Friday, November 18, 2011

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another installment of BYOC from the Darling Draz! That’s Bring Your Own Crazy!! We answer 5 questions in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break! Copy and paste to your own blog if you so desire – and ENJOY!

She's doing a Thanksgiving themed BYOC this week (it was Jenny’s idea)!

1. What is your FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving?

All of it. Seriously. I love all the family. All the food. All the talking, laughing, joke telling, smart asses being smart asses, feeling like your gonna pass out from so much turkey and booze, so you do, in the middle of the living room floor and people have to step over you all day......oh wait, that doesn't happen at y'all's Thanksgiving? Weird.

2. How many Thanksgiving family events will you attend?

Uno. Yup, every year is the same. Always at my mama's house.

3. What’s your biggest Thanksgiving tradition?

Drinking a full box of wine.....can that be one? Because we're classy people and wine in a box is the only way to go.

We used to deep fry turkeys every year, but that stopped a few years ago.

Oh, Oh, OH, I got it: This year we're having that clay shoot again! It's only been going on for about 3 years, but that's a tradition, right?  I mean, what brainiac decided to give me a box of wine and a loaded shotgun? Oh yeah, that'd be my husband. (And just so you know, I shot 7 out of 8 clays last year. Beat all the boys. Winner Winner Turkey Dinner!)

4. Do you Black Friday shop the day after Thanksgiving?

That's a negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full. 

I can't stand crowds. Strange people. Touching me. ::::shudder::::

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog world.

Real Life: Sparkle-tastic!!! I got up again this morning and ran!! Thank you, thank you very much. And last night I ran and did my little ab workout, that I talked about yesterday.  It was good. It felt good. Except when Ryan was trying to have a conversation with me as I'm sucking in my beergut, trying to concentrate on breathing and trying not to pass out from the muscle-spasm-induced pain. That part did not feel good. 

All in all I ran 4 times and worked out my abs once so far this week and I still have two days left! This second week of my 7 week fat-tervention is going just swimmingly.

Blog life: I'm finally able to catch up and have a few spare moments to actually comment. Not on everyone's but I'm trying.  Bare with me.

Peace out homies!


  1. I have 5 Thanksgivings, 1 at my kid's school & the rest at divorced parents house. Re-fuckingdiculous. And there is wine involved for sure.

    Black Friday is such a crock!

  2. The food! In the past, I really enjoyed our big family gatherings. But we don't travel anymore so it is just a small group. Sad:(

  3. A) I love that you shoot clay on T-giving.

    B) I love you drink wine in the box, yummm

    C) I ADORE that you quoted Top Gun. Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower. : )

  4. Wine in a box is a delicacy 'round here.

  5. I love the clay shoot tradition - kick some boy butt!
    I just ordered the Jeff Dunham Insanity DVD - I'm starting a new Thanksgiving tradition with the dead terrorist, "Shut up - I keel you!"

  6. Two thumbs up on the wine in a box! :)

    Couldn't agree more on skipping Black Friday. I've never been to one for all the reasons you listed. We usually just buy gift cards for people and call it a day. :)


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