + (6 / 3.14) + (0.434 x 8.5) + 8.987=114.18382
So 114.18 is my current lean body mass.
To convert that into your body fat %, use this nice little ditty (sick of math yet? Ya, me too.):
(Weight - Lean Body Mass) x 100 / (Weight).

Mine would be:
(157 - 114.18) x 100 / (157)=27.27
My current body fat percentage is 27.27%. Goody Goody Gum Drops. Now what?
Well, I did some more searching and found on THIS cite a Body Fat Chart:
Body Fat Percentage Categories
Classification    Women (% fat)    Men (% fat)
Essential Fat     10-12%    2-4%
Athletes     14-20%    6-13%
Fitness        21-24%    14-17%
Acceptable     25-31%    18-25%
Obese     32%+    25%+
So, according to this chart, my body fat percentage is in the Acceptable Category. Which is fine. Except that I don't want to be just acceptable. I want to be in the Fitness Category......or even in the Athlete Category. 
*Big Dramatic Sigh* 

Lets say that I want to be in the Fitness Category, I would need to be at 21% Body Fat.  Right now I'm at 27.27%.  So I need to lose about 6% body fat. Not bad. Not bad at all. I think that's totally doable.  And to give you an idea what my weight should be at, with 21%, I followed this formula:
157 pounds x 0.21 = 32.97 pounds body fat 
114.18 pounds lean body mass + 32.97 pounds body fat = 147.15 lbs goal weight.

147. Only 3 lbs below my goal of 150.  So really, when I weighed my lowest this last year at 148, I was considered in the 'Fitness' level. Even at 150 I'd be at the Fitness level.

Interesting my dear Watson, interesting.

I have now decided that my 7 Week Fat-tervention is going to include the new goal of getting down to 21% body fat, along with all the other goals of running, weight training and eating right. (I put up a little thing on the right side of my blog to show my progress, above the Beer A Bitch picture, just a little FYI.) That at least gives me a number to work for.
Let's do this.



  1. I like math (I'm an accountant for goodness sake) but that just makes my head hurt...not that it will keep me from doing those same calculations for myself cause I'm really not sure where my ultimate goal weight should be. Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. I asked my doc about this when Jeeves and I were talking baby and I was concerned about in-fertility (which is silly, I know) but doc said between 23 and 25 is the perfect range for making sure that you body has enough fat to be fertile and support the sea monkey till it comes out.Just FYI if you and the dude are considering harboring a womb tenant any time soon.

  3. OMG.....are you trying to fry my brain? much math!!! :) But, I love working on the blubs! What a great way to think of it instead of obsessing about a number.

  4. Oh Lord, that was way too much math for me. So i will just say: GET IT, GURL.

  5. Ok, just being honest, I skipped all that math shit and just scrolled down to the bottom line!!! I love how you put your info up on the side bar...I may have to steal that idea! You know, as soon as I start my own fat-tervention.

  6. that is a lot of math already this morning. i am going to have to go do this.

  7. Okay, I LOVE Math!! But I did this and I get that I'm currently at 26.5% which can't be right, so I'm going to recalc later when I have moment. Thank you for giving me something to geek out over!!!

  8. I love numbers and that seems completely realistic. That's a very meaningful number to work with. Now get 'er done!

  9. This is SO COMPLICATED. I give up. Mostly because I have no measuring tape, or ruler, or any way to measure my hips, etc. Can I measure them in number of cookies I've eaten recently? haha, kidding.

    But good for you for being committed! Your goals sound realistic and very doable, and it sounds like you are going about it the smart way (i.e. not totally relying on the scale). Good job!

  10. I dunno how much I trust this math. It says I should be 130 lbs... and that'd be scary. LOL

    Then it said my body fat % was 27.something, and I knoooow it's not.

  11. I am just a tad higher than you but still in the acceptable category. I think this will improve though as I get in better shape and build some muscle with the hiking and walking. I just need to get in the exercise more often than I am now and she the couple of pounds I've put on recently. I wish you the best.


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