Monday, November 14, 2011

It's a blog off!!!!

ohhhh, holy monkey balls. What. A. Weekend.

Lots of laughs, lots of fun.....some booze.....a CATS win............It was AMAZEBALLS!

But you're gonna have to wait till tomorrow to hear ALLLLLL about it. I know, you hate me a little bit now don'tcha?

Well, I'm waiting till tomorrow because I'm in a little teeny competition with my friend Jordan over at The Traveling JCP

That's right people, we're doing A BLOG-OFF!!! Woop Woop!

Jordan and I went together to see the KSU Wildcats this weekend, and y'all know I was going to blog about it, well, she's also going to blog about it! That led us to the decision to do a blog-off, and I want you all to vote on who the winner winner chicken dinner blog post is!!!

It's going to be EPIC! Freaking FANTASTIC! Down right earth shattering! Ok, maybe not that. But it's going to be great. All day on Saturday we were whipping our camera's out and Jordan was writing down the most hilarious quotes that were spewing randomly out of our mouths.

I can't wait!!!

Tune in tomorrow, the posts should be up by 8am!!!


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